Sunday, September 4, 2011

No Butt About Him

I haven’t been writing much. Remember that blog post about the balance of writing and running? Well, I broke my foot, so no running. And, not much writing. It’s okay though. I’ve been listening to the doc, staying off my feet, and catching up on some long overdue reading. This week I’ve started to hobble around on my own. I’ll be running (and writing) again soon.

As I become semi-mobile again, the Muse deigns to return and visit for short periods of time. Last night, for example, the Hubby and I drove out to a new pizza place. New locations are great for inspiration to start, but throw in a bartender who knows how to make a kick ass margarita, and I was making up stories about every person within my sight.

At one point, I was checking out a male server as he took orders from a table of six young women. His skinny jeans and Ricky Martin faux-hawk immediately threw him into a story. I’ve been toying with a server character, but this guy wasn’t him. I silently created a couple of random ideas around a pizza guy before he walked away, leaving me with just the girls to study. Bored, I returned my attention to my Hubby who shook his head and rolled his eyes.

“What?” I said.

He did it again. The smirk. The eye roll. The I-can’t-believe-you’re-doing-that-now head shake.

“What?” I repeated, feigning innocence, though my amused grin gave me away.

I looked around the small restaurant. The two guys who’d been at the bar side-by-side had been joined by two women while the server distracted me. Darn. I glared at the Hubby and said, “He had no butt anyway. Boring.” I rolled my eyes, making sure it was a bigger, flashier eye roll than his.

Shortly after that exchange, our server brought me another margarita, and Don Julio made sure I forgot about the server with no butt for a while.

Pia Veleno

Now I’m off to read for a while. If you need some sweet summer-fun reading, Make You Sweat hit the top of the publisher’s bestseller list its first week out.

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