Monday, May 10, 2010

Who says only men can fish?

Well, it's the day after Mother's Day and I hope all those mothers out there were appreciated over the weekend. :) Myself? I went deep sea fishing with my husband and several of his cousins. It was a gathering that was much anticipated because when these guys get around each other, it's all laughs and great times. I, however, was the only female out of the nine of us on board (including the captain and his mate). My husband thought I'd feel out of place. *pfft* Yeah, right. I grew up with brothers and then end up with 4 sons and the if I'd feel akward.
We couldn't have picked a better day. The wasn't a cloud in the sky and the slight breeze made it pretty comfortable. Needless to say, I out-fished my husband and all his cousins. *G* I caught the most fish (mostly grouper) and won the wager that we had going. (see my biggest catch below - 29 inches and very heavy...along with gooey. See the snot stuff running off it? lol A mixture of it being on ice while we were still out and then rinsing it off before it was filleted.)
Not sure if I'll be allowed on the next trip as I believe I hurt some egos *wink* But I'm sure I can sweet talk my way on again. :D
We hit the limit of how much of one type of fish we could bring in along with a couple of king fish. The funny thing...I love fishing, but can't stand to eat fish. *sigh*
I had a great day then spent Sunday with my family and getting calls from my older sons and daughter in laws. Oh, and yeah, we...or rather my family had fresh fried fish for dinner. I couldn't have asked for a better weekend.

Oh, and one last thing...can I have one of these next year? LOL
The houses along the area where we left dock were gorgeous! One even had a pool and jaccuzzi on its roof! There were also houses built right out in the middle of the water. Kind of like little party spots on stilts. I'd never seen anything like them. Learn something new everyday, huh?

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