Thursday, July 10, 2008

Not quite vanilla

Yeah, kink.
I've got mine. SG and I talked last night about what is vanilla and what's not in our relationship. Specifically, how we consider handcuffs a normal part of our sex life, getting the sling out and hooking it into the ceiling...pretty normal. If his butt don't get whacked, we're obviously not having sex, and that there's certain types of play we enjoy that I can't even write about (okay I can write them...just can't get them published.

This was of course prompted by something another Dom freind of mine sent. I will say the fact that the guy in the dalmation suit yipps and barks when the guy in the Fox suit does him...just adds sooooooo much. And it's not just the Furries aspect...but it's bondage Furries, and cartoon sextoys.

This rates out at serious James ((O.O)) WARNING - DANGER WILL ROBINSON. Seriously I couldn't watch the whole thing.

1. Don't clicky if you're under 18.

2. Don't clicky if you don't like m/m sex and

3. FURRIES - NUFF SAID It is so not work safe. You have be warned.

Obviously, this is not my kink. But of course, I'm going to have to write it. It's just too good to leave be. I've already got the scene in my head. The cop coming upon that scene, just the comidic potential from a writer's perspective is legion. Then how does one fetishise that? I can do rope, handcuffs, bondage. The oject and process recieves the same erotic description as a body part. If you write handcuff fetish, then a good portion of the story focuses on the handcuffsf, thier weight, feel and how the glint off the lighting. But how do you eroticise a fur suit? Don't's imponderable.


Lily said...


Hmm, definitely kinky. I thought I had seen, heard or read about kinks enough so I wouldn't be surprised by anything, but I guess not. Who knew? *grins* I also couldn't watch the whole thing, I got to the end by skipping ahead various times. Can't wait for when (if) you put it in a book, should be quite an interesting read. :}


JenB said...

Oh my word, I'll never be able to watch The Fox And The Hound again...or 101 Dalmatians either, for that matter. Eeeeeek.

O_O husband walked in while I was watching that. Poor guy.

Sarah said...

Goodness!!! O_O

All I could think was... wouldn't you get a bit sweaty in all that fake fur??? i'm just saying... heh.

and that there's certain types of play we enjoy that I can't even write about (okay I can write them...

Intrigued, much??

Jankoni said...

This is kinky but super interesting.
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