Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Now Available: The Royal Touch!

The Royal Touch
Zoe Nichols

The truth is that I'm human. And Zane, my lover, knows. He knows my weaknesses and plays them to his—and eventually my—advantage. Sometimes, he knows me too well.

Sometimes, he doesn't know when not to push.

Tonight, I'm a queen for him because I'm a sucker for gleaming golden torques, a crown...and a new toy that makes me tremble at the mere sight of it.

Then Zane shows me Harry. Sweet, brown-eyed Harry who shines from the inside with his own golden glow. Harry, whom Zane stares at with an intent I know too well. Harry, who looks back at us with a need I want to answer.

There's only so much manipulation I can take.

Tonight, I'm going to be the ruler of my own personal kingdom of two...and someone is going to learn the meaning of bow before the queen.

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