Thursday, March 19, 2009

Round Robin Part VII

"Like it?" Cole's eyebrows met in the middle. "More like finding myself doing it." He scowled and shook his head. "Just one of those things."

Like he was just easing his weight, Matthew shifted a few inches nearer Cole. He fished a bit of pork off Cole's plate. "So how did the cat pay you for rescuing and feeding him?" That's how the world worked. And people either took advantage of you or you took advantage of them.

"Pay me?" Food halfway to his mouth, Cole stopped and blinked.

"Yeah, you know," Matthew shrugged, "'cause everything has a price." He eased a sideways glance at Cole to see what his reaction would be. Even if the world worked that way, lots of people liked to pretend it didn't.

Slowly, Cole put his untouched Mu-Shu wrap down. "Doesn't have to." Turning to rest his hip against the counter, Cole added, "Sometimes people do things because it's just the right thing to do."

Yeah right. The world was about give and take even if Cole deluded himself. "I've never met anyone who just did the right thing."

"I did." Cole crossed his arm over his chest and glared. "How about that?"

That glare was smoking. "No you want something." Still, Matthew could also see the hint of defiance and shame under it. "Everybody wants something."

"I don't want anything." Cole's denial rang hollow to Matthew's ears.

Matthew stepped in, right into Cole's personal space. "You want me." He smirked. "Gonna lie?" He pressed in, letting Cole feel his half hard dick and so he could feel Cole's prick. "Tell me I'm wrong?" He dared Cole to contradict what his body was screaming loud and clear.

Cole took a deep breath. "I didn't stop them from beating the shit out of you so I could get laid." He didn't, however, back away.

"So you don't want me?" Matthew leered.

"Didn't say that either." Another ragged breath shook Cole's frame before he finished, "But that's not why I stopped them."

Well, at least he wasn't a total liar.

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