Friday, May 14, 2010

"We all came out to Montreux..."

If you read Clean Slate you know whose favorite song that is. And if you're a member of Team Chris you will be thrilled to know that GORGON's badboy is coming back sexier and snarkier than ever. Yep, Dreamspinner Press has just contracted the sequel to Clean Slate that we're calling FIRST BLOOD.

Our Chris really has his hands full when he attracts the attention of one Nikita Kazakov, a mean Russian cop who has quite a few wicked kinks. Kinks Chris is powerless to resist.

Here's an unedited taste for you:

* * *

“Did you sleep with Voronin?”

“Is that what it’s about? You want to fuck the man who fucked him?”

Nikita paused, hands on his belt. “Did you?”

“Yeah, I did.” Chris’s smile was slow and malicious. “I was his first.”

Nikita paused and breathed. And then he’d killed him. Chris Gibson was a hell of a lot more ruthless than him, killing a man he’d fucked. “What was he like?”

“As a lover? A little inexperienced but a quick learner. I don’t quite know if he’d appreciate your style though. You play rough.”

“What was he like out of bed?”

The American’s look was questioning. “Can’t tell you much that you may not already know. He had some memory problems, don’t know how that affected his behavior. He was pleasant enough.”

“And you killed him.”

Chris shrugged. “It was business. Business trumps all. You know how it is.” He winced and looked down to his inner thigh. “This gets infected I’ll kill your ass.” He got off the bed and went into the adjacent bathroom.

The shower went on and Nikita looked toward the partially opened door. He was temped but as Gibson said business came first. Nikita clipped the knife sheath to the back of his belt and studied the blood droplets on the duvet.

He slipped out as silently as he'd come in wondering what Gibson would say if he knew what had been put upon him:—это мое: this is mine.

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