Saturday, January 19, 2008

When good websites go bad

My webhost was giving me fits, major fits. Apparently last weekend's outage caused them not to restore a bunch of folders to my server--folders that I didn't know I needed until I tried to do anything to the website. Well, the issue was fixed on my Jupiter Gardens site ( ) , but it remained on my Operation: Write website ( ). And, since Jade and I were planning an unveling party, and she had a lovely little flash fiction piece she was going to use to kick it off, well, I was understandably peeved.

I decided to move the site. However, in my haste, I completely deleted it. Oh noes! Suffice to say, that was not the worst thing I said that day. Luckily, the lovely person who did the design kept the template, and we were able to import earlier posts from blogger. About forty-eight hours later, Operation: Write was once more up and running. Most everything has been readded and the site is as good as it's getting.

Now, to convince Jade to post her flash fiction and get this party started.

However, this has taught me an important lesson. Always keep a backup of your websites, especially now that I don't use FrontPage and won't automatically have it saved on my C:\ drive. Don't be hasty when you're trying to kick someone (in this case my web host) in the ass. And, smile. It will all work out in the end.

I hope your websites behave and you have a stellar week!

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