Sunday, April 6, 2014

Running into Spring

Over a family vacation to Florida, I managed three runs and two 20k step walking days over the course of a week. No pain. None other than the usual tired muscles and exhausted mind. After all the ups and downs I’ve had over the past couple of years, I shouldn’t get excited, but I am. A three run in a week streak hasn’t happened since I broke my foot, never mind those heavy walking days! I had another great run this morning, too, and I’m registered for a 5k race next weekend. I might hit a “down” again, but that won’t slow me now. It feels great!

I have more to share from the vacation, including the run of Solo Flight up ARe’s Best Seller’s list, the termination of my relationship with Silver Publishing, and a new Day Job. I’m still unpacking, doing laundry, and making up to the cats who won’t leave my side for more than a few minutes since my return, so I’ll be sharing more on my website later, throughout April.

Happy spring, dear readers!

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