Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tech-Junkie Nation & The Bunny

For the last three days, we didn't have any internet service in my area. We just got it back late this afternoon.
That was a long, long time, people. I seriously felt like a junkie kicking a habit. No Twitter, no Facebook, not even any email. It was horrible.

It made me think about how dependent we as a nation in America -- hell, we as a world -- have become on our technology, our socially interactive technology in particular. Naturally, that led to thoughts of "how can I turn this into a book?" The biggest question, of course, being "how can I turn this into a book that hasn't already been written five million times?" Heh. Maybe it can be part of the Mother Earth series. A prequel to Dragon's Kiss, taking place some 250-300 years before that book. Maybe I can set it at the time when civilization is just starting to fall apart with the onset of some of the more serious results of the climate change. I guess that's when we'd lose internet, TV, phone, all that stuff. Of course that still doesn't solve the problem of how to make it original and not just another "oh noes, the world is ending!" adventure tale. Well, obviously if I'm writing it there would be manlove, but still. I don't think that's enough to save it from "been done before" syndrome.

So what do y'all think? Should I add this one to the bunny pile for later, or scrap it as hopelessly trite? Either way, I'm just tickled that I can now ask and learn your answers because MY DAMN INTERNET IS FINALLY BACK! Never leave me again, internet.

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