Wednesday, May 30, 2007

It's me who forgets

I have one question.

How do you feel about two men and chocolate?

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bond, James Bond

I'm not sure how I missed this when it first came out (har har) in the news, but I love the fact that Daniel Craig wants Bond to have a gay scene in the next flick. Odds that it will actually happen are slim to none, of course, but how awesome would that be? It makes me want to write a romance about two super spys who fall in love and have lots of hot, dangerous sex as they battle their feelings for each other as well as the bad guy.

If I do, I'll have to credit Daniel Craig for the inspiration! He can inspire me anytime.

So who's your favourite Bond? And would you want to see Bond go bisexual, or do you think it would tarnish the history of the character?

Are there any books out there already about a gay super spy?

Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day

First off, Happy Memorial Day to all those who live in America. Please take a moment and remember those who've died to give us our freedom. Also thank a vertern while you are at it and thank them for their time served.

Second, I'd love to share with you the reviews I've gotten for my latest release, A Master's Love.

5 stars from JERR

*still doing happy dance*

"Ms. Rayne has a sizzling erotic romance with A Master’s Love. The mentalattraction and play between Nate and Kyle is superb. The sexual tension andpower tugs between the two characters had me on the edge of my seat...If you likehomoerotic romance with a twist of BDSM then I highly suggest this book for yourreading." ~ Julie Esparza

4 rating from Night Owl Reviews

"In general, it's a solid and well-written novella, worth the read, especially if you're looking for a love story between two men that will leave you with a wry smile and warm fuzzies." ~ Nica

A Master's Love is now available at Loose-Id


Nate Jacobs had his health, a roof over his head, food in his stomach, and a best friend to keep him grounded. What more did a Dominant need? That was what he always thought until Kyle Turner knocked on his door.

Feeling like his life was in a slump Kyle Turner decided to try something different. He went to Angel’s Heart not really knowing what to expect from a house full of Dominants, but finds more than he bargained for when he discovers himself at Nate’s mercy.

Can either man take the chance at the love that is right in front of them?

Note: This is a M/M story with a strong Domination/submissive theme and includes graphic sex scenes and bondage.

Never before posted excerpt: For Adults

Kyle pushed Nate back into the nearest stall and locked the door, never breaking the kiss. He ran his hands through Nate’s hair, feeling the softness between his fingers for the first time. He pressed his body against Nate’s, his dick swelling and throbbing, pressing against his jeans, aching, but he ignored the discomfort. All of his attention was on the man pressed against him.

He could feel that Nate’s groin had stiffened in response to his touch, the thought sending thrilling chills down his spine. The lust that had filled him since meeting Nate threatened to explode, driving him to act upon his impulses. He ground himself into Nate, his excitement climbing when his movement was met with an answering whimper. At that moment, Kyle knew he wasn’t walking out of this room without fulfilling a portion of his desire.

With effort, Kyle pulled himself from Nate’s very addicting lips and let his mouth slide up to his ear and then slowly traveled down his neck, tasting as much of Nate’s skin as possible. His hands worked at unbuttoning Nate’s shirt, fighting the urge to rip it from his body. He was desperate to feel Nate’s skin beneath his hands. To feel his heat and finally touch the skin that had been torturing him for the past two weeks.

His mouth trailed down over Nate’s shoulders, his hands pushing off the shirt. His only care was where his lips moved, the skin he touched, and the response he received from Nate. Kyle moved further down until he captured one of Nate’s exposed nipples between his teeth and gave it a tug.

“Kyle,” Nate moaned softly. His head was thrown back, eyes closed, and his fingers had buried themselves in Kyle’s hair. The sound was deep and filled with want. Kyle wondered how long it had been since someone had touched Nate this way. With this much desire and yearning. When was the last time Nate had someone touch him because they desired him, Nate Jacobs? Not someone who wanted a Dominant, but someone who wanted the man who felt pain, lust, and loneliness like everyone else.

Kyle took his time caressing, kissing, and exploring Nate’s chest and stomach. He felt Nate’s hands slide from his hair to explore his shoulders and every other place he could reach. Kyle kneeled, their surroundings fading away, oblivious to any comings or goings outside the stall. All he could see and feel was Nate. The only sound he heard was his own heartbeat and the quiet sounds escaping Nate’s lips.

“Kyle...” Nate’s voice trembled when Kyle brushed his lips over his navel; his fingers had made quick work of Nate’s belt and pants, and were trying to push them down. “Kyle, we shouldn’t,” Nate tried again, his hands going to Kyle’s shoulders to push him away.

Kyle rose from his knees without a word and captured Nate’s lips again. The kiss was deep and unrestrained. He kissed Nate until they were both breathless.

“We are not in your room, Nate.” Kyle emphasized Nate’s name. “I am not your client right now. I am a man who is extremely attracted to you and seeks to give you pleasure. So shut your fucking mouth before I’m forced to stuff something in it.”

Kyle saw Nate’s surprise at his aggressiveness, but it showed only a moment as a smirk slowly formed on his lips.


Kyle’s brow rose and he groaned at the sound of teasing in Nate’s voice. He didn’t respond, but knelt as before. He pushed Nate’s pants down his thighs and handled the hardened cock and tight balls. Kyle wet his lips and rolled his eyes up to watch Nate’s reaction, only to find the man’s eyes growing darker,while the gold streaks appeared to glow brighter. Testing the waters, Kyle licked the tip with his tongue, getting his first taste of Nate.

Friday, May 25, 2007

It's Friday in my corner of the world so...

It's time to celebrate the big day for our Ellora's Cave debut with "I Do" part of the Naughty Nuptials Quickies series EC is doing. I thought We'd share another excerpt with you.

Here's a recap of the storyline:

Randy Ohara has been alone and lonely since the death of his first and only lover. While in New York to attend his sister's wedding, he develops an instant and strong attraction to an unknown man at a Manhattan nightclub. The desire he feels is surprisingly intense, making Randy realize he's never wanted another man with such passion before.

It's even more of a surprise when Randy learns that the stranger he lusts for is none other than Jason Chen, the groom's widowed father. Randy doesn't dare make a move on the sexy older man, until the handsome detective reveals a few secrets of his own.
* * * *

And now for the excerpt (you may want to picture Jet Li as Jason Chen --we did ^__^)

* * * *

Jason threw a pillow at his son. “You’re marrying a beautiful girl tomorrow, what do you want to look at a stripper for?”

Dan laughed and threw the pillow onto the bed. “Damn, Dad, you’re older than I thought. You need some Viagra or something?”

“You little shit.” Jason snatched the pillow to throw it again but Dan scurried out of the room laughing his head off. Jason dropped the pillow, the smile falling from his face. He let his hand slide over the front of his baggy sweats. He didn’t need any Viagra ‘cause this sure as hell wasn’t a simple needing-to-take-a-morning-piss hard-on he had in his briefs.

The erection was still full-blown when Jason stepped into the shower a few minutes later and began rubbing the bar of soap across his chest. What the fuck was wrong with him for having a dream like that? He had no right to think Randy Ohara was gay. It didn’t matter to him if the kid was or not but why had he dreamed it? Why did he wish so damn badly that Danny hadn’t woken him up just then?

The jolt he felt when he rubbed the soap lower gave him the answer he needed. He was attracted to Randy in ways he hadn’t been attracted to anyone in a long, long time. Not since that cute little blonde rookie had flirted with him a couple years back. What was
her name? Sharon? No, Susan. Susan Lenzer. He’d be a lying bastard if he said he hadn’t wanted to tap that, but he’d had more sense than to get involved with anyone at work. He’d seen too many guys get jammed up that way, like that commanding officer from the One-Sixteen with twenty years on the job who lost it all because he wanted to bang some rook who decided to get it all on tape.

Jason closed his eyes and put his head under the streaming water in a vain attempt to wash the crazy thoughts out of his mind. It didn’t work. In fact his thoughts drifted back to those insane nights when he was a kid and he and his buddy Win Fong had gone to those Zeppelin shows and screwed around with those Long Island girls. Win’s dad had owned a grocery over on Mulberry
and after the concert they’d gone there to the basement office and had their very own little orgy.

Win had been on his back, one girl grinding her pussy into his face while the other had begun to tease Jason’s cock with those pretty painted lips of hers. Not wanting his friend to be left out—and being more than a little high from the pot they’d smoked, Jason had knelt and told the girl to scoot under him to blow him while he used his own mouth on Win.

And Jason Chen very much wanted to use his mouth on Randy Ohara now.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Some Visual Inspiration

I am a very visual person and love photographic art. For every male hero I've written, I have a picture which has inspired me when describing him. There are even times when I will search out images of houses, cars, clothing, pets, etc. to help with my writing. Currently, my photo collection has more than 9,000 yummy images.

Two men wrapped around each other creates such a visual feast. After browsing the albums, I decided to share some of my favorite m/m inspiration with you. Enjoy!

These two are just so HOT!

This makes me think of lazy weekend mornings

Kinda brings a whole new meaning to mud wrestling

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Be Healed!

In anticipation of the revised and expanded The Healing, which bows on June 4th, I am happy to offer this preview, a newly added scene to the novella that fared well critically at its former house. I hope for more success with Phaze.

Funny thing, the three releases slated for that day with Phaze are all M/M stories! Look for L.E. Bryce's Ki'iri and Angelia Sparrow and Naomi Brooks' Collared Hearts on the same day.

* * * *

As he slept, the repressed memory of discovering Dan flooded his unconscious and held him in thrall. Julian floated in his dream as a lidless eye, witness to a multitude events surrounding a sold-out, pre-Jess show. Time and place were irrelevant, minute details forgotten. Everything but those two minutes spent lingering in the tour van behind the velvet curtain that blocked the driver's peripheral view.

He had been about to feed on a young girl, a groupie in a red and white striped tube top who had managed to slip past security without a backstage pass. Of course, being the seventies, such formalities rarely presented any problems. When the Commoners early in their career toured a fantastic love-in followed the path, leaving behind a wake of smoldering marijuana ash, shredded beer labels, and—assuming anyone remembered to use them—condoms, soiled and discarded.

Julian never bothered with protection. Disease couldn't touch him, and a vasectomy negated other risks. Dan's business, of course, was his own…until this night he now relived in REM sleep.

He floated diagonally downward, through the roof of their van, to watch his hippie self dash through the front bi-folding door. The girl was willing, and wasn't going anywhere. He probably didn't need the bottle of red tucked in his compartment—the girl was ready to fuck him and had all but mounted him onstage during the encore. Now, recalling the incident in this state, he couldn't remember what compelled him to get the wine. Insurance, perhaps, to seal her vulnerability and allow him a simple feed that would appear on the outset to be a rock giving a fan an intense love bite.

The interior was dark, illuminated vaguely by the yellowed light from an outside lamp. Julian's consciousness joined his dream body as it slipped quietly inside, startled at first by muffled voices. Having passed the driver on the way over, he could only guess who was crashing their digs. He pulled back the border curtain just enough to permit one eye to view. Shadows danced on the far side of the bus, the windows blocked by masking tape and newspaper—a poor substitute for sunshade, but the perfect screen for projecting silhouettes locked in heated embrace.

Long shadow hair swayed from side to side, in time to rhythmic passion. Dan, of course. Julian had noticed his partner disappeared immediately after their final bow.

Lips smacking against skin broke the silence. Julian's gaze followed the yellowed fingers of light to where they spotted the raised bunk Dan used. Leaning against it, elbows deep in the foam mattress, stood a young man with a ponytail and smooth skin.

Julian's heightened sense of sight revealed more than a normal person might see in this situation. Every contour was visible, from the deeper shadows where his arms and knees bent to the look of pained ecstasy on his youthful face. His eyes were closed and neck tilted backward, exposing a clean, stubble-free throat that smelled as delicious as it looked.

And Dan stood behind him, also unclothed, and grinding his hips into the other's upturned backside. Those same hands that had strummed melodies to rouse a crowd of ten thousand people into harmony now palmed his companion's waist, while he steered his cock in between the young man's rounded buttocks.

"You like how that feels?" Dan whispered. A residual low chuckle rumbled deep from within him, his voice laced with pot recently smoked. Its pungent sweetness pervaded the air. Julian's eyes watered at the extent of it. He didn't smoke it himself, for it nowhere near matched the high of a feed.

"Yeah, man." The other's voice sounded too old for the body that contained it. Maybe an effect of drugs, or maybe the man was blessed with naturally youthful looks. Right now, neither seemed concerned with possible age gaps. All focus centered on the tip of Dan's engorged cock, which Dan guided up and down the crack of the other man's ass, teasing and seductive.

"You gonna fuck me or what?" asked the other man, breathless. As though anticipating the answer, he positioned his legs farther apart, kicking aside Dan's luggage and assorted trash shifted around by bus travel. Julian watched his friend kiss his companion between the shoulder blades, then trail more affections down his spine to the small of his back. Now kneeling, Dan touched his nose to the base of the man's ass and, prying apart his cheeks, dipped in his tongue for a long taste.

No way. No way was he watching his shy music partner, whom he'd first seen rolling around the Boston Common with a willowy blonde pixie named Julianne, rimming some guy. With the bus wide open where anybody could walk in and see, at that.

He became fused deeper into the dream, as though stepping through a movie screen into reality. Every detail of that night magnified and assaulted Julian's senses. He felt the night sweltering on his skin, inhaled the pungent stench of male sex, and gaped in silent awe as Dan's impressively large cock breached the young man's anus.

He pressed his hand to his heart, and shifted in place as his own shaft elongated and hardened in response. This hadn't originally happened.

Nor did he recall being jealous of the young stranger.

Copyright 2006-07 Leigh Ellwood

To those of you who enjoyed reading about Julian and Dan, I am inspired to write more now that The Healing has a new home!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Pretty New Cover Art

The artwork for my novella, Man Candy, (my very first completely M/M story) came in over the weekend and I'm thrillled to be able to share it with you all.

Here's the blurb:

Aaron Samuels has a secret. He’s in love with his boss, Logan Remora. Logan is everything Aaron has ever wanted in a man... except he’s straight and married.

College student, Aaron Samuels is in love with his boss, Logan Remora. After four long years of working under his boss in every conceivable position except the one he wants -- bent over the desk with his pants around his ankles -- Aaron is ready to give up and move on to greener pastures.

A promising job offer right after graduation seems like fate’s way of kicking Aaron in the ass. He turns in his notice at work with a heavy heart, though Aaron knows he has made the right decision. After all, he couldn’t spend the rest of his life mooning over Logan.

A torrid, late night tryst with a man Aaron believes to be Logan’s twin propels him into an emotional tailspin of guilt and confusion. Tough choices loom on the horizon, but Aaron may find that things aren’t always as they seem.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Collector series authors in the spotlight!

This month, Dee Gentle's website Paraphernalia features interviews the some of the authors involved in Loose Id's Collector series! Yours truly is one of the interviewees *g*
Click here to read the invterviews!

And in honor of the interview being up, please enjoy an excerpt from my contribution to the series, The Collector 4: Eight Arms to Hold You :D


Luke leaned against the side of the trailer while Austin dug his keys out of his pocket and unlocked the door. Snatching the phone book off the table, Austin wedged the door open with it and hurried back down the steps.

“Here,” he said, winding his arm around Luke. “Lean on me instead of using your bad leg.”

Luke nodded, secured his right arm around Austin’s shoulders, and let Austin guide him up the three steps into the trailer. Once inside, Austin helped Luke over to the threadbare old sofa and eased him down. Leaning back with a sigh, Luke closed his eyes.

Austin replaced the phone book on the table beside the phone, then shut and locked the door. “Let me get this wet stuff off real quick. I don’t want to drip on that wound while I’m dressing it.”

“Please do,” Luke said, the corner of his mouth lifting in a smile Austin wanted to lick.

The look in Luke’s eyes made Austin’s cheeks heat. He dropped his gaze when he felt his groin stirring. An erection was the last thing he needed right now. Stripping off his wet jacket, he threw it on the floor, then kicked off his sneakers and squirmed out of his soaked jeans.

When he turned back to Luke, he had to bite his tongue to hold back the exclamation that wanted to come out. Luke’s blanket had fallen open, baring his body completely to Austin’s very appreciative gaze. The sight made Austin forget he was standing there in nothing but a worn-out pair of pale blue boxers.

Austin glanced up at Luke’s face. The black eyes were closed, Luke’s breathing slow and even. He seemed to have fallen asleep. Hating himself, Austin let his gaze drift down Luke’s bare chest, over his flat belly, down to his exposed groin. His thick, uncut cock and smooth balls nested in a sparse thatch of fine pale curls. It seemed to be the only body hair he had, Austin noticed, sliding a slow look back up Luke’s body.

He nearly jumped out of his skin when he got back to Luke’s face and met a curious black-eyed gaze.

“Oh. Um. Sorry.” Blushing furiously, Austin hurried into the kitchen and started digging in the cabinets, looking for the first aid kit. He cast around frantically for an excuse for his blatant ogling. “That mark on your leg,” he blurted, remembering the odd blue-gray blotch on Luke’s inner thigh. “What is it?”

“A birthmark, I suppose,” Luke answered. “I’ve had it for as long as I can remember. Father says I had it when...”

He trailed off. Austin found the kit and backed out of the cabinet with it. “Yeah? Had it when what?” he asked, straightening up and peering over the counter.

Luke glanced at him, eyes wider than ever. “Nothing. Just... I’ve always had it.”

“Oh.” Austin washed his hands, grabbed a dish towel and the bottle of sterile saline from the shelf beside the sink, and walked back over to the couch. He kept his gaze firmly fixed on Luke’s face. “Okay, let’s get that wound cleaned.”

Trying not to think too hard about where he was, Austin knelt on the floor between Luke’s parted knees. He focused with grim determination on the deep wound in Luke’s leg, ignoring the tantalizing proximity of Luke’s groin. Luke watched him, shoulders hunched. Opening the saline bottle, Austin held the towel under the gash in Luke’s thigh and poured the sterile liquid over it. Luke hissed, fingers digging into the cushions.

“Sorry.” Austin glanced up at Luke’s face, then turned his attention back to his work. “This isn’t as bad as I thought at first. It looked deeper before.”

“It must have been the light.” Luke’s voice was tight with pain. He answered Austin’s worried look with a faint smile. “It’s all right. No way to clean a wound like that without it being painful.”

Nodding, Austin carefully dried the wound’s edges with a large square of sterile gauze. “How’d you get this, anyway? For that matter, how’d you end up in the water in the first place?” He didn’t ask why Luke was naked, though he was dying to know. He didn’t want to push his luck.

Luke’s black eyes turned wary. “I was out with some friends on their boat. I fell overboard in the storm. I’m not sure what it was that cut me. Something in the water.”

“Do you want to call them?” Austin asked, watching Luke closely. “You can use my phone.”

“No, I... I won’t be able to reach them right now. I’ll try in the morning.”

The way Luke’s eyes darted around the room gave away the lie, but Austin didn’t press the issue. He’d only known Luke for a few hours. A few minutes, actually, considering that Luke had been unconscious during the long boat ride. He had no right to demand the truth if Luke didn’t want to tell him.

Austin finished dressing Luke’s wound in silence. Luke held perfectly still, but Austin saw his pain in the set of his shoulders. He could tell Luke had his guard up, and it bothered him. Something about Luke made Austin want to gain his trust. Austin had a feeling Luke trusted very few people.

“Okay, done.” Austin smiled. “How’s it feel?”

Luke flexed his thigh. “Better, actually.” He returned Austin’s smile. “Thanks.”

“No problem.”

Austin knelt there on the floor between Luke’s legs, staring into Luke’s bottomless eyes, knowing he should get up but unable to make himself move. His hand, he realized with a shock, still rested on Luke’s thigh.

Luke licked his lips. “Austin...”

To his own surprise, Austin found himself moving his hand further up Luke’s thigh. Luke let out a barely audible sigh. His eyes burned into Austin’s. Those plush pink lips called to Austin like a siren song. Without considering what he was doing or why, Austin rose to rest one knee on the edge of the couch, leaned forward, and pressed a tentative kiss to Luke’s mouth.

The second their lips touched, sparks jumped between them, and something inside Austin shifted. He felt as if his entire life had been leading up to this one moment, to this kiss that suffused his soul with a hot, fierce joy. Austin didn’t understand it, but he knew that having tasted this, nothing else could ever replace it.


If you've enjoyed this excerpt, there's lots more where that came from!Click here to purchase the book :D

Friday, May 18, 2007

Blood Brothers: Whispered Promises

It's hard to believe it's been one whole year since Barb and I had our first story published together. To celebrate the anniversary of Blood Brothers' release, we have a special treat: an original, 12-page doujinshi. The mini-comic takes place just prior to the events of the novella, and stars both Kiyoshi and Sakurai.

Warning, the doujinshi is NOT worksafe by any means. (Particularly the first 4 pages...*g*). Keep this in mind if there are little ones nearby ,or art with graphic m/m smexing is not your cup of tea.

Thank you to everyone who's been so supportive over the past year, and we hope you enjoy!

Blood Brothers: Whispered Promises

Happy Birthday to us!

It's been a year since Blood Brothers made it's grand debut and to celebrate Anne will be by a bit later ot post a special treat for you. We gave you a sneak peek at it a few posts ago and it's definitely worth checking back for.

A bit of advice--you may want to have something handy to catch any drooly bits ^__^

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Writing Manlove

It's my day. I think. *grabs hair* I'm so confused! Waahhh. Could be that I'm butt deep in deadlines and getting worse by the minute, or that I have four kids who only let me write late into the night so that I'm dead tired in the morning, or that...

Excuses, Excuses.

So, I'm sharing my Wednesdays with Nicole Austin--thanks, babe! See, I made her go last week when she'd only been on the loop like, a day. I know, Nic, no need to thank me.

Today I am playing the Princess of Thieves. Again. Yesterday Ally Blue (took me a long time to figure out who since when I commented there was no name goober!) posted a blog at (love the name) about writing or reading manlove and what led you to pick up the genre. For me, I loved reading m/m. It never once occured to me to write it. What the hell do I know about the act of...well, you know :) But late one night, I found myself writing my steamy short menage for the Midsummer Night's Steam series at Samhain and I'm right in the middle of this scene when my one hero says to the other,

“Let me help you.” Lance stepped up behind him and Gabe dropped his hands, never taking his gaze off Evan’s face.
Her eyes widened. Lance reached around Gabe’s hips and fondled his cock through the thick denim. He hissed out a breath and rested his head on Lance’s shoulder. The man handled his cock in the most exquisite way.

Holy Crap! What the heck just happened??? I found myself staring at the computer screen as if it had written the words instead of me. I'm usually pretty in control of my characters and where they're going but in Fantasmagorical the m/m aspect literally snuck up on me and smacked me between the eyes. Thank God, because I love the story and can't wait for its release. I'm even writing another one :)

How did you come into this genre? (No pun intended *bg*)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Gay movies

Greetings, Slash and Burn readers. I'm Keira Andrews, and I'm happy to be a new contributer to this blog. Aside from a metric crapload of Queer as Folk fanfiction, I've written one M/M novel called Love Match, along with a short sequel called City of Lights. Love Match is about two pro tennis players who fall in love. I'm working on my second novel now, a romantic thriller about a young single father and a hunky park ranger.

Now, a question: What's your favourite gay-themed movie? I saw a great little flick on the weekend called Quinceanera, which featured a prominent gay storyline, and it just got me thinking about other films that are worth seeing. Two of my favourites are British coming-of-age dramas: Beautiful Thing and Get Real.

As you can see, I tend to go for coming-of-age stories, no matter how old I get! (I'm 33, for the record.) Anyone else have any favourites to recommend?

Monday, May 14, 2007

Good Monday Morning!

Good morning and Happy Belated Mother’s Dy to all our readers and writers. I hope you all had a great weekend.

I’m thrilled to be part of this great blog and thought to take this first post and introduce myself.
I’m Marty Rayne and I write M/M, Het, and Menage fiction in a variety of genres; including BDSM, Contemporary, Fantasy, and Paranormal. I’m happy to be sharing Mondays with Amanda.

I stumbled upon M/M fiction by way of fanfiction (Roswell) several years ago. I read one story and I was hooked. Just the thought of two gorgeous guys together was damn sexy. I enjoy reading about two strong men sharing an intimate moment and indulging in the vulnerability of their desires.

That’s when I started writing again…this time delving into my new obsession and have been writing ever since. I have a bit of a weakness for BDSM stories so I tend to be drawn to them both as a reader and a writer. Unfortunately, the amount of new slash fanfics in my choice of fandom is nearly extinct. :(

I have two M/M books released, and hopefully more to come. One is a M/M/M ménage with a Valentine theme named At the Edge. The other is my newest release, A Master’s Love (see side bar for gorgeous cover I could stare at for hours).

I’m also halfway finished with a M/M Christmas themed story, indulging into the life of one of my characters from At the Edge. I never dreamed to be writing a Christmas story in the spring, but then I do have it set in Florida, where it’s not necessarily cold that time of year. Hee!
And I’m trying to find a home for the first book of my Dragon Riders series (fantasy) which M/M/F.

Thank you for having me and let me leave you with this delicious picture to drool over.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hotness, and Men

I am not much given to fangrrl moments. I do not have posters of actors on my walls, I don't base my characters on real people, I don't pay very much attention to celebrity culture. But every now and again someone does manage to capture my fickle attention.

In this case it was an actor in the mangled Babylon 5 spin-off, 'Crusade'. Peter Woodward is by no means hideous but he is not what would generally be considered a 'hot man'. However, I happen to be particularly fond of bald mean with slightly prominent noses and precise diction (a trait he seems to have picked up from father, Edward).

Of course playing a mysterious technomage clad in black and having some great one liners didn't hurt either. My previous favorite character was Avon from Blakes 7 and the parallels are fairly obvious, right down to the not-hideous-but-not-conventionally-hawt actor.

And I guess my preferences peek through sometimes in some of my books such as 'A Heart in Shadows' where our hero Giffen describes the love interest Derek as "every part of him built small and lithe but for a nose that would fit on a normal-sized person. The intruder’s brown hair was a on the long side and artfully cut, his small eyes dark, an indeterminate color..." and "Small, dark, just a little ‘fey’ in the mundane meaning of the word."

But wait for it, I actually do have a point here. Some people might like the same type of guys that I do, others don't. My love interests in other books have included a brawny, tawny town marshall, a small wiry white-haired older man and an ethereal elf. No matter how they looked or how widely they might be considered "hot" the key to writing a love interest is the spark of attraction with the hero. The one great advantage of prose over visual media is that it does not matter so much whether the readers would consider a guy hot, only whether the hero does.

...And if the next love interest I write bears a close resemblance to a certain Mr. Woodward that will be, of course, purely coincidental.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Slash, Fandom, and Sexy Men

I'll admit my introduction to slash fiction came at a science fiction convention. I sat in on a panel for fanfiction, because as a writer, I love to explore the worlds of my favorite shows (read Buffy) through fanfiction. I hadn't yet dipped my toe into those waters, hence my attendance at a late night discussion held in someone's hotel room.

Suddenly I found myself catapulted into a world where Kirk and Spock did more than discuss logically the evidence before them, where any male character of any show could be paired of with a male character (or two, or three) from another show. And I loved it! As a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan I discovered, Spander, Spangel, Sprilley (oh yeah! Spike & Riley), Angel/Xander, Xander/Oz, Spike/Giles, Angel/Giles, the list goes on and on...

As a heterosexual woman, I find the idea of two strong, alpha males showing lust, love, mutual affection, or just a night's release, to each other sexy. I want to watch. Hell, I want to join in!

And so, in my own way I do. I write slash. My published novel Riding Partner features two Olympic Show Jumper Riders going through their relationship when one man is forced to sell his prize horse in order to pay off debts. A work in progress I have now, Cowboy Up, deals with a dressage rider and an ex-rodeo cowboy who now rides reining horses (both Olympic or FEI level sports). As a fanfiction writer, I have a Xander/Riley (with all the accompanying, "oh my god I slept with my best friend's ex angst on Xander's part) story I started back in March that I need to finish, and actually am working on a cycle of Riley/Lorne fiction. (Note the Riley theme).

Two men expressing sexual love is a beautiful thing. (Just as a man and a woman or two women, but this blog is for homoerotic gay romance). And I can say that I'm proud to write gay erotic romance!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday Already?

Hopefully Anne Cain will pop in here a bit later with something more entertaining but until then you get me. ^__^

First off a big Welcome to all our new Slash & Burn bloggers *insert virtual confetti throwing here*

Oh! Anne and I have some news. Soul of the Night our Yaoi-esq vampire tale from Samhain is now listed on Amazon for pre-order! Yes, that fangirl squealign you all heard the othre evening was me and Anne when we found out. ^__^. And don't forget the print version of SotN also contains the illustrations Anne did. These ones are black & white. The full color illustrations are in the E-book version.

We're considering doing a shorter length M/M story for Halloween but haven't hit on a plot yet. Anyone care to toss out what you'd like to see?

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Morning, Everyone!

Good morning to all who're up, around, and checking in on blogs! My name is Willa Okati, and I'm the author of several M/M stories ranging from shorts to novellas to some novels. I'm with Torquere Press, Loose Id, Changeling Press and Samhain Publishing. I'm the quiet type they always told you to watch out for, with an occasionally wicked sense of humor.

There! You know who I am.

Now, I turn my eye toward you. Step on up and introduce yourselves -- anything from a "hi" to telling me what you like about or like to see in M/M.

Regardless of whether you comment or not, it's a pleasure to meet you!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Gays In The Military

Hi everyone! I’m new here. I want to thank the Slash & Burn authors for letting me join the group.

For those who don’t know me, I write erotic romances spanning a variety of sub-genres for both Ellora’s Cave and Samhain Publishing. While I have not yet written a strictly M/M story, my first book, Passionate Realities is a M/F/M ménage with M/M interaction. I have another book planned with a hero going through the discovery that he is bi-sexual, and another which is a M/M story. You can find out more about me and my books on my website.

I’m going to jump in, feet first, and bring up the controversial issue of gays in the military. No, I’m not big into debate, but this issue is making me nuts and I like to hear others opinions on issues that interest me. I was in the military briefly, and have been closely watching the news reports.

In recent months the issue of gays in the military has become a hot topic. General Peter Pace who heads the Joint Chiefs of Staff made derogatory remarks on homosexuality when responding to questions during an interview. He was arguing the merits of the 1993 “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, which gives gays and lesbians the right to serve in the military only if they stay in the closet. Pace stated, “I believe that homosexual acts between individuals are immoral, and that we should not condone immoral acts.”

In 1994 President Clinton signed the policy into law. The military supports the law with the belief that homosexuality is detrimental to good order and discipline in the armed forces. Commanders may not ask, and gay service members may not tell sexual orientation.

I remember questions on the enlistment forms concerning sexual preference. I also remember seeing friends get discharged if anyone found out they were gay. This is no longer the case, and thankfully, the military no longer investigates claims of a person being homosexual. However, they do investigate allegations of homosexual conduct, which are still grounds for discharge. This includes homosexual acts while on active duty and telling others that you are homosexual.

Representative Marty Meehan of Massachusetts authored the Military Readiness Enhancement Act, which would repeal the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. Unfortunately, the act did not make it through congress last year, but he is still gathering supporters and working to get rid of this discriminatory policy.

In my opinion, this whole issue is ridiculous. “Don’t ask, don’t tell” keeps qualified, willing people from serving and defending our freedom. Gays have been honorably serving in the military for hundreds of years. All the arguments stating gays are a security risk and other frivolous justifications have been proven to be incorrect. When fighting for our country, who cares about the sexual orientation of the soldier standing next to you. It doesn’t matter if that person is black, a woman, or homosexual. What matters is that they stand by your side and have the necessary skill.

Please chime in and state your opinion. Do you think the military needs to wake up and realize society is changing? We now have states where gay marriage is legal. Heck, even Disney has been having “Gay Days” for years. Or do you think gays in the military are a problem? All those soldiers bunking in the same quarters, having to share tents and communal showers. Do gay people have any less control over their hormones than heterosexuals do?

Hmm…maybe I’ll write a M/M story where they fight against discovery and homophobia in the military. Yes, I like it. *g*

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

40 Lashes...Make it 50, Officer

Yes, I'm a rat bastard for missing my Tuesday last week, but I had an excellent excuse as I was recovering from RT. I still am, in a sense. I have a spring cold now. I've become an incoherent mouth-breather, and I'm at a loss. I tried that Airborne stuff that fizzes in water and is supposed to clear up some symptoms. Didn't work. All that expensive acai juice I've been drinking hasn't helped - I thought that stuff was going to make me live forever. Hopefully not with a stuffy nose.

Well, despite the bodyaches and warm skin, I am still excited that Surveillance, my latest M/M work, will be included in the upcoming Phaze Force series. It's the story of an out of work actor in need of quick cash, so he takes a most unusual job working for an absentee celebrity. Fortunately, the cop/security guard remains alert, hee.

Surveillance will be out early July, and the revised The Healing is due next month. I managed to get an extra five thousand words into that one since pulling it from Venus, and given the compliments I've received from proofers I may just persue the prequel I'd planned for it.

Monday, May 7, 2007

M/M Romance & Children

Ever read a gay romance where one or both of the men had children? No? That's cause there aren't that many out there. Sean Michaels wrote one (First Steps) and Bobby Michaels has one (Jock Dorm 2), but other than those two, I can't think of any. If anyone knows of any others, let me know. I'd love to read them.

You have to wonder why there aren't more stories available involving single fathers. Pretty much any kink under the sun can be found in gay romance, but if you want to find something contemporary and sweet, say single father meets Mr. Right, then you have to look elsewhere. That doesn't make much sense to me.

What do you all think? Does domestication kill the illusion of the single gay man, or is there a call for more of these type of stories?

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Music: what do you love?

Opinions regarding what makes good music vary hugely from person to person. To me, good music is music that makes me feel something. Joy, anger, excitement, anything. Books are for thinking, as are movies to some extent. But music, for me, exists to make me feel. It's played a huge part in my life, even indirectly leading me to my True Love, writing. Long story LOL.

Artists I'm currently mad for:
- Radiohead, first, last, and always. They saved my life (another long story), and changed it for the better.
- Patrick Wolf, who IMO has brought a new sort of purity back to music.
- Larrikin Love; rough-edged, barbed, and beautiful mix of musical styles, with some dark and chilling lyrics.

There are more, of course, but I could go on all day and not be done, so I'll spare you :D
Now tell me, what's on your iPod? What makes you laugh, or cry, or dance around your bedroom? What music has been important to your life? I want to know!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Free Story: Kitsune Part 4

Time for another chapter in this strange, strange adventure. The story thus far has vampires Ryuhei and Kiyoshi in 19th century Paris, where they hope to enjoy the City of Lights. After meeting a mysterious young woman who seemingly puts a thrall over Ryuhei, the couple head off to their hotel. Once in their room, pleasuring each other is now their only concern...

*Warnings: This chapter continues some graphic scenes of Les Man Sex (and I can hear some of you in the back, muttering "finally." *g* What can I say? I like building things up!) There's also gratuitous rooftop hopping and duck quacking, so you've all been suitably warned.* Please enjoy!


Chapter 4

Luggage in tow, Kiyoshi and Ryuhei climbed up the stone steps. They entered the hotel’s mostly empty lobby. With the dawn nothing more than a pink haze starting to tint the Parisian cityscape outside the windows, only two sleepy-eyed attendants manned the counter.

Ryu got try some more of his French on the staff, and quickly secured a room. To Kiyoshi’s relief, Ryuhei didn’t seem to be as interested in the mysterious girl now that they were some distance from the station. Once they were inside the room, Ryu’s main focus was on getting into a hot bath.

“After that long trip, we need to relax,” he insisted as he drew all the curtains shut. Glancing over his shoulder at Kiyoshi, Ryu smiled coyly. “If we share the tub, I can wash your back and you can wash mine…”

Kiyoshi finished lighting a candle at the bedside table before joining him at the window. “That sounds wonderful,” he murmured, picking up on Ryuhei’s arousal. The desire rolled off his body strong enough for Kiyoshi to taste it. Not that they were going to do much bathing once they were in the tub together…

A knock sounded at the door, interrupting them just as they leaned in for a kiss. “Damn,” Ryuhei sighed. He stepped out of their embrace and crossed the room to let in one of the hotel girls.

“Breakfast is served in the dinning room at eight,” she explained, as she carried a pot of hot water to the bathroom and tucked some loose curls of blond hair back under her white cap.

“We’d prefer not to be disturbed,” Ryuhei let out a long, overly dramatic yawn from the opposite. “We’ve had a tiring trip.”

“Of course, Monsieur.”

As soon as the girl drew them a bath, Ryuhei shooed her out. He leaned back against the closed door. “Finally alone.

Completely alone, in fact. The room was empty, Kiyoshi gone from beside the bed. A soft rustle sounded in the adjacent bathroom, the orange glow of candlelight spilling out from the doorframe. Unfastening the button on his collar, Ryuhei drifted over.

Kiyoshi stood at the head of the porcelain tub, his clothing discarded in piles across the tiles. He glanced over his bare shoulder to smile at Ryu, the toned muscles of his lithe form highlighted by the candle.

“The water will get cold if we wait any longer,” Kiyoshi whispered.

“Let’s not.”

Soon Ryu’s clothing joined those of his lover on the floor, and he drew Kiyoshi into an embrace. Their lips met a moment before their hardening cocks rubbed together as the two men pulled close.

Ryu murmured wordless sounds of pleasure into Kiyoshi’s mouth as their erections swelled. Dropping his hands to cup the smooth, flawless curve of his lover’s backside, he urged Kiyoshi to rock forward at the hip. The hot flesh of Kiyoshi’s sex pushed into his upper thigh as his own cock surged at the touch.

Together they stepped into the tub and sank into the warm depth water. While Ryuhei settled back against the inside of the porcelain basin, Kiyoshi straddled his upper thigh. The heat radiating from Kiyoshi was enough to make the water feel room temperature by comparison, the intensity of his desire enough to enflame Ryuhei’s lust. The tips of their swollen organs grazed underneath the soapy surface, sending another.

Coaxing Kiyoshi forward with a gentle nudge from his thigh, Ryu arched up. He brushed his lips along Kiyoshi’s neck in a series of fleeting kisses, inhaling his lover’s fragrant scent. Blood murmured beneath the surface of the skin to tickle Ryu’s lips. “You must taste wonderful,” he breathed, the throbbing in his fangs matching the pulsing between his legs.

Kiyoshi tilted his head just off to the side, giving Ryu all the invitation he needed. Parting his lips, Ryuhei’s fangs lengthened to pierce the skin. He closed his mouth over the tiny wounds, drawing in the salty, metallic flavor of Kiyoshi’s blood—his life. Below his abdomen, his cock jerked in reaction and a groan vibrated in his chest.

Gripping the edge of the tub and pulling himself forward, Kiyoshi lowered himself over the stiff, slick organ. A gasp hitched in his throat as his opening stretched to welcome Ryuhei’s thick erection into the passage. Muscles clenched around the cock, tightening and flexing as it drove deeper.

Thrusting in time with each suck of his lips, Ryuhei didn’t stop until the entire length was buried within Kiyoshi. With a trembling hand, he stroked Kiyoshi’s swollen organ and they rocked together in a rising crescendo. Together, they slammed into their climax—Ryuhei spilling inside of his lover as Kiyoshi spurted through his fingertips into the bath water.

The appetite for both sex and blood satisfied, Ryuhei broke away from Kiyoshi’s neck, panting. He closed his eyes, melting into Kiyoshi’s caresses as the other man cradled both sides of his face. The silky touch of Kiyoshi's lips brought a soft sigh to Ryu's own. He toyed with the soft damp strands of hair falling across Kiyoshi's face as the two men settled back into the tub.

"Hold me," Kiyoshi nuzzled against the side of Ryu's neck, his eyelashes fluttering across the skin.

Exhausted and happily sated, Ryuhei draped both arms over Kiyoshi. They would drift off to sleep away the daylight hours in contentment, enjoying each other’s company in every way. Later, they would--

“Did you hear that?” Kiyoshi interrupted Ryu’s silent musings.

“Hmm?” Ryu mumbled, drowsy. “I don’t think I was talking out loud.”

“I thought I heard someone out in the hall crying,” Kiyoshi frowned.

Ryuhei made an admittedly half-assed effort to focus his hearing beyond the beating of their hearts. “It doesn’t seem like there’s anyone out there,” he yawned, tightening his embrace to hold Kiyoshi closer. “Never mind.”

“There it is again,” Kiyoshi slipped through his grip. “It’s a young woman.”

Kiyoshi did have more developed senses that could perceptive things beyond Ryuhei’s ability. Even if Ryu couldn’t pick out the sound of her tears, there probably was a girl weeping somewhere out in the hall. Kiyoshi rose to leave the tub.

Groaning, Ryuhei reached for his wrist. “Don’t go,” he pleaded sleepily. “It’s probably nothing serious. If you leave, I’ll start crying too.”

Splashing some water into Ryu’s face, Kiyoshi stepped out. “Let me just make sure she’s okay. I’ll be right back.”

“Oh, all right,” Ryuhei sighed as Kiyoshi slipped on a bathrobe and padded out the door. “Leave me to sit here alone and keep the water warm while you console her, whoever she is. No one will be here to dry my tears--”

Kiyoshi doubled back and closed the bathroom door on the rest of Ryuhei’s words. “Hey…!” Ryuhei huffed and scowled at the door. “So that’s how it is.”

Closing his eyes, he relaxed under the water and let the warmth relax his tense muscles. After their exertions, the bath felt wonderful, though it would’ve been nicer with Kiyoshi sharing it as well. Sinking lower until the water covered his mouth, he released another sigh that brought bubbles to the surface. But as Ryu started to feel drowsy again, and he allowed himself drift off into a lazy half-sleep.

A thud sounded in the hall, loud enough for Ryu to hear it.

He opened one eye. Another bang followed, this one a little louder, accompanied with some scuffling noises. He sat up, and there was as muffled cry for help.


Ryuhei shot out of the bath, shrugging into a robe as he darted through the hotel room. Throwing open the door, he whipped around. At the end of the hall to the right was a large glass window overlooking the city. A woman dressed in a blue kimono pushed out the pane and climbed up to the sill. Draped over her shoulder and tied with coils of thick, gold rope, was Kiyoshi. He stared up at Ryuhei and gave another stifled cry through the piece of rope acting as a gag as he tried to flail around.

“What the hell?” Ryuhei’s eyes widened.

The girl glanced over her shoulder. Ryu gasped as he recognized the young Japanese woman from the train station. “Kaomi?” he blinked.

“Sorry, I only have room for one new toy,” she flashed him a wicked grin, her eyes flickering with a golden light. She had two ears the same color and shape as a fox, and they swiveled towards him in a playful gesture. “I’ll come back for you, later.”

“Wait!” Ryuhei started. A kitsune—a fox demon—here in Paris!

Giggling, the young woman jumped. She disappeared over the edge of the sill with Kiyoshi in tow, and Ryuhei raced to the edge. He caught site of her running across the rooftop of the next building, her bare feet moving deftly across the shingles.

“Gods, I can’t believe I’m doing this,” Ryuhei clutched the sill. There was a good fifteen-foot gap and two-story drop between the buildings, which seemed like a damned big distance regardless of whether or not Ryu was a vampire. But the demon girl was getting away, with Kiyoshi bouncing on her shoulder and unable to get free. The first rays of sunlight breached the horizon, making Ryu’s exposed skin itch.

Quickly running out of time, Ryu gulped down a breath and made the jump. He landed on the roof, almost slipping on the bath water dripping from his robe. Ryuhei pulled himself up and sprinted forward. “I’m coming, Kiyoshi!”

The girl jumped across to another roof and Ryu gave chase.

She was fast, but weighed down enough by Kiyoshi that Ryu closed the distance. Kaomi was only a hundred feet away by the time they cleared the next two roofs and each time she glanced back at him, her cheeks were pink and flushed from effort. She made a turn were the buildings became spaced further and further apart. Just up ahead, the girl ducked below the crest of a pitched roof.

At the top of the crest, he skidded to a stop. The next rooftop stood a hundred feet away, separated by a garden, complete with a pond where ducks were splashing around in the water. There was no sign of the demon girl below, and just as Ryuhei realized she’d somehow doubled back without being seen, he felt a hard shove from behind.

“Fuck!” Ryuhei yelled as he pitched over the edge, arms pinwheeling at his sides while tumbled off the roof. He caught a glimpse of the demon girl waving at him while Kiyoshi shook his head, looking clearly embarrassed.

“Sorry,” Kaomi grinned. “Watch out for the landing.”

Ryuhei slammed head first into the pond with a huge splash. He sank straight to the shallow, sludgy bottom, the silt oozing all around him. Dazed, he swallowed what must have been have the water and tadpoles in the pond before surfacing from the muck.

“The bitch!” he spat up a mouthful of…well, he preferred not to think about what it might be. Overhead, the roof was empty save for a few displaced ducks. The fowls stared down at him with beady eyes, clearly pissed at having a strange man fall from the sky into their pool.

Soaked, muddy and suffering one hell of a crick in his neck, Ryuhei trudged out to the slippery bank. There was no time to start looking for the demon girl now, not with the morning sun bearing down on him. He held his bathrobe closed with his hands, the tie lost somewhere in the pond. One of the ducks fluttered down, watching him closely.

“It’s all yours,” Ryuhei muttered sourly.

The duck quacked and headed in to reclaim the pond.


Thursday, May 3, 2007

Not quite TT

Well, I was going to do a Thursday Thirteen, but I didn't reach 13 items. Still, I thought I'd give my list of of post-RT convention posts and if people want to add in the comments, that would be great.

  1. Carolan Ivey made it home. And she has a bunch of previous RT posts.

  2. Lauren Dane is home from RT, with pictures

  3. And a report.

  4. Tawny Taylor is back, with pictures.

  5. And more pictures.

  6. Maya Banks also has pictures.

  7. Jordan Summers blogs about the RT convention.

  8. Twice.

  9. Sasha White has a wonderful slide show.

  10. And, sigh, Laura Baumbach reports on a less-than-happy experience at the Hyatt. It frankly beggars belief that her display was the most risqué at RT.

Sorry to end on a downer, but I think it's important not to ignore it, either.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


I fully admit to STEALING this. Does admittance absolve of any further punishment, Nic? Nicole Austin ( posted these breathtaking bedspreads on her blog today. She needed help in choosing and wanted to know where she could order them. choosing. I too would like to order one, no, two. I need to in order to be truly comfortable.

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