Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Busy Zoe Is Busy

Basically, I have been buried under writing and job stuffs and I have nothing very cool to say. That and I've finally discovered the wonder and glory of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. Damn you Supernatural. We loves Dean. He eats our...brain cells.

Anyway, with lack of cool, I'm x-posting from my Livejournal. I know, I know, cop-out. I'll do better next time, I promise!

This One Time In My Room....

It hit, midnight? And I was done. I was so feeling another long bout of writing til the wee hours (which in retrospect would have only been about an hour or three since I was at the wee part of the day already) and I knew laying down to think was the dumbest thing I could do...

But I did. Closed my eyes, woke up at probably 1 am, dragged my pillows on the bed and shut the computer off. The Novella has not moved much. Well, I did do some clean up. I started Asher's novella awhile back and while most of the information is still accurate (read: 99%) there are still things I have to tweak to flow with the short I just finished.

Little things but its always the little things that catch up to ya. However, I know the next plot points. Minor explanation of technique: I own and read a book about writing a screenplay. I still want to do that but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Anyway, the author was a pretty popular teacher of screenwriters. And he was talking about plot points.

I understand what he meant now. I got it then, in 12th grade, but putting teachings to writing makes things even more clear. I consider everything drama/action related to be a mini point. There are the main slices of the book: whatever happened in the beginning, how its handled in the middle, and how everyone's doing in the end.

Beginning, Middle and End could probably be considered plot points in themselves but I look at them like a board game. Everything the characters do during those parts of the game are simply the moves of the player. Cause and effect even. So, with the Novella, I know the next exact plot point I have to crest. It'll slide me right into another small one which explodes into a huge double whammy, slides into I think one more minor one and then the end.

Knowing this of course is exactly half the battle. Because now I have to write it which is proving to be the difficult part. I officially think I know why though. Can't tell y'all just yet though. When I'm done...I'll do a special post explaining why this was so hard.

Enough with the morbidity. I gotta scoot off to School to chat with the Placement Services lady, handle some banking and probably more jobing. I hope to write early in the day though. the next few hours. Cross your fingers, yeah?

Later days!


sylvan65 said...

mischief managed!

thanx for posting!

Zoe Nichols said...

It was my pleasure :)

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