Friday, August 21, 2009

Are You Ready for More Miki Nabeshima?

For too many years, career obligations and cultural expectations cost Mikisaburo Nabeshima the possibility of love.

Now older, wiser, and infinitely more alone, personal business takes Miki back to New York where another chance encounter with another handsome policeman rouses suppressed desires.

David Kirkland is a brash young cop who grew up on New York’s meanest streets. When the man he believes killed his foster mother is set free, Dave vows revenge. If he needs to leave the country and go undercover with a sexy but infuriating older man then so be it, though he never expected the business arrangement to turn personal.

As Dave confronts a deep seated need he’s never fully acknowledged, the killer they're after proves more deadly than they anticipate.

* * * *
While I know Such a Good Boy may not be exactly what you were expecting, I'm sure it delivers the goods you want to see.


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Barbara Sheridan said...

That's what I said when Jill told me it was coming out today!

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