Monday, March 30, 2009

Round Robin Part XI

This is a bit shorter than I wanted, but suffering from a migraine today and unable to take anything for it. I have surgery a week from today to have my diviated septum corrected, so I'm hoping that will calm all the headaches and migraines I suffer.

Now, on with the story...

“Matthew, holy f---“ Cole’s words ended in a hiss as Matthew’s suction tightened around him the same time his hand gently began caressing his balls. Losing the battle, his eyes closed. The walls of his beloved store fell away and he felt as if he were floating in a thick haze of lust.

In the distance, Cole recognized the sound of a meow. Balthazar. A brush of fur on his arm. Damn cat, but he was too lost to really pay much attention. So close.
Matthew’s tongue was magical as it drove Cole closer and closer to the edge. Then he felt the hot lips wrapped around his base and his tip pressed hard against the back of Matthew’s throat. This was not the young man’s first time giving a blow job.

Cole tried to tell Matthew how good it was feeling, but only grunts and moans rose from his throat to convey his thoughts.

One of Matthew’s fingers slipped away from his balls, past his taint, and found the tight hole. One touch had Cole bucking his hips further into Matthew’s mouth. The wonderfully talented mouth didn’t stop sucking as the finger teased the opening before applying pressure to the area.

That was all it took. Cole cried out and felt a sensation of exploding as his cum shot into Matthew’s throat.

It took a few moments for his head to clear. Only then did he hear the hiss of Balthazar, the curse from Matthew, and the sight of flashing lights from a police car outside the windows of the shop.

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