Thursday, January 10, 2008

Coming Soon

Samurai Captive, my first solo book from Loose ID will be out next month and it came about in an unusual way.

Then again maybe it's not so unusual for a yaoi fan.

I'm sure I'm not alone in seeing m/m pairings in all sorts of situations whether they're in a film or TV show or book. Louis & Lestat--definitely a couple. Spike & Angel--you know they did the deed at least once. And let's face it, any J-rock fangirl worth her salt has certainly paired up various band members in her imagination.

While Samurai Captive isn't strictly m/m it has a good share of hot, rough samurai smexing going on because I had to do it.

Seriously, I had. To. Do. It.

Two of my very favorite Japanese actors have appeared in a number of films together going back to 1982. The on screen chemistry between these guys is phenomenal and yet in the movies I've seen there's been nothing of an intentional yaoi nature, but...

...There should be!

There have been looks between their various film characters.

You know those looks, they're the ones that make a writer's imagination go into overdrive and wonder "Now what if...."

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