Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I read a really good book last week: Captain's Surrender. This was a great historical romance. Very well researched (at least, I assume it was -- I'm no expert), and I loved the two heroes, Josh and Peter. It was interesting that the author also tells the story from the POV of several of the supporting characters, which made all the characters very well rounded. Good battle scenes, too -- made me want to bust out my Master and Commander DVD!

My only complaint is that I would have liked a bit more sex, especially Josh and Peter's first time. I was thinking about this, and whether it's just because I'm a dirty girl who likes a lot of smut in her romance. However, I really think that you can learn a lot about characters through sex. Furthermore, in this day and age I'm kind of mystified when authors choose to fade to black for an important sex scene. (I don't mind fading to black to avoid repetition.)

Still, I do really recommend the book, which should be an indication of how engrossing the story was, even without a ton of sex.

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