Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sex, sex, and more sex!

Now that I have your attention *g*

Okay, those of you who are familiar with my writing know that I don't usually write books with non-stop sex. Well, Love's Evolution came closest I guess, but even that one didn't have a sex scene in every chapter. However, my current work in progress (The Happy Onion, scheduled for release from Samhain in August) seems to be taking a different path.

In other words, all these guys want to do is f***.

I am not kidding. I'm on chapter six, and so far there has been a sex scene in every single chapter except the first one O_O
All that sex really is integral to the story, but yeah. There is a LOT of it.

So here's what I'm wondering. Does lots and lots of sex in a story draw you in, or put you off? It might seem like an odd question, but I don't think it is. I've heard people say more than once that one story or another has too much sex in it. But is that because all the sex didn't really fit the story, or because those particular people just get bored with reading lots of sex scenes? If all the horizontal tango is in some way important to the story, or least fits smoothly into it **insert juvenile snickering here**, does that make it okay to have more sex scenes? It does to me. I love a good sex scene that somehow moves the story forward, and/or tells me something new about one or more characters. If it seems like it's just plonked down in the middle of the plot simply to make the story "hotter" then it tends to turn me off, no matter how beautifully written it is.

What do y'all think? Do you love to read a good manlove scene no matter what, or do you want it to relate to and forward the plot? Or, do you prefer a closed bedroom door? Inquiring minds want to know :D


Maura Anderson said...

For me at least, the sex needs to fit into and feed the plot.

Zot said...

I probably count as weird, but I prefer romance to porn, and I prefer the plot to be more important than the romance. (Which might be a guy thing; as far as I'm concerned you really can't go wrong with stuff blowing up)

Porn, where the whole point is two guys fucking, is something I usually find tedious, and after a few pages it really gets boring. Yeah, sure, if the characters having sex advances the plot (or at least falls naturally out of the plot and is reasonably short) then that's fine, but if the whole point is just the sex? I'll pass.

Honestly given a romance with a plot and no sex, or one with sex and no plot, I'll take the plot every time and not feel cheated for the loss.

Amanda Young said...

Honestly, it depends. If the sex scenes are all fresh, don't sound repetetive, and are somehow important to the storyline (ie: the characters don't just bump and grind cause they feel like it for 200 pages)then I'm good with it. :)

gaia19 said...

It puts me off.

A lot of sex scenes just make me smack my head against a wall. A few are fine, but if the story is overrun with them, I just want my money back.

If we take your books: Bay City Paranormal Investigation series, now you hardly write sex scenes there, which is fantastic. But it depends...cause I LOVED Love's Evolution. For me if your writing is good and characters are fantastic, then I'll forgive. But in most cases p0rny stories just aren't for me.

Maia Strong said...

I love a good, steamy sex scene. Indeed, I enjoy many. But there needs to be a point to it/them, whether it be world-building, character development, or advancement of the plot, whatever. I think the quantity, few or many, is less important than the context. If it makes sense, if there's a reason to all the sex, then they can do the nasty as much as they want, IMO. If it's just sex for sex's sake, that can get boring and tedious.

Ally Blue said...

Thanks for all the great input, y'all! It seems like my own view is in the majority, for a wonder *g* I love me some mansex, but for me there really does need to be a reason for it. It means nothing if I don't care about the characters or their situation. There HAS to be a plot I can get into, with characters I can get behind (in a totally non-dirty way!) in order for the sex to make my girl parts tingle.

Zot: blowing stuff up, yeah! Mythbusters, anyone? LOL

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