Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hello, Have You Seen My Comfort Zone?

Hello, have you seen my comfort zone?

It's got to be around here somewhere. I only meant to leave it a little bit. But a thing happened. I wrote a sort of paranormal (no fur or fangs) and while I do enjoy the genre, I never thought I'd be writing in it. It wasn't supposed to happen like this, but the story just wouldn't leave me alone.

I didn't write in a different genre to stretch or push myself as a writer; I'm way too lazy for that. I didn't even do it with a mercenary eye on the ever-growing popularity of paranormal romances. I did it because it was the best story I could tell at this particular moment. I fall back on my favorite defense: the characters made me do it.

Now I didn't go off the deep end and write m/f or menage or even something (gasp) non-erotic. At the core, it's still a story about two guys figuring out if they can make something work between them. Something besides the steamy sex, of course. But it's definitely different. Maybe that's why it wasn't until I was typing the last few pages that I found a title I really liked. (And I have to add that I have the most awesome editor in the world to put up with my dithering over titles.) Life, Over Easy will be out on August 3 from Samhain. It's the story with John and Mason, for those of you who saw my excerpt—oh, okay—smutty tease over at my live journal. Although things get wrapped up for them, there's more going on there than fit in one book, and I hope people like them enough for a sequel or two.

So if anyone around here has seen my comfort zone, I'd really like it back. I'm feeling kind of like Linus without his blanket, because the next story yammering for attention is dragging me to a time period I've done no research on and have very little experience with. Not only that, but I can't even explain the plot to myself in a way that makes sense. I have the feeling that as soon I let these characters get started, I'm going to really wish I had my blanket back.

Hey guys, I know you're eager, but could you wait for me? I'm doing this without a net, you know.

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VJ Summers said...

John and Mason? Yay! A pub date? Double Yay! Aug. 3rd - not so yay, but we can hope it gets moved up like No Souvenirs did, so Yay! And Happy Birthday - but you gave US a gift!

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