Sunday, February 26, 2012

Here we are, this last Sunday in February, the year of our Lord 2012. The Academy Awards are this evening! Yes, I will be watching, because I'm a sucker for beautiful dresses and expensive jewels. A man in a tux isn't too hard on the eyes, either.

We have rain coming to southern California tomorrow and I was talking to my bestie this morning about the weather. Am I a mean person for wishing the rain would come tonight so I could see all of Hollywood try to stay dry and glamorous on the red carpet? Rich people problems, that's what that is, right there. "Oh dear, my $8,000 Valentino gown is wet! My hair will muss! My makeup will run!"

Good thing they have millions of dollars to help themselves get over the rain.

In other news, I was reminded yesterday how much I love men that can fix things and do projects. My husband installed two of our new windows and I got to watch. I'm thinking of putting a handyman in my next story. A jack of all trades that can change the car's oil, build a fence in the backyard, and fix the washing machine when it goes kerplunk.

I can actually do all of those things too (with a little assistance) but it's so much nicer to watch a man do it, don't you think? Two men would be even better.

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