Monday, March 2, 2009

Start of a new week, and another year

Happy Monday Morning!

Today I turn another year older. That doesn't really upset me as it does some of my friends the same age. It's a bit annoying because I'm closer to 40 rather than 30 now. LOL But really, the important thing is that I rarely feel my age. ^-^

I've finally finished the first draft to Dakota Knight's story. (Readers meet him in my holiday Fling from Loose-Id: A Gift Worth Sharing) I've pair him with a younger man, Brice. A man that Dakota is hired so that his first experience with a man is a memoriable one. Who knew love would rear its pretty little head and cause havoc on their lives. *evil laugh*

Thought I'd drop off an excerpt from the story. (Remember, this is still in the editing stages and I'm not perfect, so there may be some grammar mistakes and who knows what else) I'm off to spend the day with my husband.

Pending title: Never Too Late

(Note: This excerpt contains graphic language and details of sex between two men)

“So I can start with a little kissing.” Brice braved the words as he moved closer to Dakota and lowered his head so their lips brushed.

“Yes,” Dakota hissed.

Swallowing the lump that was forming in his throat, Brice continued with the light kisses, across Dakota’s lips, cheeks, and jaw. Every time he stopped on Dakota’s lips, they would part and allow their tongues to meet in a hesitant dance.

Brice laid his hands on Dakota’s shoulders where his fingers automatically started caressing and browse the wonderful muscles that they were becoming familiar with.

“Kiss me,” Dakota whispered.

“I am.” It was Brice’s turn to smile like a Cheshire cat.

Dakota growled and Brice pulled back. He was right. With frustration, Dakota’s eyes had darkened, almost black, but held different gleam than just lust. His expression was stiffer than when filled with desire. His jaw also ticked a couple of times as if he was clenching his teeth.


Brice shook his head. He really wanted this man in such a wicked way. “Nothing.” His hands smoothed upward to frame Dakota’s face. The man was beautiful. There were faint lines at the corner of his eyes where his age was becoming apparent. Yet, there was a lot of life left in this man. It easily shone through those unique dark green eyes. There was also something in them that Brice couldn’t quite comprehend. It made Brice think of a puzzle. One of a magnificent scene, but still there was a piece missing to make it complete.

Dakota took the lead by lifting his hands to frame his head before pulling Brice down again and kissing deeper, longer, and exuding a ton of sexual appeal. Brice easily fell into the fog of desire.

He wasn’t sure how much time passed, but he was dragged out of their make-out session when Dakota took a hand in his and dropped the tube of lube in his palm. Pulling back, chest heaving and about to scream with sexual frustration, amaze how quickly Dakota had turned the tables on him. Brice looked down at the plastic waiting for his mind to comprehend what it was.

Dakota had lain on his back. “Lie beside me.”

Brice nodded and found it more difficult than he originally thought with his dick tenting the towel still on his waist and his movements jerky from excitement. Once he was settled on Dakota’s right side, he popped the lid of the tube.

“Just enough to get you started. You can always add more as you go along if it’s needed.” Dakota said as he nipped at Brice’s collarbone which shot shocks of tremors through his body.

He couldn’t speak for the lump had returned again. So he nodded and spread some of the clear lubricant on two of his fingers. Dakota spread his legs and lifted his hips slightly to give him access.

“Kiss me.” Brice begged as he caressed the tight hole of his lover. He hoped the shaking would stop so he could enjoy the experience.

Lips joined once more, their bodies drifted closer. Dakota’s hands tore at Brice’s towel as fingers searched for his aching dick. Brice moaned as his sure grip found its target. He thought he’d come right then, but as if reading his mind, Dakota squeezed tightly on the base of his dick and managed to tamper the urge.

“Do it,” Dakota ground out.

Carefully, Brice inserted a finger into Dakota’s ass. The muscles resisted at first, but quickly relaxed around his finger as Dakota moaned. He pulled back and stared into his lover’s beautiful face that exuded pleasure.

“More?” Brice wiggled his finger so it brushed against Dakota’s prostate.

Dakota bucked his hips twice and breathed out a yes.

Feeling a rush of pleasure, Brice bent so he could tongue the tip of Dakota’s dick as he slowly moved his finger in and out of his ass. He sucked a good amount of the length into his mouth just as he slipped another finger in.

“Yes, Brice.” Dakota writhed. “Scissor your fingers. Stretch me. Help me get ready for your cock.”

Brice trembled with excitement at those words. He ached to fill Dakota. Gone was the nervousness, replaced by an insatiable need of what was to come. He forced himself to slow down and do as Dakota instructed. As much as he longed to do this, he wouldn’t cause harm to Dakota. Being with him wasn’t worth the pain that could cause.

He sucked Dakota, experimenting with a few tongue strokes he hadn’t tried earlier. All the while, his fingers worked in and out of Dakota’s body, mimicking what he wanted to do with his dick and preparing him for the next step.

“Enough,” Dakota gasped and pushed Brice’s head away. “Any more of that and I’ll explode.”

Brice stopped his movements and smiled. “Isn’t that the point of this?”

Dakota let loose a low, succulent growl, shook his head, and moved so that Brice’s fingers withdrew from him.

“The point is for you to fuck me.”

Dakota’s crude words echoed in Brice’s head as he watched his lover turn to his hands and knees, ass beckoning him.


Lily said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Loved the excerpt. Looking forward to the book.


Byanca said...


I can hardly wait for this to be released.

Byanca aka. One of Dakota's biggest fans.

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