Friday, February 29, 2008

And then, there was Sakurai's tale

Anne and I have another erotic urban fantasy set in our Dragon's Disciple universe coming soon from new publisher Noble Romance Publishing. Dark Whispers features Liu Sakurai first seen in Blood Brothers and most recently in Alliances

Mired in centuries-old customs and rigid traditions carried over from their mortal lives, the chaing-shih elders of New York’s Chinatown don’t quite know how to deal with the upstart Russian vampire, Mistress Viktoria. With their existence in danger, the Elders call upon an ancient blood tie and summon the aid of their kinsman, Liu Sakurai.

Though he appears to the world as a sensual young man in his mid-twenties, Sakurai is one of the oldest and most powerful chaing-shih to walk the Earth. He sees humans as not much more than weak playthings and food, and no one is more surprised than Sakurai himself when NYPD Detective Daisuke Matsui manages to capture his attention. Dai is a strong one, full of an inner fire and unusual sexual appetites that Sakurai cannot resist.

In the mysterious and arrogant vampire, Dai finds the type of person he's been longing for his entire life--someone with a strength of will and determination that matches his own, and a skill to dominate him in ways that make him burn. While trying to unwind the ties his half-brother has to Chinatown’s underworld, Dai is confronted by creatures and events he thought only existed in the legends and stories told by old men. His life is on the line, along with everything he holds dear, but Sakurai’s dark whispers promise a passion Dai is powerless to resist

Here's a little tease of what I think is Anne's best cover yet.


Anonymous said...

The books looks interesting, and he's one of my favourite characters. So can't wait to read about Sakurai.

Kim said...

Wow..sounds like a great story and has an awesome cover. When does it release?

Barbara Sheridan said...

Thanks Anonymous!
Anne and I are very fond of Sakurai and he's certainly met a most interesting companion in Dai. We think you'll like their story.

Hi Kim!
We don't have an exact date but it will be soon, sometime in March.

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