Sunday, July 24, 2011


Hi guys! Just got back from visiting my bestie in the wilds of eastern Canada. It sure is gorgeous up there this time of year, heat and humidity aside. Everything is green.

I'm having some tattoo angst these days. Mainly, I want a new one, and my preferred artist is unavailable. I'm quite reluctant to go to someone else for it, which I realize directly results in the creation of my own angst, but there you go. I want THIS PERSON and no one else will do.

So instead of getting my own ink, I spent hours looking at other people's. Do you like a man with tattoos? Some of my characters have them, but they usually tend to be small and not in a readily visible area. I do like a well-done sleeve on a guy, though. Check these pictures out and see what I've been drooling over.

That almost cured my tattoo angst. (Almost.) Happy Sunday, everybody.


tracykitn said...

I am of two minds about the tattoo issue. On the one hand, it can be distracting sometimes...On the other hand, somehow I managed to fall in love with a big ol' tattooed type. He's added half a dozen over the nearly dozen years we've been together, and I've still got mixed feelings about them (although that may be more for the subject matter than anything else -- he's into tanks, so they feature prominently, and I'm just... not so much.)

He's trying to talk me into one of my own, but I'm a complete weenie about needles and pain and permanent marks on my body ('cause I have a changeable mind sometimes...)

Tory Temple said...

Hey Tracy, sorry so late with this! I completely understand your unwillingness to commit to ink on your body. Even though I love all of mine, I still have that moment of "oh shit" when I hear the machine start to buzz.

As far as the pain goes, it really depends where on your body you decide to get it. A tattoo needle is so sharp that you don't feel the actual pricking. It's more of a dull pain, like someone rubbing on a sunburn. I promise it's not that bad! ;)

tracykitn said...

ummmm...yeah, I have enough sunburns to not want to go looking for that feeling!!! And, lucky me, I'm extra-sensitive to pain, plus having a random selection of contact-allergies; with my luck I'd end up being allergic to the ink.

But I'm thinking about it anyway. The DH is being *surprisingly* reticent about the whole subject; he's let me know he thinks it would be awesome but he's not pushing at ALL. Which is totally out of character for him. :D

But I have this lovely copper cuff that I can no longer wear with stylized lizards imprinted all over it, and I've thought a bit about getting a ring of the same lizards around...some body part.

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