Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Round Robin - Part II

Matthew's eyes went wide before skittering away. "Yeah there is," he mumbled, glaring at the wet ground. "It's ex." The kid's words were slow, like he was thinking them up as he went. Probably was. "We don't...we don't really get along." A wan smile flicked Matthew's firm mouth up. "Just a little nervous, ya know."

"Liar," Cole chided gently. Mathew bit his lip harder and watched the ground like it was going to open up and pull him under, possibly saving him from Cole's inquiries. Because he looked so miserable, Cole almost didn't want to push. Wasn't that important, really, to know why Matthew was there.

Except he did look miserable and Cole was involved now. At least a little bit. "C'mon, tell me the truth." He opened his arms out and held his palms up, trying to give off not gonna hurt you signals. "I can't just leave you out here by yourself in the rain."

As if God was working with him, the mist went from light to mild. Water drops landed a little harder, with an audible splat. Matthew drew in a startled breath when a drop splattered on his nose. Cole shook his head. "Yeah, now I definitely can't leave you out here. If you won't tell me what's up, at least let me get you somewhe warm. No point in being stubborn and hypothermic." He jerked his thumb back the way he'd came. "My shop's just right there."

Clearly torn, Matthew shoved his hands in his rapidly dampening jean pockets. The move tightened the material across his crotch and Cole forced himself to give Matthew really good eye contact. He wasn't going to eyeball the kid. He wasn't, dammit. It didn't matter that Matthew was pretty - holy damn was he pretty - and it sure as hell didn't matter that Cole suddenly felt every day of the last celibate six months centering in his hips.

Sex with a stranger was not on his list of priorities. Then again, neither had been playing the hero.

Matthew finally sighed, blowing out a hard breath. "I'd appreciate that." His voice screamed reluctance. "If you're sure."

Curiosity nearly ate his brain up. Could the guy anymore secretive and loner-ish? The night's plan of food, shower and sleep faded to the back of his mind. So maybe he was nosy but Cole didn't think he'd be able to let the mystery of Matthew go just yet.


*wince* Totally leaked onto someone else's day but in my defense, my internet kicked me off! This is short but I hope you enjoyed it anyway! On with the show!

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