Monday, January 8, 2007

First lines

In theory I am working on three different stories right now. Here are their first lines, please share your own :)

Xeras had the brining barrel between his knees, and positioned the bung over the hole on the top. (Lover of Ghosts)

“Denizens of Gambit show distinct founder effects both in terms of measurable genetic compliments and deep-seated behavioral tendencies,” the U.P. anthologist droned from the lecturn. (The Game)

Murl hung from the windowsill, with the fingertips of one hand. (untitled)

...and from the last story I submitted:

“If you want to keep your sister out of my bedchamber you will do this small thing for me,” Old Man Jeryl said. (Wolfkin)

Edited to add: that one now contracted to Samhain :) :) :)
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