Tuesday, March 24, 2009

There's no accounting for taste

Please excuse this break in programming from the fantastic round robin going on.

I've never been attracted to big, muscle-bound men. As a young teenager seeking romance novels, I would take one look at the Fabio types on the covers and keep searching. Of course, once I got a little older I realized it didn't matter how the heroes looked on the cover or even how the author described them. Long hair? A quick mental haircut solves that problem. Mustache? Get out the razor! I became adept at molding characters into my own personal dream men.

If I had to sum up my type in a nutshell, I'd say long, lean and clean cut. I like short hair. Skinny guys do way more for me than the sculpted Greek gods usually held up as ideal, and I'll pick the nerd over the popular jock any day of the week. I was so pleased with the cover for my latest book Daybreak because I felt it depicted my type of guy much more than other covers I've seen featuring men with arms the size of my thighs. (Not that there's anything wrong with that -- it's just not for me.)

Here's the guy I'm crushing on right now: Broadway actor Matt Doyle, who is currently in Toronto starring in Spring Awakening.

What's your type? And who's your current crush?


Anonymous said...

my current crush is jonathan rhys meyers.... yummy!

Keira Andrews said...

He's very yummy, Suzi! Mmmmmm.

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