Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Love Wins

I hope everyone has had a wonderful time this Pride Month! Festivities here were extensive. Even the crosswalks got into the celebration.

And then there was this:

Supreme Court Declares Same-Sex Marriage Legal In All 50 States

There's still work to do and battles to fight, but for now we celebrate, we dance, we cheer. Love is love! Love wins! Happy Pride, everyone!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Aaaaand another one for you...

I got two of the nicest comments recently, both asking for another excerpt of Never Too Early: Full Circle. Since Chris and I reached 50k on it yesterday and still have at least another 10k to go, there is no shortage of good snippets to choose from. Here's a little piece for you, and happy Sunday.


"Where's the paper targets?" Tucker crouched down to the blanket and searched around. "These can go on the trees." Three or four tall oaks were a good bit of distance away.

Chance jogged to the trees and fastened the targets, then returned and squinted at them. "Good enough?"

"Yep. Tucker, go for it. Make Kentucky proud."  Tor leaned against the truck to watch, liking the sun on his shoulders. "Chance, are you good with handguns?"

He nodded. "Better than with a shotgun, actually. I never shot a rifle until a few years ago. The ones you have are nicer than anything I've used."

Tor stage whispered, "Jake can be a little tight, but he invests in good guns."  He ignored the dirty look he got for that. "You're doing fine. Shoulder it again for me, let me see your stance. Just don't try Jake's. It won't work for anyone but him."

Chance did as requested. He brought the gun to his shoulder, and Tor was amused to note that Chance had a stance that, if not identical to Jake's, was strangely similar. Then he realized why.

"Okay, surfer boy. I'm going to get up close and personal." He smiled and slotted himself behind Chance, hands on Chance's hips. "No wonder Jake didn't suck on a surfboard. Okay, move your hips back, like this, and let your lead foot come on back." He used his hands to square Chance's hips a bit and pulled him back tight to his own body. "Oh, hello there. Jake's right -- you smell good."

Chance turned his head to the right and looked over his shoulder at Tor. Their eyes were just about level, although Chance may have been slightly taller. Jake had also been right about Chance's eyes changing color, Tor noted. They'd been a soft hazel this morning, but now they matched the bright green of the patchy grass around them. "Jake put some stuff in our shower. It says it smells like ocean, but I don't think whoever made the soap has actually been to the beach."

"Well, whatever it is, it smells good on you." Tor winked at him and went on. "Now, hips back here, feet firm on the ground. Rifle to shoulder. How does that feel?"  He didn't step back. The sun was warm on his back, and Chance was warm on his front.

Chance cleared his throat. "Good. It feels… good." He didn't move either. "But I feel like I could step off balance as soon as the gun kicks. Should I try a shot?"

"Go for it, I've got you." Tor was braced, mirrored like Chance, hands still on Chance's hips. "Just aim and squeeze."

Tor felt Chance tense a moment before pulling the trigger. The blast was loud in his ears. The back kick of the barrel rocked both of them, and Chance nearly took a step to the side. He managed to keep his balance at the last second, but in doing so, pressed himself even more firmly against Tor's chest. He lowered the rifle and stared straight ahead at the target. "Like that?" he asked, his voice low.

"Mmhmm. More or less.  Want to try again? Find your balance?" Tor was feeling more than a little off balance himself. He took a breath and tightened his grip on Chance's hips. "Careful now." He might have been talking to himself.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Excerpt: Never Too Early: Full Circle

Wow, June. How is it halfway over? Every time I blink, another month has passed. The curse of getting older, I suppose.

Chris Owen and I have been hard at work for the past few weeks on the third novel in the Never Too Early series. We have a deadline, so we're hoping to have it finished by the end of June. This novel is different from the others for various reasons; not the least of which is that Tor and Tucker get their turn to speak. The other differences will just have to be a surprise, ha.

Here's an excerpt for those who have been waiting so patiently.... happy Sunday!


It hadn't occurred to Tucker that Tor thought he and Jake were alike at all. "Different, sure. And we both like horses." He shrugged. "Other than that, me and Jake don't really match up the same."

Tor laughed. "You're both thoughtful, can cook, listen really well, pay attention to what people feel as well as what they say, wake up happy, don't whine unless it's actually worth it, and are tough as nails. Trust me, you're alike in a bunch of ways. But you laugh easier, play easier, and see the point of games. You don't stress, and you don't take on everyone's problems as your own to worry about."

"Jake carries other people's weight, huh? A guy can break his back that way." Tucker smiled and tried another taste of his hot chocolate. There, perfect. "Well, him and Chance sure get each other." It still made Tucker wonder a little. Did it mean Chance and Jake were better suited?

"Same thing there," Tor said after a mouthful of hot chocolate. "There's, like, some kind of balance of needs. You and Chance are necessary for each other in really great ways, and Jake kind of... fills in some gaps, is all."

"I didn't know there were gaps," Tucker mumbled. Until now.

"They're not really gaps. You know the difference between an accidental baby and a surprise baby?"

The analogy made Tucker laugh. "Sure, I guess. But the surprise baby is still a surprise."

"But you wouldn't give it up. You just didn't know you were missing it." Tor kissed him again. "He's not looking for anything you haven't got. He just found something that's extra. That's all. He wasn't missing anything, he just got chocolate sauce on his sundae."

"Oh yeah?" Tucker looked up at him with a smile. "And what about you and me? Chocolate sauce, or something different?"

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

*taps mic* Am I on?

Is it my blog day? I think it's my blog day. OMG, it's been so long. I'd like to say I've spent my lengthy absence in a frenzy of writing and publishing, but I would be lying. There has been some little writing. There has not been publishing. I am aiming to improve the former and change the latter. To that end, I'm finally going to release a paperback edition of my m/m fantasy novel Client Privileges. I'm also working on getting Rose & Thorn (m/m/f) re-released in both print and ebook formats. While I'm chipping away at those granite blocks, I've also submitted a contemporary paranormal story to a publisher. That one's not a romance, per se, although it does have m/m romantic elements to it. It's the first in a series--or will be once it's published. I'll let you know when there's anything to update on that. Here's hoping it will be good news.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Book of the Week!

Chris Owen and I were excited to learn yesterday that we won the Book of the Week poll over at Love Bytes Reviews! We've been pleasantly surprised at how well received the second book in the Never Too Early series has been.

If you haven't started the series yet, both books are available here:

Never Too Early: The Beginning

Never Too Early: Finding Their Way

For those of you who have read them, Chris and I have been working diligently on the third installment. Here's a little bit, just to keep you interested. ;)


After a couple of rings, the computers connected and Tor's face appeared in the window.  "You're a sight for sore eyes," he said, giving Tucker a grin.

"Hey, you." Tucker caught himself before calling Tor "baby," since that was the nickname he usually reserved for Chance. He'd slipped up once or twice, though. "How long's it been now? Like a year since I've seen you?"

"Feels more like two." Tor rubbed a hand over his eyes and forehead. "How've you been? Everything doing okay?"

"Uh huh, yeah. Work's been kinda rough, but I'm off for a couple days. You? How come you don't look all bright eyed and bushy tailed?" Tucker had noticed it immediately.

"The usual. Working too many hours. But everyone that was sick is back now, so it'll get better."  Tor gave him a tired smile. "The ground is still hard so at least there wasn't any mud to deal with. It'll get mucky soon enough."

Tucker knew how hard it was to work in mud. His tobacco farm in Kentucky went through almost the same seasonal changes that Tor and Jake's ranch did. "Sorry, man. But hey, you don't need a medic to tell you that you gotta be careful with the long days. You wind up sick and you'll miss more work than you care to know."

Tor nodded. "I hear you. Jake's been saying the same thing. He's been doing a lot of the slack, too, so he's not especially chipper. And the quality of the food has fallen off." He said the last with a slightly brighter grin. "Hey. I miss you."

The familiar, warm feeling that Tor usually instilled in him grew. Tucker smiled "I know, baby." The endearment was intentional. "Same here, huh? And it's only been a month. What do we do? I don't guess you and Jake could come out here any time soon."

"We might be able to," Tor said thoughtfully. "It would have to be before the calves come, for sure, and probably wouldn't be for more than four or five days, but we might be able to make it work. Lord knows we could use a vacation."

Sunday, April 12, 2015


Sunday again... time is flying. Which, in this instance, is a great thing because it means release day is almost here!

This Wednesday, April 15, the second book in the Never Too Early series will be released! Chris Owen and I are super excited about this, and we've already received some amazing reviews from sites that received ARCs. This book can't really be read as a stand-alone, so we encourage everyone to read Never Too Early: The Beginning before trying Never Too Early: Finding Their Way.

The second book is available for preorder at the link above! And, as a little bonus, if you've already preordered, just drop me a comment on THIS POST at my site and leave your confirmation number. You'll be automatically entered for a $10.00 gift certificate to Torquere Press. All posts will stay hidden to protect private info!

Can't wait for release day. See you Wednesday!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Available for pre-order!

Happy Sunday, slashers! I have things to tell you about!

1. First thing! The release date of the next book in the Never Too Early series had to be pushed back a little due to editing conflicts. The new release date is now April 15. Mark those calendars!

2. Second thing! Not only do we have a cover for the next book, but it's currently available for pre-order! Reserve your copy now and you'll get it mailed to you first thing on release day. Just look at this lovely cover. Clicking on the pic will take you to the pre-order page.

3. And finally, third thing! I have a very lovely and talented friend that offered to redo my website, and I took her up on that in a hot minute. Please go and take a look around. I hope to have blog content there soon.

Stems and Petals - M/M Fiction by Tory Temple

Chris and I are open to your opinions regarding this next chapter in Jake, Tor, Chance, and Tucker's lives. Feel free to email or comment!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Guest Post: Two hot new releases from Lynn Lorenz

Doms of The Chambers, Geoff and Kit

When tragedy strikes The Chambers, Dom Geoff Hanover gets dragged into something he didn't want - the care and training of Kit Green, an unruly submissive. Geoff swore to never take a boy again, but Kit is a sexy hot mess.

 Now available for 0.99 at Amazon | All Romance Ebooks


Doms of The Chambers, Harlan and Robby

Harlan and Robby are happy. Dom Harlan meets all his submissives needs. Robby has flourished under Harlan's firm but gentle hand. But when tragedy hits a member of The Chambers, Harlan rethinks his relationship with Robby.

Now available for 0.99 at Amazon | All Romance Ebooks

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Release day for A Clean Break is finally here! This is the sequel to A Forbidden Rumspringa, and thank you so much to all the folks who've been excited for this book. I mean, someone took the day off work so she could read it immediately. I just...wow. How amazing is that? I have the best readers.

Sequels are always nerve-wracking, but I hope book two will live up to expectations. I'm hard at work on book three, A Way Home, for an April release. I didn't want y'all to have to wait too long to find out how David and Isaac's journey ends. This first trilogy will be complete, but I'm already planning more books for them down the road. These boys just keep telling me stories! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the second book in their journey. 

a clean break-200-300They’ve escaped to the outside world—but can they really be free? David and Isaac have found happiness in each other’s arms. In faraway San Francisco, Isaac’s brother Aaron helps them explore confusing “English” life and move beyond the looming shadow of their Amish roots. For the first time, David and Isaac can be openly gay, yet they struggle to reconcile their sexuality with their faith. At least they don’t have to hide their relationship, which should make everything easier. Right?

But while Isaac thrives at school and makes new friends, David wrestles to come to terms with the reality of the outside world. Haunted by guilt at leaving his mother and sisters behind in Zebulon, he’s overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the city as he works to get his carpentry business off the ground. While David and Isaac finally sleep side by side each night, fear and insecurity could drive them miles apart.
Buy now:
All Romance eBooks
| Amazon | Barnes and Noble iTunes | Kobo | Smashwords

Sunday, February 1, 2015

For Eden: The Shadowfire Ring

As promised, today I'm going to share an excerpt from For Eden: The Shadowfire Ring. This is one of the short stories originally published by the now defunct Silver Publishing. It will be rereleased on Tuesday, February 3rd. Barring any upload difficulties, you'll be able to find it on ARe, B&N, Amazon, and Smashwords Tuesday morning.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, dear Readers. Go Patriots!

"Hello?" Bel listened, but not only didn't get an answer, he didn't hear a sound in the apartment. "Eden?" He peeked into the living room, but the silent television and empty reading chair gave no hints as to Eden's whereabouts.

He carried the pizza box to the dark kitchen and tucked it into the oven to keep it warm. When he turned, planning to take the back staircase up to the bedroom, he spotted Eden sitting in the corner behind the round kitchen table.

"Eden?" Bel's heart trembled and raced and his voice caught in his throat. The light that always called to Bel no longer shone in Eden's innocent, smooth face. "What happened?" Bel's claws lengthened, his fangs descended and, as he took a deep breath in a desperate attempt to control the fury at whoever or whatever had bred despondency in his beautiful angel, he felt piercing pain shoot through his forehead. His horns rarely sprouted, even in anger, but Eden, his love, his light, shouldn't be cloaked in shadows.

He reached for the switch. Eden's voice broke and trembled. "Don't. Please."

With a guttural growl, three candles in the center of the table flared to action. Eden flinched from their flame, tucking his chin to his chest. His wings trembled and, even in the weak light, Bel saw the ruffled feathers and, worse, those that weren't there. Eden's right wing sported a bald spot that meant at least a dozen or more feathers had been ripped out of his flesh.

Bel rushed to his side and crouched at his feet. With a comforting hand on Eden's knee and another brushing back tangled locks of hair, he did his best to keep the anger from his voice. "Who did this?"

Eden's lower lip trembled until he sucked it between his teeth. He shook his head and refused to look at Bel.

"Talk to me, my light. Let me be your strength, as you have been for me so often."

Eden turned his hand palm up and Bel gasped at the ruined flesh.

"Andaras," Bel hissed. Only his father would claim his angel with a summoning rune carved into the skin.

Eden nodded. His lip broke free from his teeth, swollen from the effort of restraining his emotions. A sob shook his thin chest and then another chased through his body. His torn wings trembled and drooped, stuck between their full beauty and a neat indiscreet place along Eden's back.

"I won't let him. He can't have you."

"It's too late. He's marked me and…" Fat tears fell from his eyes. "He saw the ring you gave me. I'm sorry. I took it, Bel, because I wanted to…" He took a deep breath but sobbed out the exhale. "He has it. He said you don't own me until you put it on my finger." His shimmering eyes shifted up to meet Bel's gaze at last. "I know you didn't mean it that way, Bel. That's why I had it. I was ready to wear it, but the magic didn't work."

"Because we didn’t say the words," Bel finished. "I know."

"And I foolishly refused to accept it when you tried." Eden’s voice broke and his wings trembled as his shoulders shook with a silent sob.

Bel covered both of Eden's hands with his own, touching lightly to avoid causing more pain to Eden's injuries. "I didn't mean the ring as ownership, Eden. I wanted to protect you."

"I know." Eden huffed out an exasperated exhale. "I knew then, too, but I panicked. I… fucked it up."

Bel laughed, but despite his hope of calming the angel, he heard the tension in his own voice. "Did my innocent angel just swear?"

Eden's eyes reflected anger and pain, but shadows of amusement flickered in the background. "He said if you don't return to your duties as his son, he'd come for me. Bel, it's okay. I know how much you hate what he made you do. All angels are taught to endure suffering and I will go when he calls me."

"Oh, fuck no." Eden winced at Bel's words, making the demon laugh. "You said it first." Bel sobered and shook his head. "You're not going with him. There is no way in Hell you're leaving me."

Bel stood. Eden's eyes widened. He knew the answer before he asked the question. "Where are you going?"

"I'm going to get my ring back. He had no right to take it. Or you."

Eden shook his head. "No. No, don't, Bel. He'll hurt you. He'll make you return to his side." The angel shot to his feet, his ruined wings trembling. "That's if you're lucky. It's impossible for even full demons to find their way out of Hell without permission."

Pulling the angel into his arms, Bel nuzzled his warm neck. "I'll find a way."

Eden trembled in his embrace. "Don't. Please."

"Shh…" Bel brushed his lips over Eden's. "I'll come back to you. Remember, you're my guiding light, Eden. I'll find my way back to you, always."


I'll post the buy links over at my blog on Tuesday. Drop on by! www.piaveleno.com

Sunday, January 25, 2015

New excerpt....

Happy weekend, all! I have a Sunday with not much planned, which is the perfect kind of Sunday, if you ask me. Two orders of business on the blog docket for you today!

1. Heat and Flashover are being made into audiobooks! Super excited about this. If you know any males who do voiceover work, they can go to Audiobook Creation Exchange and search for either title and submit an audition. The ones that have been submitted so far are all fantastic, so I'm not really sure how my publisher is going to choose.

2. The release of the second book in Chris Owen's and my series is two months away! Never Too Early: Finding Their Way is due out on March 25. Pre-orders will definitely be available as we get closer, but for now, I'll leave you with an excerpt. Chris and I have loved hearing all the feedback, so thank you!

A dark head appeared in the doorway between the living room and kitchen. "Jake! Can I drive your truck?" Tucker appeared to be holding Tor off with one hand.

Jake nodded.  "Sure. Wait. Why? Sure?"

Tor was trying to get a hold of Tucker, but failing miserably. Jake figured he wasn't really trying.

"Tor says you guys got mud out in your back forty! I'd drive the rental, but we didn't get no insurance on it, and it's a piece of shit anyhow. Wouldn't do no good out there. Tor, for chrissakes, you're gonna rip my shirt."

Chance raised his eyebrows but otherwise said nothing.

"Oh." Jake looked at Chance and then back at Tucker. "Take Tor's truck."

"I won't give him my keys."  Tor didn't let go of Tucker's shirt but he did laugh.

"My truck doesn't go mudding for fun," Jake told Chance. "It's too much of a pain to clean."

"Aw, man." Tucker made a noise of disgust. "Thought y'all were cowboys." He looked at Tor and scowled. "You ain't never gone in the mud before?"

"Of course I have." Tor sounded indignant. "Just not in his truck.  And it depends where the cows are. We can go tomorrow, okay?"

"Yeah, okay," Tucker said grudgingly. "Come on, show me where you keep your food and I'll rustle up some chow."

"I think it's in the bathroom this week. Oh, wait! Nope, the kitchen."

Jake shook his head. "Wake me up later," he told Chance. "When they're calmer."

"So, about four days," Chance replied. "Got it." He reached out his left hand and rested it on Jake's leg. It was warm through the blanket.

"Maybe five." Jake hoped Chance would leave his hand right where it was. It was heavy and comforting, and Jake was going to suck up all the comfort he could, for as long as he could. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Read a new pre-release excerpt from my gay Amish romance

a clean break-200-300They’ve escaped to the outside world—but can they really be free?

David and Isaac have found happiness in each other’s arms. In faraway San Francisco, Isaac’s brother Aaron helps them explore confusing “English” life and move beyond the looming shadow of their Amish roots. For the first time, David and Isaac can be openly gay, yet they struggle to reconcile their sexuality with their faith. At least they don’t have to hide their relationship, which should make everything easier. Right?

But while Isaac thrives at school and makes new friends, David wrestles to come to terms with the reality of the outside world. Haunted by guilt at leaving his mother and sisters behind in Zebulon, he’s overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the city as he works to get his carpentry business off the ground.

While David and Isaac finally sleep side by side each night, fear and insecurity could drive them miles apart.

Coming February 3, 2015!

Release day is less than two weeks away, and to celebrate here's a new snippet from A Clean Break, the sequel to A Forbidden Rumspringa. One of the first challenges ex-Amish face is figuring out "English" clothing styles and sizes. In this scene, Isaac and David are at Target. Isaac's older brother Aaron has bought them underwear to try on while he picks out clothes for them. Enjoy!


Isaac took the room on one side of the narrow hallway, and David the other. He could still hear the ever-present music, which he supposed was better than silence, since he felt incredibly self-conscious all of a sudden.

After hanging up his hoodie, David perched on the little stool in the corner and removed his sneakers. He peeled off his T-shirt and with a deep breath, stood and pulled down his jeans. The air felt cool against his cock and balls, and he was acutely aware of how many strangers there were just beyond the flimsy dressing rooms.

He grabbed the first package in the bag and ripped it open. They were briefs of different colors, and he chose the white ones. He wasn’t sure if the size was right, since they felt tight as he pulled them up. They seemed to fit around the waist, but they squished everything else together, his privates bulging against the cotton even more than the man’s in the picture.

“Isaac?” he whispered. “Have you tried any on?”

“Boxers. They feel strange. What about you?”

“Briefs. Definitely strange.”

“Show me.”

“I’m not going out there! Someone might see,” David hissed.

“Just open your door and I’ll open mine. On three. One, two—”

His pulse racing foolishly, David listened to the creak of Isaac’s door and edged his open. Sure enough, he could see right into Isaac’s dressing room. Isaac stood in nothing but the little shorts, which were decorated in squares of greens and blues.

Isaac’s gaze raked over David, and he swallowed hard. “You look…”

“Silly?” David peered over his shoulder into the mirror. He could see the faint shadow of the crease in his backside through the cotton. “They’re so tight! I know this is the way they’re supposed to be, but…”

“You need to buy those.”

“Huh? Aaron already bought them.”

Isaac shook his head. “Right. I forgot.” He peeked down the hallway before adding, “You look really, really good.”

“Oh.” David flushed as he looked down at himself. “You think so?”

Isaac nodded vigorously. “You look like the man in the picture.”

Even though he was standing there practically naked—and practically in public, even though no one could see—confidence surged through David. “You should try them too. The boxers look good, but…” He could imagine how the tight cotton would hug Isaac’s lean hips, and—

As the man at the counter began speaking, they both jumped and slammed their doors. David leaned against it, heart thumping. He stared into the mirror, suddenly feeling unbearably exposed and wrong.

Aaron’s voice echoed from down the hallway. “Hey, man. My brother and his boyfriend are in there. They’re new around here and need clothes, so we’ll be here for a while. I practically filled the cart, so we’ll start with the jeans.”

As the man replied, David took a deep breath and blew it out. Boyfriend. Aaron had said it to a stranger like it was nothing at all. David couldn’t imagine what it would be like if he and Isaac didn’t have Aaron to help them. He’d thought he was so very worldly taking June’s truck to the drive-in and wearing jeans. Reading a dirty gay magazine from the gas station. What a joke—he barely knew anything.

Then Aaron’s voice was right outside the door. “You can only take eight items in at once, so I picked stuff for each of you. We’ll start with the pants.” He placed a few over the dressing room door. “I’ll sit out here and wait for the fashion show. David, I went a size smaller than the jeans you already have. And there are skinny leg, boot cut, dark wash—actually, never mind that. Just try ’em on and see what you like.”

David could barely get his feet through the bottom of the legs, so he hoped they were the skinny ones, as he couldn’t imagine anything skinnier. The dark denim hugged his thighs, and he wasn’t sure he’d be able to bend over. There were two mirrors in the stall, and he looked at himself from all the angles.

The shame evaporated, and energy pulsed through him as if the music in the air was singing inside him. It was frightening, but exhilarating. With his bare chest and the jeans clinging to his body, he could almost be an English rock star, or someone in a movie. He’d never looked so different in his life. So very not Amish. He ran his hand down his chest and belly, and then lightly over his fly. He still wore the briefs, and he tingled.

“How’s it going, David?” Aaron asked.

With a deep breath, David opened the door. He grinned. “Not bad.”

Pre-order A Clean Break now:
All Romance eBooks | Amazon | Barnes and Noble
iTunes | Kobo | Smashwords

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Upcoming Release

I keep writing excuses in my blog. I know I do. My blogging has always been sporadic, so really, let’s dispense with excuses and move on. I’m horrible at it. Blogging, that is. I acknowledge that. It’s not going to get better. Let’s face it, if I manage some writing time, it’s likely to go to actual fiction, and not to a blog post. I’m sorry, darlings, but it’s true.

Now that being said, I’m thinking ahead today. My next visit to Slash and Burn will be February 1st. I plan to rerelease the last former Silver Publishing book in February. So, for my next visit, hopefully I’ll have the details of that, and an excerpt for your reading enjoyment.

So today is not much for reading, but return next month for more information on For Eden: The Shadowfire Ring, a short story involving an angel, a half-demon, a wingasm, and a ring designed to protect, but instead risked the demise of an unlikely love. (Formerly titled Bound by Love.)

Sunday, December 14, 2014

New release date!

Hello again, Slashers. My Sunday here seems to come around really fast. I suppose maybe if I put it on my calendar, I wouldn't be surprised every other week. But who's to say? I'm always surprised when Christmas comes around, and that's the same day every year.

It finally turned into winter here in southern California. And by "winter", I mean rain and temperatures below 70F. For us, it's a nice change. At least when I go run my errands today, I can wear a hoodie. (I love hoodies. Just FYI.) Also on my Sunday to-do list is writing with my beloved Chris Owen. We're nearing the end of the second novel in the Never Too Early series and we have a release date, which also means a deadline. Ready? Mark your calendars..........

March 25!

The book is due to the publisher by the end of this month, and in between the holidays and family and present-wrapping, we have to find time to finish it. We wrote yesterday, we'll write today, and hopefully meet our deadline.

Just to keep you interested, here's a little snippet from it. Have a good week, everyone!

Jake snorted out a laugh and immediately regretted it. "Ow. Okay, welcome to our house. The maid hasn’t been in a while. Something about a roof."  Honestly, he thought it said something about the level of drugs in his system if he was worried about the state of the housekeeping with his head and ribs aching the way they were. He went in and headed directly to the couch, following Tor and knowing Chance was right there if he got wobbly.

He figured he had three minutes before people started arriving at the door.  Elias would be first, he could feel it in his bones.

Well, the bones that were capable of feeling anything other than intense pain.

"Easy, easy!" Tucker put a hand on his arm. "Hang on a second." He reached down and arranged the couch cushions so Jake wouldn't have to do it after he was already sitting. "Go slow. I mean it."

Jake had to sigh, then promised himself that was the last one. "Let me -- "  He grabbed Tucker’s arms and lowered himself down with a grunt he couldn’t quite stifle. "Oh, man." He was a little breathless, and had to resist the urge to rub his ribs where they ached.

This sucked, and for a brief moment he wondered if he really should have left the hospital. He wasn’t in so much pain he was ill from it, but he was far from relaxed. "Thanks," he managed to say, though.

"You need to turn so you're lying down," Chance said, sounding a little apologetic. "It will be less painful, I promise. Tor, can you get his drugs? They're in a pharmacy bag in my duffel. And he needs something to eat with them."

"Yeah, sure."  Tor hurried off, yelling over his shoulder. "Eggs, Taggart. And actual toast. Real bread."

Jake rolled his eyes. He couldn’t really care less what the food was. "Are these pills addictive? ‘Cause I don’t really care at this point."  Trying to lie down was way harder than it had ever been before in his life.

"Yes." Chance leaned over and helped Jake get his legs in the right position, and suddenly Jake could breathe again without stabbing pain. "But I promise not to let you turn into a Vicodin junkie."

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