Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween ficlet

Only a few more hours before Halloween, folks! Candies, parties, costumes--mmm! Who doesn't love this holiday? To help get you in the mood for the festivities (as if you weren't already), I have a little ficlet over at Electric Elephant that celebrates the spirit of the season. Head on over and check it out HERE.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's Halloween!

Halloween is my absolute favorite time of year. I start pulling stuff out of the basement and deciding what theme to use this year (yes I have enough boxed decorations I can theme). Most of Halloween tends to be geared towards kids. Remember one of the best things, is label the food. You’re guests will love it.

I’d start off with Bloody Brain Shooters. You cannot go wrong with Bailey’s Irish Cream and Strawberry Vodka. Or perhaps some Bayou Slime (think somewhere between a Mojito and a Pink Lady) is more your taste. Then there’s always Black Martinis (Vodka martini’s made with Blavod, a black vodka) or Vampires Kisses (vodka, champagne and chambord).

Hors d'oeuvres for the over 16 crowd could be Deviled Eggs – I usually garnish them with a pimento filled olive, cut in half. Stick it in the center of the egg yolk mixture with the cut side of the olive up. Looks just like an eye-ball. Next is Brain Dip, which works much better if you have a Brain Jello Mold. Basically, it’s a “dump” recipe -- dump one can of cream of mushroom soup in a pan and start heating it up. Dump on bar of cream cheese in and stir it around until it melts, dump one packet of Knox unflavored gelatin in the mix (I recommend doing this when everything is lukewarm so the gelatin doesn’t glob up), dump either one large can of drained salmon or two cans drained tuna or about a pound and a half of chopped up shrimp into the pan. Turn off the heat, make sure its all mixed well and dump it in the mold. Refrigerate and serve with crackers.

For entrees I’m a big fan of ordering out or buying Costco party bags of frozen – finger food always works best for parties. I’ve done maggots and trash (order a party plate of Chow-Mein and white rice), bat-wings (hot wings), snake sandwich (party sized sub, cut into sections and then arranged so it undulates across the platter and toothpick two olives to one end for the head), cocoons (Japanese/Chinese dumplings).

Now treats, beyond the cookies and brownies... my favorite show stopper is Kitty Litter Cake. Buy a brand new small cat litter pan and a brand new kitty pooper scooper. Two 8” round spice cakes crumbled up, butterscotch pudding (about two boxes of Jello brand) a few handfuls of some kind of green cookies (you can dye ‘nilla wafers with food coloring). Mix that all together in the pan. 2-3 really large tootsie rolls, heat them in the microwave just until they’re soft (maybe 10-20 seconds), and then stretch them a little so they look like cat poop. Toss them in the pan. Disgusting looking but it’s also a great tasting cake.

So don't let the kids have all the fun.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

And Now a Word from Someone Else

First of all, I got to apologize for Dr. Kim not answering any of your comments from last time. He’s pissed enough about the whole exposure thing, but that ain’t the way I was raised, so I can promise you I won’t be like that.

I guess I should introduce myself. What with Kim sucking up all available attention--which is how he likes it, much as he bitches about it--y’all haven’t met me yet. I’m Shane, the big dork Jay mentioned. Yeah, I call him Jay, and yeah it pisses him off. I ain’t as pissed at K.A. as Jay is, though I’ve been blowing him for three pages and my jaw is killing me. Could you finish that scene sometime today, sugar? Thanks.

Yeah, we got left literally at sea for awhile, but it was okay, because it gave me a chance to get to know Jay. He’s a hell of a lot more than he wants to let on, and figuring him out is getting to be an itch under my skin. Every time I think I’ve got it scratched, I’m wanting more. And I don’t just mean the sex, which is by the way pretty damn-I’m-having-a-spiritual-moment-here incredible. I want more of him. More of figuring him out, seeing him suddenly come out with shit he never meant to say. (Damn if that isn’t a rip when his eye brows shoot straight up to his hairline, like he’s trying to stare down his own lips for daring to spit that out.)

If it hadn’t been for that time at sea, I could have just chalked it up as one good time out of--well, out of a whole bunch of good times--if a bit more intense. But everything that happened out there has got me thinking, almost wishing that I wasn’t as much of a fuck up as I know I am. Wishing I’d finally figure out what I supposed to do with my life. He’s so damned sure of everything it makes me a little nervous sometimes, to tell you the truth, not that I’d let on in front of him, mind. I do know one thing, though.

Jay might be a smart son of a bitch but there’s one thing he doesn’t know. So am I.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Marriage Equality

There are a lot of political fights going on about something I think is a no-brainer: Marriage Equality. I mean, of course any pair of consenting adults should be able to marry each other whatever their gender and/or preference. We're fighting to retain our "everything-but-the-label-of-'marriage'" law here in Washington State. In Maine, where they already approved same-sex marriage, they're now having to fight to keep it. Here are a couple of vids of folks in Maine fighting the good fight. I especially like gentleman speaking in the second video: "A woman at my polling place asked me do I believe in equality for gay and lesbian people. I was pretty surprised to be asked a question like that. It made no sense to me. Finally I asked her: "What do you think I fought at Omaha Beach for?""

For everyone with elections coming up, make sure you get out there and vote, or get your ballot out in the mail on time, or whatever it takes to make your voice heard.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Horror Movie Madness

Tory, please send some of that cooler weather down here to Florida. *fanning self* It’s still in the mid to upper 80s during the day and short weather at night (including the mosquitoes). Doesn’t feel like October at all and it looks like the heat is sticking around a little longer.

However, I ventured to Hawl-O-Scream (at Busch Gardens Tampa) – yes, despite all the scary, Halloween things I was still wearing shorts and sweating. I really felt for those in costume. The theme this year was The House of Vayne (vampire).

As soon as you entered the park, there was this model runway…models included. The guys *sigh* were very hot. I’ve gotta admit that I had to stop and watch the show several times in the night just because they change models.

However, I found the entire concept of the attraction creative. Ride some roller coasters in the dark and hit the haunted houses. Talk about an adrenaline rush! Yes, I've gone to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in the past, but they don't have the roller coasters like BG.

But I got to thinking as I was dragging my kids and their friend (literally as they made this chain and I was leading them through lol but that’s another story) through the DED Sorority House. You know, where all the Sorority girls torture the guys *evil laugh*. Anyway, I was thinking about all the scary movies I’ve watched through the years.

A lot really, and no it’s not because of my age *pfft*

But I’d noticed a change in what I watch in the last five years. Or rather why I watch certain movies. I find that I’m more likely to watch a horror movie if it’s got a cute guy. AND buy it when it comes out on DVD even if I don’t watch it a lot.

Examples…I’ve got House of Wax because of Jared Padalecki and Chad Michael Murray. Speaking of Padalecki, who hasn’t seen the latest version of Friday the 13th because of him?? *drool* Because don’t you agree that Jason should have been chopped to pieces long ago-lol. Halloween H2O because it had Josh Hartnett. I especially went to see The Grudge because it had Jason Behr. Then there’s Brendan Fehr who was in Christina’s House (ok, he looked dorky there with his spiked hair) and co-starred with Kerr Smith in The Forsaken. Paul Walker was in Joy Ride. Justin Long (the Mac guy) was in Jeepers Creepers. And let’s not forget my favorite…The Lost Boys. Okay, it wasn’t a really scary horror movie, but I was 14 when it came out and was crushing on Corey Feldman, Corey Haim, and Jason Patric.

Now that was just a few examples of horror movies I watched because of hotties starring in them. Don’t get me started on regular movies. *sigh*

So what movies – horror or otherwise - do you make a point seeing just because of the starring men?

Everyone have a safe and fun Halloween!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's finally getting a bit colder here in southern California. Well, at night, anyway. Our daytime temps are still in the 70-80F range. But nighttime is chilly enough to warrant a hoodie and jeans. That's cold for California, okay? Everything's relative. ;)

Hope everyone has secured their favorite Halloween candy by now. Raise your hand if you've opened it. *raises hand* Hey, it's a tradition in my house to eat almost a whole bag of it before the actual holiday and then have to run out to buy more. I can't resist those Reese's once they're in my kitchen.

My favorite scene of the week happened on Friday night while I was at Knott's Scary Farm with a group of friends. (And the answer is yes, I am definitely getting too old to be scared out of my wits for a solid six hours.) So we were taking a much-needed break and getting something to eat, when lo and behold a very attractive young man straddled his male partner and began kissing him at the table next to us. Considering this is a conservative area and thus an uncommon sight, I had a moment of "aw" and then kept eating my nachos, but when there was silence around the table, I looked up again. My friend to my right whispered, "Is that two guys?" And I smiled and said yes. She watched in awe for a few minutes while I polished off my food. (Do not waste cheese, ever.) The boys finished smooching and then got up together to rejoin the crowd.

"Wow," my friend said. "I mean. I don't think I've ever seen that in public."

"Yeah, too bad," I shrugged. "It's fun to look at. But I'm guessing they probably get a hard time for it wherever they go."

She nodded slowly and was thoughtful for a while. "Yeah," she echoed. "Too bad."

I counted it as a win. If only more people thought about the power of boys kissing, there might be a few less weapons of mass destruction in the world.

Happy end of October!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Now for Ninety-Nine! Jack of Hearts!

My Phaze Shiver release Jack of Hearts is significant in that not only was it my first work of M/M erotica, but it was also the first M/M title released by Phaze Books. As a special Halloween treat, Phaze has marked down all six Shivers to 99 cents! If you haven't read them before, they're new to you.

While you're out and about looking for some great books to add to your Kindle or other eReader, be sure to see what's new at DLP Books. There are three mysteries available now for only $1.99 each, plus the free story Seeking Cygnus. I also have a freebie coming next month for Phaze's 5th Anniversary.

This week, I also submitted a M/M short to All Romance eBooks' call for stories for their 28 Days promotion. GPS is a light romance with heavy sex (wink) about a man who takes advantage of the road less traveled. More details soon - it will be made available regardless of the verdict at ARe.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Release: As Above, So Below (NWS excerpt!)

Kris Sierra has wanted Ashley Moreau for a very long time. Problem is: Ashley is the brother of Kris’ best friend… and Ashley isn’t out. When they finally give into the attraction between them, it sets off a chain of events that culminate in Ashley coming out to Kris’ parents, who are trying to set Kris up with a woman, in a rather dramatic way.

Get your copy here!



Kris forced himself to focus on his work, but the words on the screen ran together the more his mind drifted. Normally, he liked his job as a copyeditor, but today, his thoughts kept meandering off onto long black hair and startling green eyes. Kris groaned and leaned back in his chair, eyes closing as he rubbed them with the heels of his hands. The phone ringing a second later startled the hell out of him.

With a mind to get off the phone as soon as humanly possible, Kris answered it. “Harman and Associates. Kris Sierra speaking.”

“You sound utterly thrilled.”

Kris sat up a bit straighter and grinned. “Well, speak of the devil.”

“Hmm… last I checked, I don’t have horns.”

“So how’s your day going?”

“Oh…” Ashley’s voice lowered a little. “Much better now. Yours?”

Kris glanced up, noted his office door was closed, and sat back in his chair. “Definitely better here, too. Where are you?”


“Where do you work now anyway?”

Kris heard a door shut, then Ashley chuckled softly. “Look out your window.”

“Huh?” Kris turned his chair and peered out of his second story office window onto the street below. “Okay. What am I looking for?”

“Building across the street, second row of windows to your right, third window up.”

Kris squinted and laughed when he saw someone waving from the designated window. “Well, I’ll be damned. What is that?”

“Medical office,” Ashley said.

“Oh… wow. And here I half-expected you to still be working in some pagan shop like you did in high school.”

“Nah. This pays more, and besides, I have my own office, even if it is rather small.”

“Same here.” Kris waved back, then turned around, propping his feet up on the edge of his rather-cluttered desk. “Not a busy day, huh?”

“Not really, thankfully. Had several appointments come in this morning, but things have tapered off.”

“What do you do there?” Kris toyed with his pen, twirling it between his fingers like he used to do with drumsticks back in high school.

“Lab tech – been here for a couple of years. I actually thought about going headlong into medicine, maybe as a nurse, at one point.”

“Why haven’t you?”

“Eh. In a rut, I suppose. Comfortable here for the time being.”

“Yeah, I know that feeling. I like being a copyeditor, even though I have the expertise at this point to run the magazine myself.”

“So… what are you doing right now?”

Kris grinned and shifted in his seat a little. “Sitting in my chair, feet kicked up on my desk, wishing to God you were here sucking my cock.”

Ashley groaned, the sound drawing a shudder out of Kris. “I like that idea.”

“What are you doing?” Kris asked when he heard the faint but distinct sound of a zipper descending.

“Entertaining that wish of yours… at least mentally.” A couple heartbeats passed and Ashley moaned softly. “God, I’d love to suck you off. Love your cock -- so thick, filling my mouth…”

Oh, fuck. Kris dropped his free hand to his lap and rubbed himself through his pants. “Thank God I’m wearing black jeans,” he muttered. “What are you doing right now?”

“Stroking.” Ashley hummed and Kris heard him sucking on something. “Licking precome off my fingers.” Another second passed and Ashley gasped, “Kris. God, that feels good… Wanna jack off while you fuck my mouth.”

“Aw, shit.” Kris got his pants open and his cock pushed out into his waiting palm. He groaned, head falling back, phone pressed to his ear. “Yeah… Keep talking, babe.”

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Coming Soon: Just a Game

Oh, lookie, its my day. Well, for once I'm prepared. Got a short story coming from Cobblestone in November. So, I brought the sexy cover for y'all to ogle and a snip.

Enjoy :)

Image Hosted by

“What’s so wrong with getting a flight tomorrow again?” There was a quiet...something in Sid’s voice that made Charlie’s spine shudder.

Charlie thumped his head against the glass and almost jumped out of his skin when lightning zigzagged across the sky, illuminating the gray world outside. “Shit,” he hissed, blinking away the edge of white dancing around his vision. “I just have a schedule.” Charlie tossed the words in Sid’s general direction. “We handle the surfboard people out here, get home tonight, and then start wearing down that ditzy heiress-turned-fashion designer tomorrow.”

Charlie didn’t need to see Sid’s face to know his mouth had twisted in that familiar smirk.

Sid’s voice rang with barely leashed mockery. “For someone who makes a living pulling ideas out of his ass, you’re awfully worried about something so easily adjusted.”

Charlie’s shoulders went tight no matter how hard he tried to keep them from doing so. “Don’t do this, Sid.”

“Don’t do what?”

The sound of feet thumping carpet should not have been so loud. Charlie stared hard out the window as Sid’s heat eased closer. This time, he didn’t jump when lightning flashed, but that could have been because Sid’s mouth was dangerously close to his ear and Charlie had gone blind to the chaos outside. Instead, he watched Sid’s reflection close in. The room’s light threw them into a slight shadow, but he knew that face well enough without illumination.

“Don’t follow your little rules anymore? This self-imposed fucking distance? Guess what, Charlie boy. You can’t run away in a hotel room.” There was a nasty smile wrapped in Sid’s words as he drove in the fact that Charlie had been so desperate to ignore. “You can’t run away at all anymore.”


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New (old) way to write

On the weekend I visited family and left my laptop at home to give my repetitive strain syndrome a break. Of course, an idea for a new book bloomed, so I borrowed a notebook and pen and started writing the old-fashioned way.

I can't remember the last time I wrote on paper (high school, perhaps?) but since I've been home I've continued it each night. I write all day at work, and during the week I find it next to impossible to work on my books in the evenings. Not only because my hands hurt, but because my brain is fried and looking at a computer screen is the last thing I want to do.

However, I've been sitting up in bed with the notebook for half an hour or so before I go to sleep, and I'm finding it a really relaxing and enjoyable way to end the day. This pen and paper thing is revolutionary!

Does anyone else write the old-fashioned way? Not that I'm giving up my computer (it would have to be from my cold, dead, gnarled hands), but I think I've found a way to keep the creative juices flowing during the week.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

New release: Love, Like Ghosts

Love, Like Ghosts is the latest installment in my Bay City Paranormal Investigations series, and it's available now in ebook from Samhain Publishing. Read on for the blurb, a link to a PG excerpt (chapter one, or most of it) and a spicier smooching excerpt *g*

© Copyright 2009 Ally Blue

Truth. Lies. A century-old mystery. What a tangled web…

(A Bay City Paranormal Investigations story)

At age eleven, Adrian Broussard accidentally used his mind to open a portal to another dimension. Now, ten years later, he’s successfully harnessed his strong psychokinetic abilities. In the process, he’s learned the lessons which have become the guiding principles of his life. Absolute truth. Absolute control. Always.

Sticking to his personal code of ethics has never been a problem, until two chance meetings—one with a hundred-year-old ghost, one with a handsome, very-much-alive man—turn his orderly existence upside down.

Having grown up in a family of paranormal investigators, Adrian is intrigued by the spirit of Lyndon Groome and determined to solve the mystery of his death. Greg Woodhall, however, affects Adrian in unpredictable ways. Not only does his every touch challenge Adrian’s hard-won control over his abilities, his company quickly becomes a light in Adrian’s lonely life.

As the mystery surrounding Lyndon’s death turns sinister, Adrian’s relationship with Greg deepens into something serious. Something Adrian wants to keep. But intimacy isn’t as easy as honesty, and when the heart’s involved, the line between right and wrong can blur.

(Warning: This book contains a gory ghost, a haunted castle, nerdy college parties and gay sex enhanced by psychic powers.)

Read a PG excerpt and buy the book here.


By the time they left the restaurant the temperature outside had dropped at least ten degrees, the predicted cold front slinking in on a stiff breeze. Remembering how good it had felt to hold Greg close before, Adrian used Greg’s shivers as a reason to wind an arm around his shoulders as they walked. Greg pressed against him, left arm sliding around his waist. They both knew the cold was only an excuse, but for once Adrian didn’t care. He liked the warmth of Greg’s body at his side, the way Greg’s hip bumped and swayed against his as they walked.

Turning his head, Adrian dared to nuzzle Greg’s silky curls. They smelled fresh and clean, like he’d just washed his hair. Greg hummed and rubbed his head against Adrian’s face like a cat. Adrian laughed. He had no idea whether to blame the wine, Greg or his resolve to let go of his own reins for a change, but he felt freer than he had in years. Possibly his whole life.

When Greg’s dorm came into view, Adrian slowed his pace. He didn’t want the evening to end. There would be other dates. He had no doubt about that. But Greg fit perfectly beneath his arm, and he didn’t want to let go yet.

Greg pulled him aside into the shadows just before they reached the steps to the dorm door. His arms slipped around Adrian’s waist, pulling their bodies flush against one another. “Adrian. I know I promised not to try anything, and I won’t, but…” He brushed Adrian’s cheek with his. “I want you so much right now. I don’t want you to go.”

Adrian swallowed against his hammering heart. “I…I want you too.”

Greg’s breath huffed against Adrian’s ear. “Come inside with me. My roommate’s staying with his girlfriend tonight.” His palms splayed open on Adrian’s back, fingers digging in. “God, I really want to be alone with you.”

The naked desire in Greg’s whispered words made Adrian’s knees weak. He rested one shaking hand on Greg’s hip and cupped his cheek in the other, forcing him back until they could look each other in the eye. Even in the near-dark, the fire in Greg’s eyes came close to destroying Adrian’s resolve.

“Not tonight.” He traced the line of Greg’s jaw with his fingers. “I’m sorry.”

Greg let out a breathless laugh. “Can’t blame a guy for trying, huh?”

Adrian ran his thumb across Greg’s lips. They felt incredibly soft. Heart fluttering like a hummingbird’s wings, Adrian leaned closer. Greg’s gaze caught his, eyes heavy-lidded and full of heat. Sliding his hand upward, Adrian tangled his fingers into Greg’s hair and brought their mouths together.

The instant their lips touched, Adrian’s power flared inside him. Electricity licked the curve of his skull, skated along his skin and crackled in the air. His cock filled so fast it hurt.

On fire with a lust stronger than he’d ever felt before, Adrian licked at Greg’s lips. Greg’s mouth opened with a soft, needy sound. His head tilted, his tongue curled around Adrian’s, and Adrian’s tenuous control slipped another notch. His hair lifted and swirled in a wind that didn’t come from the world around him.

Groaning into Greg’s mouth, Adrian skimmed the hand on Greg’s hip around to give his ass a hard squeeze. Greg responded with a low moan and a roll of his hips, and God he was hard already, as hard as Adrian, and why weren’t they in Greg’s bed right now?

You know why. Get a hold of yourself.

Summoning his years of hard-won discipline, Adrian planted both hands on Greg’s shoulders and forced himself to break the kiss. Greg whimpered in protest, grasping at Adrian’s arms with both hands. “No. Don’t stop.”

“Have to.” Adrian’s words emerged rough and breathless. He framed Greg’s face in his palms and stared into Greg’s wide, glazed eyes. “I told you before, I don’t do casual sex.”

Greg laid his hands over Adrian’s. His gaze bored straight through Adrian’s skull. “There was nothing casual about that kiss, and you know it.”

Fear spiked through Adrian’s blood. Did Greg know? Had he somehow figured out that Adrian possessed psychokinetic powers, and that Greg’s touch caused them to rage out of control?

No. Because if he knew, he’d understand that you can’t possibly take him to bed until you can control what happens. If one kiss makes you lose it like this…

Closing his eyes, Adrian leaned his forehead against Greg’s. “I know. I just…I need more time. Please.”

Silence. Adrian caressed Greg’s cheeks with his thumbs. Overhead, the rising wind tossed the trees’ branches and wailed around the corners of the building. Adrian could feel Greg’s breath against his lips, warm and scented with the Kahlua cake they’d shared for dessert. Fighting off the urge to taste it straight from Greg’s tongue took everything Adrian had. He licked his own lips instead, wishing he could kiss Greg again and do it right this time. Take it slow. Savor the feel and smell and taste of him.

“Okay,” Greg whispered at last. His hands dropped to Adrian’s chest and moved sideways to fist in his jacket. “But if you won’t go to bed with me tonight, the least you can do is kiss me again.”

Adrian couldn’t help the laugh that bubbled up. Opening his eyes, he drew back enough to smile at Greg’s frown. “You read my mind.”

The corners of Greg’s mouth turned up. “So get on with it, Casanova.”

Maybe it was because he was prepared for his body’s reaction. But this time, when Greg’s mouth opened under his and their tongues slid together, the power that surged through Adrian’s body no longer felt overwhelming. His heart still thumped too fast, his limbs still shook and his cock still felt full enough to burst, but he was able to disperse the excess energy harmlessly into the ground at his feet. He buried both hands in Greg’s hair and drank in the sweet taste of his mouth, his tiny whimpers, the way he clung to Adrian as if he’d fall down otherwise.

It was never like this with Christian, Adrian thought, dazed, as he and Greg pulled apart several long, glorious minutes later. He stared into Greg’s eyes, feeling as lust-drunk as Greg looked.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hot Comfort is out in Print!

Hot Comfort is out in print! This print anthology contains stories by Kimberly Gardner, Jet Mykles and Luisa Prieto as well as two stories by me! I'm very excited because it's my first print fiction release :)

You can order Hot Comforts from:
Barnes & Noble

You can read more about all the stories on the ManloveRomance Press website.

Erotic chocolatier Brandon makes all sorts of tempting and tasty creations that celebrate love and sex. Too bad he’s given up on finding love for himself after his last lover told him he wasn’t worthy of a real relationship just before he dumped him.

When David picks up an order of chocolates for his best friend’s wedding, he wonders if the muscular, tattooed Brandon will taste sweet or bittersweet… After David finds out that Brandon is gay, he needs to step up and let the sexy chocolatier know he’s interested, but can he screw up the courage to do it?

Read an excerpt of Bittersweet on my website.

Giving Thanks
It’s another Thanksgiving for lovers Derek and Troy. Another holiday to pretend they are merely platonic roommates in the chaos of Derek’s family celebration. When Derek snaps after one too many confrontations and admits he’s gay, his father disowns him on the spot. It’s going to be a quiet Thanksgiving…or is it?

Read an excerpt of Giving Thanks on my website.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Art stuff

Earlier today, I blogged on my LJ about doing yoga as a way to help stay fit and clear the mind. It's been an interesting experience so far, and I really like it--especially since I spend more hours than I know are healthy either at the computer or at the drawing table. But I'm really happy and stoked with the projects I've been working on, so I can't complain on that front! :)

Some time in December, I'm thinking of doing a whole series of male nudes in pencil or Conté on toned papers (I know--traditional media! *gasp*), but it's hard (no pun intended, oh wait...) to find models willing to sit for three-hour sessions with no clothes on (for what I can afford to pay them, anyways). So! I'm on the lookout for freebie resources online where kind, generous models have taken photos of themselves for artists to use in figure studies. Deviant Art has been a great place to dig up some beautiful imagery so far. Woohoo! If anyone spots something somewhere on their travels through the World Wide Web that might be helpful, please let me know! I'd be much obliged. :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

And there was cake!

Of course I made it, but there was cake at my reading last night. Readings are fun, especially group readings. I hate being the only body on the podium as it were. But, with three people, you prop each other up and enjoy things more. For you all, I thought I'd throw a link out there. I met this gentleman at my reading last fact he won a free copy of the print version of Personal Demons for being brave enough to stand up and read a bit of random erotica "cold." I like his art a great deal.

Bradley C. Rader

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

And Now a Word from....

No matter what my characters might tell you, I've been working on a book that features Dr. Jae Sun Kim from Collision Course. He's a little a lot cranky, so I just thought I'd show you what I'm up against. I had to drag him here by the gelled tips of his hair.

Kim: First, you need to understand that it is only under duress that I am here at all. I was perfectly content with my existence as a walk-on character, enjoying the freedom to be as misanthropic as I chose. But some of you started filling Mitchell’s head with the utterly inappropriate idea that I would be an excellent hero for her next book. Listen, I need a relationship slightly less than I need another seventy-hour shift at the hospital. What would be an excellent idea would be for me to get that fellowship in San Diego and move a continent away from my parents who want to know when I’m getting married. But that’s not going to happen is it?

K.A. shrugs.

Kim: (folding his arms) I see. All right. The sex is good. But I’ve learned from watching Chase’s mistakes with his little dick magnet and don’t for a minute think I’m going to be that easy. Shane is way too big and dorky to work cute, sweet, and helpless. He may be a lot smarter than he acts, but I’m smarter, and I’m telling you this does not work.

The complete impracticality of such a relationship aside, it’s disconcerting to have my internal cognition subject to her--and your--scrutiny. But the most unforgivable aspect of all is that Mitchell left us in severe physical jeopardy at the end of chapter seven for months while she entertained herself with other characters. Characters from 1814, exactly how imperative could telling their story be? They’ve been dead for more than a century.

K.A.: I had a deadline.

Kim: Nice excuse. You know what I say about excuses.

K.A.: Like I wouldn’t? And you say it about rationalizations, asshole.

Kim: You do realize this whole conversation with the product of your own imagination qualifies you for some aggressive chemical intervention, right?

K.A.: Shut up or I’ll make you cry.

Kim: Over Scuba Cowboy? (scoffs and affects a drawl) Best think again there, ma’am.

K.A. Ma’am? Harsh.

Kim: Deserved. I’m telling you, my life was fine before I met him--or you--and it’ll be fine after you send me the fuck to San Diego, got it? And no more of this limbo shit. If you’re going to fuck with my life do it and get it over with. I have the rest of my misanthropic existence to get back to.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another Opening, Another Show!

Which has nothing to do with my post but everything to do with RL. The show I'm working on opens on Friday night and damn but I'll be glad to get this one up and running! It's a ghost play--just the thing for Halloween! It's seriously tech-heavy, though so this week is already looooong. *yawn*

On the non-theatrical front, I signed another contract with Torquere today! Short story for a magic-themed anthology. It's m/m/f, rather than m/m, which was a fun change and challenge. I haven't a clue when it's coming out, and I don't actually have a title for the story yet (How lame is that?), but it's written and the contract is signed so we're well on our way.

The excerpt isn't officially edited yet, but we can all live with that for now, yes? Good! ;-)

Isaac and his husband Rhys are delighted when Noula Tuomi arrives in town. Noula and Isaac have been close friends and lovers for many years, and when Rhys became a part of Isaac's life, she embraced him and his relationship to her old friend without hesitation. Now, the three share company and comfort whenever she's in town. As with every visit, Isaac hopes that she'll decide stay. But Noula is a Wand'ring Minstrel. Some Minstrels do retire and some do settle down, but will Noula? And will it be this time? Each of the trio privately ponders this question, but even these heavy thoughts can't detract from their enjoyment of one another and the magic that Noula brings.

Putting such heavy thoughts aside, Rhys let himself relax into the music.

He didn't know the song she played, but it hardly mattered. Noula's music was...enchanting. The notes intertwined like a tapestry growing on the loom of a master weaver. Complex, subtle, haunting. Beautiful. He'd listened closely to every Wand'ring Minstrel he had ever come across--here in Yanto, back in Western Zephren, and everywhere in between--and no one he had heard could do what Noula could do. And with such a deceptively simple instrument as a recorder.

Simple. There was nothing simple about what was happening. Colors and light that had nothing to do with the candle lanterns began to swirl slowly around the edges of his vision. Rhys sighed and leaned into his husband, resting his head on Isaac's strong shoulder. Isaac reached an arm around him, kissed him on the top of his head. For that suspended moment, everything was perfect in Rhys' world.

Subtly, the tone of the music changed. Where before it had buoyed him on pillows of flannel stuffed with the softest down, now it grew sleeker and less cozy, and yet no less welcoming. He floated on the melody, rich as silk, spicy as cinnamon, and exotic as the island paradise Noula had spoken of earlier. The music flowed over his skin and into his blood, warming it from within. The heat grew and centered itself quite deliciously in his groin, and he grew hard.

Isaac's arm around him squeezed a little tighter, and Rhys opened eyes he hadn't realized had fallen shut. The colors he had seen in the room had continued behind his eyelids, and now, as he opened them, those swirls and eddies of rainbow light were there with him in the room again, too. He turned his head and looked deep into his husband's jet black eyes, sparkling like obsidian with every flicker of light. He didn't have to look down, or reach out a hand to know that Isaac felt what he felt. Craved what he craved.

Together, they turned and looked at Noula. She played on, but a knowing and eager twinkle was in her eyes.

Wordless and as one, the three of them rose from the table and headed for the ladder to the sleeping loft. Noula played the men up, bringing the tune to a suspended end as they reached the top. Pocketing her recorder, she climbed up after them, humming as she came.


And on yet another topic (because I can't seem to stay on task this morning), who's doing NaNoWriMo this year? I am once again signed up for the annual November novelling madness. This'll be my fourth year and if I win again I will frankly be astounded. We'll see. I'm just competitive enough that it could happen. I just have to decide: write the origin of Isaac and Rhys (which has been bouncing around in my head for at least a year now); or work on the second contemporary paranormal that I am so hideously stalled out on. Only time will tell.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


It's Halloween!

Well, not yet. But Halloween is approaching! My favorite time of the year is actually summer, but I do like the month of October because of.... okay, the candy. The rows and rows of candy at the store make me happy. I've learned not to buy my trick or treat candy too early, however, because then of course I rip into it well before Halloween is even on the horizon. So I'm making myself wait until about ten days before.

One of the things I love about Halloween is how the theme parks in my area get involved. Knott's Berry Farm does their Halloween Haunt, which I managed to avoid for many years, but this year I've somehow been coerced into attending. Disneyland dresses the park up for Halloween Time. It's actually pretty cute, what with all the little pumpkins and characters in costume.

The other thing I love about Halloween is the costumes. People do get creative, don't they? There's something mysterious and sexy about dressing up as someone or something else for a night. Thought I'd give you all a glimpse of some of the more popular men's costumes this year. Happy haunting, everyone!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


No. I'm not talking about sports. Anyone who knows me knows I'm not much for sports (unless it's the Iron Bowl--big thing here in the South--college football).

No, no. I'm talking about those evil curveballs that characters throw at you when you aren't looking. The ones that hit so hard, you're left dazed and utterly confused. And ready to kill them.

So, here I was today, thinking about Bad Blood (Blood & Fire 3) and Gabriel Walsh, Julian's vampire friend who makes his debut in Blood Curse in a couple weeks, decided to rewrite things a bit. His past, to be specific. And when I say rewrite... I mean REWRITE!!!

To the point where I had to email my editor and ask "since you've read the first two books... do you think this is even feasible???"

Normally, I'd threaten to kill a character who did this. But it's kinda hard to kill a guy who, for all intents and purposes, was NEVER human to begin with... so he tells me NOW.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Trend Killer

This is Zoe showing her extreme distaste for one of the newest obsessions of Publishing Land. Can you guess? Can you?

I'll give you a hint.

A curved clawtip taps the stretched skin of his belly. Around him, trees rustle with wind and wildlife. The moon catches on a nearby puddle that is too dark to be part of the forest; too dark to be anything good. In the middle of it, something floats.

He eyes it, crawling over curiously. Two clawtips fish out the material and his laugh explodes with the edge of a howl.

He taps his belly again, over the hefty swell that is smoothing away as digestion works its magic. "Forgot this," he whispers and sucks down the bloodied piece of hood.

Can we move on to the next Big Thing (tm) now?

ETA: Apparently for the first time in my life, I was too subtle. Or random. Anyway, had a few people ask so I'll just share: I'm poking fun at the Fairy Tale lust everyone seems to have lately.

This is the Big Bad Wolf eating Little Red Riding Hood.

I may have been slightly gory. Slightly. *dimples*

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New York, New York

I'm off to the Great White Way tomorrow for four days and four (possibly five) Broadway shows: Hair, Bye Bye Birdie, Next to Normal and A Steady Rain. (Also hoping to win the Wicked lottery, but we'll see.) I'm very much looking forward to seeing Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman from the front row for A Steady Rain. I'm also hoping the play will call for them to make out at some point. Shirtless.

Hey, a girl can dream, right?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Pyromancer is available in print!


One desperate night, a rent boy hot enough to scorch the motel sheets, and Christian is doomed to burn for love.

Christian Ryder is rich and lonely. When the people around him keep dying, Christian forgoes personal attachments. The thought of his Pyromancy hurting anyone else, isn’t something he’s willing to risk.

Tanner O’Bannon is broke and desperate. The recent loss of his father has thrown Tanner into a tailspin of debt he can’t afford to pay. Working as a rent boy allows him to pay the mortgage and his college tuition, but it’s eroding his soul in the process.

Through the machinations of Male Companions — the escort agency for which Tanner works — the men are thrown together. Through a series of startling revelations and danger, Tanner and Christian both face changes. Smoldering embers of desire fan the flames of love, but will it be enough to make Christian overcome his fear of love, or to save Tanner from the fire? Only one thing is certain; both men will burn.

Buy your copy at Amazon now!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Where The Heart Is, now in PRINT!

Where The Heart Is is now available in lovely, molestable print! Yay! In honor of that, here's an extra-hot excerpt for y'all. Enjoy :D

© Copyright 2009 Ally Blue

Falling in love is easy. Holding on to it can tear your life apart.

(A Bay City Paranormal Investigations story)

When Dean Delapore takes a break from Bay City Paranormal Investigations, he doesn’t expect his work to follow him to the eclectic town of Carrboro, North Carolina. The chance to investigate a haunting at the Blue Skye Inn and Winery is more than he can resist, mainly because of the inn’s owner. Deceptively shy and gorgeous, Sommer Skye is not only fantastic company, he’s the best lay Dean’s had in ages.

As Dean probes the misty secrets of the haunted inn, he unexpectedly peels away the layers hiding Sommer’s private pain. Pain Sommer’s not sure he can withstand. By the time Dean realizes just how deep his feelings for the innkeeper run, it’s far too late to turn back.

Now if only he can convince Sommer that falling in love changes everything, maybe for the better. If the bones of the past can be laid to rest…

(Warning: This book contains a melancholy ghost, unusual jewelry, misuse of vegetable shortening and lots of hot, sweet manlove)


Heart pounding with anticipation, Dean watched Sommer watching him. Moonlight poured through the thin crimson sheers half-drawn across the big bay window, bathing the room in shimmering red-tinged light and throwing soft shadows across Sommer’s face. Furniture loomed in the periphery of Dean’s vision, and from the corner of his eye he saw a closed door on the other side of the room, but he couldn’t be bothered to look away from Sommer long enough to notice much else. Except the bed, of course. A four-poster, he noted with delight. He wondered if Sommer had any restraints.

Sommer moved closer, dark eyes boring into Dean’s. “Please tell me you’re a bottom.”

A shudder ran through Dean’s body. “Oh yeah,” he answered, his voice sounding weak and shaky in his own ears. “I’ll top if I have to, but I’d rather get fucked than do the fucking.”

“Good. Because I don’t bottom.” Sommer’s mouth quirked into a wry half-smile. “Can’t relax enough for it not to hurt.”

Dean wasn’t sure what he was supposed to say to that, so he said nothing. Instead, he undid the buttons of Sommer’s shirt. He spread the fabric so he could caress the bared skin. Coarse, dark hairs rasped against his palms and the pads of his fingers, drawing a soft moan from him. Finding one hard little nipple, Dean gave it a gentle pinch.

“Oh fuck,” Sommer gasped, his back arching. One hand clamped onto Dean’s shoulder, the other grasping him by the hair. “Bite it.”

Heat shot through Dean’s groin. He yanked the shirt down, forcing Sommer to let go of him long enough for the garment to slide down his arms to the floor. Letting Sommer push his head downward, he dug his teeth into the nipple he’d just pinched and gave it a tug. Sommer groaned, his fist tightening in Dean’s hair. Picking up Sommer’s cues, Dean bit harder, sucking and pulling. Sommer cursed and trembled and clutched at Dean’s hair hard enough to hurt. Humming his approval, Dean drew back to lick the bit of abused skin before switching his mouth to the other nipple. Sommer tasted clean and faintly salty with the sweat of desire, and Dean wanted to lap it all up.

He was so caught up in the feel of flesh bruising between his teeth, Sommer had to literally push him away. Sommer’s nipple came out of Dean’s mouth with an audible pop, and Sommer hissed. Dean straightened up, his gaze meeting Sommer’s. The intense desire there made him quiver inside.

“Take off the rest of your clothes,” Sommer ordered in a voice husky with lust. “Then lie down on the bed, on your back.”

Dean hurried to obey. He toed off his sneakers, undid his jeans and wriggled them down to his knees. Plopping onto the edge of the bed, he pulled his pants and socks off in a tangle of fabric. He hadn’t worn underwear, as he’d hoped for an encounter of the hot sex kind with Sommer. Judging by the look in Sommer’s eyes, it had been a good move.

Naked, Dean slid to the middle of the king-sized mattress and lay back, arms stretched languidly above his head, and gave Sommer a sultry smile. “What do you want, Sommer?”

Sommer licked his lips. “Spread your legs.”

Dean did as he was told, opening his thighs wide. He loved the way Sommer stared at him, like his body was a ripe, juicy fruit unexpectedly appearing before a man starving in a desert. His pulse raced, and he could smell the musk of his own lust. The part of his brain still functioning wished Sommer would stop devouring him with his eyes and start using that gorgeous mouth instead.

Holding Sommer’s gaze, Dean cupped his balls in one hand and grasped his stiff shaft with the other. “You want to watch me jerk off?”

Sommer blinked and started, as if coming out of a trance. “No. I just wanted to look at you for a minute.”

“Well, the way you’re looking at me is about to make me come.” Wetting the pad of one thumb in his mouth, Dean pressed it to the tip of his cock. He rubbed slow, tight circles against the tiny opening, sending electric shocks through his body. A rough moan tore from his throat. “C’mon, get over here.”

Dean hadn’t finished speaking before Sommer was suddenly there, batting his hands away and nuzzling between his legs. The speed with which the man moved was shocking. Soft lips closed over the head of Dean’s prick, slick tongue penetrating the slit, and he let out a sharp cry. His hands dug into Sommer’s hair. The strands felt cool and silky between his fingers. Sommer hummed and sucked Dean’s cock deep into his throat.

The squeal that emerged from Dean was far from dignified, but he didn’t care. Right then, nothing existed apart from Sommer’s warm, wet mouth on his cock, Sommer’s elegant hands kneading the insides of his thighs. Moaning, Dean hooked both hands behind his knees and pulled his legs up and apart, giving Sommer more room to play.

Sommer allowed Dean’s prick to slide out of his mouth, moved up and planted a moist kiss on Dean’s belly. Before Dean could summon the presence of mind to protest, Sommer reached up and traced his lips with his fingertips.

“Suck my fingers,” Sommer commanded, the right corner of his mouth lifting in a smile which managed to be sexy and innocent at the same time. “Get them good and wet, so I can get you ready to fuck.”

As often as he bottomed, Dean no longer needed much preparation. But if Sommer wanted to finger his ass, who was he to argue? Holding Sommer’s gaze, he parted his lips and let Sommer slide two fingers inside. The long, fine-boned digits tasted of something faintly spicy. Dean’s questing tongue found a callous on the first knuckle of Sommer’s index finger. He gave it a slow lick, enjoying the roughness against his tongue.

Once Dean had coated Sommer’s fingers with saliva, Sommer pulled them out of Dean’s mouth and slid them between his buttocks. “Keep yourself spread open for me,” Sommer whispered, rubbing one dripping fingertip against Dean’s hole. “You’re beautiful like this.”

It wasn’t the first time Dean had heard those words, or similar ones. He was a very attractive man, and he knew it. Lots of men and women had told him so. It was nice to hear, of course, but nothing new for him. Yet for reasons he couldn’t pinpoint, hearing Sommer call him beautiful sent his spirit soaring. Maybe because for the first time, the compliment seemed not only sincere, but without expectation. Something told him Sommer wouldn’t expect anything more from him than he was willing to give, unlike many lovers Dean had been with over the years.

Not that he could currently think of anything he didn’t want to give Sommer.

The feel of a finger pressing inside him shattered Dean’s half-formed musings. “Oooooh, oh God,” he groaned, hips canting upward. “More.”

Sommer obliged by pushing another finger into Dean’s ass. He leaned down and bit the place where the tendon on the inside of Dean’s thigh strained tight. Dean yelped. He twisted his head enough to see Sommer’s face. Sommer gave him a sinful smile, and licked the spot he’d just bitten. The bright moonlight revealed two dark semicircles glistening with saliva on Dean’s skin. That’s gonna bruise. He grinned, already picturing the purple marks he’d have the next day.

Inside him, Sommer’s fingers crooked to brush the sweet spot. Dean let out a wail. “God, fuck me!”

Sommer rubbed his cheek against Dean’s calf and twisted his fingers in Dean’s hole, drawing another sharp cry from him. “You’re awfully impatient,” Sommer observed. He wrapped his free hand around Dean’s cock and squeezed. “I’d rather not rush, if that’s okay with you.”

With a mighty effort, Dean managed to get out several nearly coherent sentences. “I can get it up again, just… Come, gotta… Too hot, you’re… What you’re doing… I, I can’t, I need… Fuck, just fucking get me off!”

To Dean’s supreme annoyance, Sommer laughed. Not fair! Dean’s pride screamed. He shouldn’t get to be all sweet and nice and last longer than me. Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

“Put your hands above your head,” Sommer ordered, that ridiculously sweet smile lighting his face and forming a stark contrast to what he was saying. “Keep your legs spread.”

In an instant, lust and need blew annoyance out of the water. Dean did as he was told.

Sommer’s gaze skimmed Dean’s body, the motion slow and deliberate. Dean could practically feel the heat in Sommer’s eyes, like a flame licking his skin. When Sommer’s gaze met his, Dean felt truly naked for the first time in longer than he could remember. Naked and vulnerable. Spread like a feast, or a sacrifice. Lying there with legs splayed obscenely wide, cock hard and leaking, his soon-to-be lover kneeling mostly clothed between his legs with two fingers in his ass and a hand stroking his prick, Dean felt like Sommer’s sex toy. A plaything, something to be used as needed and ignored the rest of the time.

The kinkier parts of him loved that feeling. But the look in Sommer’s eyes said that to him, at least, Dean was no toy. Even if this ended up being just another one-night stand, Sommer clearly saw him as something more than a willing hole.
That scared him. Not least because it drew out the tiny spark of hope that this time it could be something more than a meaningless fuck. That hope lingered beneath the surface of every anonymous sexual encounter in every motel or apartment or club back room, just waiting for the right person to make it flare to life.

Dean didn’t want to think about that. Not now, with Sommer’s probing fingers and tugging hand bringing him closer and closer to the brink.

Friday, October 2, 2009

News on a Print Release

Got a nifty email this a.m. Anne and I will have our novella I Do coming out in print as part of a collection called Naughtiest Nuptials (isbn: 9781419959523) Shayla Kerstan and Carol Lynne also have stories in this collection. It should be coming out very soon on the Ellora's Cave site though we aren't up there yet.

It'll be lovely to have Randy and Jason in print. I love those guys and really need to get back on track with their follow-up. So many WIPs, so many scattered brain cells I can't focus. *pulls hair*

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Trying to get rid of the trucker butt

And not that I'm like, huge or anything, but it's either drop some pounds or go another waist size up in my jeans. So, it's diet time. BELCH.

For me that means that my coffee flavoring these days is not the wonderful French Vanilla or Dulce de Leche, but rather the Ralph's brand of diet shake mix. Very interesting flavor btw. Sort of bitter mocha. And yeah, the creamers don't have all that many calories...if you stick to their little measurement guide. I, however, tend to have a little coffee with my creamer. Or as the Gunny Sarge F-buddy I used to have would say as he shoved me out of bed with his size 11 boot in my ass, "Your coffee-pudding is ready."

Now to go dig out whatever less than 200calorie delight Stofers has cooked up to take with me to the office.
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