Sunday, April 22, 2012

Does anyone else hate the transition period between the seasons? We don't get REAL seasons here in California, but there's a difference between summer and winter for sure. Right now we're definitely leaving winter behind and are well into spring, but I hate trying to figure out if it's going to be a short-sleeved top kind of day or "wear jeans and don't forget your hoodie". My mom has a complete winter/summer wardrobe change thing she does, but that's way too complicated for me.

In any case, there's a reason why most of my books either take place in California or do not have weather mentioned. The climate here can't be beat. However, I still have in between season angst for myself, and let's not even mention what a bathing suit looks like on me right now. It might be spring, but my body thinks it's the dead of winter.

Happy Sunday, all. May the weather cooperate with your plans!

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