Saturday, March 5, 2011

Impressed is out as part of Riding the Rocket

My m/m steampunk short, Impressed, is now out as part of the 13 author anthology "Riding the Rocket" from Renaissance e-Books Sizzle line.

You can buy this book here: There are a lot of fun stories in it and they are all quite different.

As for me, Impressed is my take on a sailing navy turned into an airship navy and Hawaii as a port of call but a Honolulu more reminiscent of the dives of ports in the late 1800s with opium dens, pickpockets and press gangs.

Below is a very short but new excerpt - I hope you enjoy!


(c) 2010 by Maura Anderson

Cage stepped through the door at the urging of the rifle barrel behind him. The room was an elegant stateroom with a polished wooden table in the center, surrounded by six chairs upholstered in burgundy leather and studded with brass tacks. A door was open on the wall to the right, through which Cage could see a dresser—most likely the captain’s cabin.

The two airmen pulled out a chair and indicated he should sit, now with his back toward the captain’s cabin and released his hands only to shackle them to the arms of the chair instead with the irons already in place. They turned and saluted toward the man undoubtedly standing behind him.

“That will be all, gentlemen.” That voice was familiar, way too familiar. A mix of anger and longing heated Cage’s blood but he managed to hold his tongue until the two airmen exited the stateroom, securing the door behind themselves.
Footsteps approached Cage’s back but he couldn’t crane his neck far enough to see if he was right about who captained this airship, about whose voice he’d heard.

“I am Micajah Jamison, Chief Warrant Officer of the United States Navy and assigned to the USAS Lady Rainier. I demand to know why I am being held?”

The very man he’d pined over stepped around from behind him. Harland’s ginger hair was cropped short enough to tame the curls and he was dressed in a casual work uniform instead of in full dress.

Cage’s heart lurched at the sight and despite the humiliating and infuriating situation, his cock was instantly throbbing for attention—for Harland’s attention. He pulled on the shackles and snarled at Harland.

“What the fuck is going on, Harland? You’ve seized a member of the United States Navy and brought him aboard a British airship? It’s illegal!”

Harland stepped closer and reached out a hand to caress Cage’s roughly whiskered face. “I’ve missed you, too, Cage.”


If you've read Impressed -- I'd love to know what you think!

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