Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I know it sounds strange for a person whose day job is that of a teacher to say, but I love the fall. Yes, the leaves are pretty and the weather is cooler and the air smells great, but what really kicks my happy dance into high gear is the idea of new beginnings.

There’s nothing like the back-to-school magic. You get a fresh start. New students, new teachers, new clothes and new supplies. How I love that other adult toy store—Office Max. The pens, the paper, the highlighters and all those really cool other things that I’m sure I’ll find a use for someday spill off the shelves and into my basket. Just like the fall season itself, the possibilities of the back-to-school sale at an office supply store are endless.

And best of all, I have a new story. Since the characters are newborns (just birthed five days ago but already two chapters strong), they're a bit shy about coming out and playing on the blog, but they’re whispering all kinds of things in my ear. Sometimes they even get loud. I love this honeymoon period, where we’re falling in love, me with the guys and the guys with each other. It’s a magical time, like the turn of the year, old into new.

If any of you can think of a way to bottle September for that dreary rut I seem to fall into in March, please let me know. I’m sure my students—and my characters—would appreciate it.

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