Thursday, April 29, 2010

As much as I like seeing guys stick things in thier mouths...

somethings really just shouldn't be invented...

Caffeinated Maple Bacon Lollipops

From the Think Geek Product Page:
It seems a rule of nature that tasty things get placed in one's mouth. And nothing is tastier than a good slice of bacon. So, needless to say, we love sticking bacon in our mouths. But sometimes it's just too inconvenient to have bacon at hand. What's a geek to do? Find a source to get Caffeinated Maple-Bacon Lollipops - that's what! So we did. Behold Caffeinated Maple-Bacon Lollipops; look at them and cheer. For not only are they each a time-tested wonder of organic, sustainably farmed bacon mixed with a deluge of delicious Vermont maple syrup, but they are loaded with the same amount of caffeine as an energy drink! Seriously, Caffeinated Maple-Bacon Lollipops are the two best things about breakfast (bacon and the caffeine from coffee) all mixed together into one delicious confection. Yummy in our tummies.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hello, Have You Seen My Comfort Zone?

Hello, have you seen my comfort zone?

It's got to be around here somewhere. I only meant to leave it a little bit. But a thing happened. I wrote a sort of paranormal (no fur or fangs) and while I do enjoy the genre, I never thought I'd be writing in it. It wasn't supposed to happen like this, but the story just wouldn't leave me alone.

I didn't write in a different genre to stretch or push myself as a writer; I'm way too lazy for that. I didn't even do it with a mercenary eye on the ever-growing popularity of paranormal romances. I did it because it was the best story I could tell at this particular moment. I fall back on my favorite defense: the characters made me do it.

Now I didn't go off the deep end and write m/f or menage or even something (gasp) non-erotic. At the core, it's still a story about two guys figuring out if they can make something work between them. Something besides the steamy sex, of course. But it's definitely different. Maybe that's why it wasn't until I was typing the last few pages that I found a title I really liked. (And I have to add that I have the most awesome editor in the world to put up with my dithering over titles.) Life, Over Easy will be out on August 3 from Samhain. It's the story with John and Mason, for those of you who saw my excerpt—oh, okay—smutty tease over at my live journal. Although things get wrapped up for them, there's more going on there than fit in one book, and I hope people like them enough for a sequel or two.

So if anyone around here has seen my comfort zone, I'd really like it back. I'm feeling kind of like Linus without his blanket, because the next story yammering for attention is dragging me to a time period I've done no research on and have very little experience with. Not only that, but I can't even explain the plot to myself in a way that makes sense. I have the feeling that as soon I let these characters get started, I'm going to really wish I had my blanket back.

Hey guys, I know you're eager, but could you wait for me? I'm doing this without a net, you know.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Patience - I don't haz it

I see I'm not the only one with waiting on the brain. ::waves at Marty and yesterday's post::

Right now, though, I'm waiting on fewer people and fewer projects than I was a bare fortnight ago when last we met. I'm waiting on edits of my m/m space opera novella. (At least I know when to expect them.) And I'm waiting on my critique partner's beta of two of my manuscripts. (She promised the first of them when she gets back from the big RT Convention - yay for long fights and laptop batteries!) So, what am I doing while I'm waiting? Well, I've been waiting for so many things for so long that I wrote a sequel to my GLBT paranormal novel, recently revisited an unfinished f/f manuscript--for which I think I might have figured out how to solve The Big Conflict, so yay that--and have been beta-reading an enormous ms for a friend. Oh! And I've begun putting together notes for a third GLBT paranormal. (Gee, d'you think maybe I should submit the first one somewhere before I start the third? ::rolls eyes:: Yes, well, that falls under the waiting category again and I don't want to wait.) I think this goes beyond multi-tasking into the realms of brain-fry, and yet... I'm really excited to add more! I can't wait to dive into the m/m/f novel that my CP is beta-reading so that I can polish it for submission! Of course this means writing a synopsis, which (again, it seems, like Marty) I DO NOT ENJOY. I always sucked at book reports, and this is nothing but a grown-up book report. And then there will be the whole waiting-to-hear-from-the-publisher thing again. But even that cannot but momentarily dampen my enthusiasm. What does all this waiting teach me? It teaches me that I am not a patient person. I'm not. I'm really not. I'm totally hooked on instant gratification. And yet... Every job has its good and bad aspects, right? Even the jobs we love to do. And this is no different--except that, if I want to, I can do that job in my pajamas. ;) And so I pretend I am patient, and I wait, and I write more things while I'm waiting that I will just have to wait on again when they're written. It's a vicious cycle, but it's worth it.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Don't you hate the wait after sending in a manuscript to your editor? I have a huge weakness when it comes to writing a synopsis (no matter how many classes I take *sigh*), so I've found it much easier to complete the story before sending it off. I've only accepted a contract before the story was completed once, and well...the stress was way too much for me. Especially when the story, mostly the end, completely changed from the synopsis I sent. After some compromise between myself and my editor we ended up with a good story. And I swore never to do it again.

Anyway, I get off topic. (like the below picture ;) )

So what else does a writer do once the recent story is out of her hands? Start a new project, right? But how do you choose which plot bunny to work on. Usually I have two or three screaming at me at any given moment. Choices, choices. I try to go with the one that is yelling the loudest or the most clear in my mind. Sometimes it works, then again, sometimes another one pops up and decides to take the lead. It's a wonder I get anything done. lol
I'm happy to say that the two projects I'm working on are both m/m stories. :) I hope to get them completed soon...if my real life will calm down enough. But then, my kids are going on a school field trip to DC this week, so I'm hoping to have at least two days to really get a lot of work done. *crossing fingers*
So, if you are an author, how do you choose your next project? Any certain ritual?

Have a great week!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I just came back from an early run, and while I run, I plot. What unspeakably evil things can I do to my characters? Who's going to get sick? Who might lose a beloved family member? Who's going to have a sudden but debilitating injury?

There is rebellion in my head, of course. I'm not ashamed to admit I carry on conversations with my characters all the time. Whenever I contemplate hurting someone or breaking a couple up, they become quite vocal. Even though I do my best to explain that it makes for a good story, they still seem to disagree. Fortunately, my head is not a democracy and I have the benevolent rule. (Most of the time.)

So, running is where and when I plot. I've also been known to plot in the shower, in the middle of the night when I can't sleep, and on long car rides.

Where do YOU plot?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rainbows in Riverdale

I admit it, I bought the damn Archie comics series where Archie marries Veronica, then Betty, then nobody. I won't spoil the six-comic set for you, but basically it turned out to be a number of "what if" scenarios for our favorite red-haired teen. What can I say? I'm a sucker for romance, and growing up I loved the Archie comics. I bought these six mainly as keepsakes and curiosity. When I first read the news of Archie's nuptials, my first thought was, "Well, I guess that three-way isn't happening." So you can see how I've matured since my childhood.

Archie comics, on the other hand, have greatly matured and gotten with the time. My friend, I/R writer Nona Wesley, pointed out to me not long ago that one issue featured Archie in an interracial romance with Valerie from the Pussycats - she was over the moon to see it. A big leap indeed, but I think none is greater than the one they're about to take.

Riverdale is getting a gay character. Yep. I just read on BeliefNet that a future ish of Veronica will introduce Kevin, the first "out" gay teen to join the Archie gang (notice I say "out," because I'm still on the fence about Reggie). According to the article, the plot seems fairly cut and dry. Kevin, by all appearances, is the perfect guy, so naturally Veronica wants to sink her claws into him. Yet, he's not interested...hmmm.

I, for one, cheer Archie Comics for taking this bold step into new territory. I don't know what the future holds for Kevin, if this is a one-off appearance or if he'll figure into future story lines. Will his sexuality be a bone of contention, or will it never be mentioned again? Will he get a boyfriend, too - of course, that would mean introducing another gay character into the mix, or else having Jughead straddle the fence. Hey, think about it. Jughead never liked the girls much anyway - maybe the Archie folks had a plan for him all along.

I am curious, however, to see how the general reaction to this plays out. In addition to the multitude of imprints Archie Comics puts out, a long time ago they used to publish Christian comic books through Spire. What I remember about that series was basically everybody in the Archie gang was "saved" and every week some strange kid would come school and sin. I don't even know if you can find those comics anymore, but I'll be curious to see if Pat Robertson starts bitching about this.

We will see, I suppose. Say, Kevin and Moose might make a cute couple, you think?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Spy Guys &Young Fangirl Sighs

Okay I admit it, I’m almost older than dirt. I grew up during the height of the Cold War and remember having those in school air raid drills in case the Evil Awful Russians came to get us!!!1!

And of course me being the twisted thing I’ve always been, I wanted them to come get me. Why wouldn’t I? I may have been a kid but I knew a hot guy when I saw one and man, that Illya Kuryakin, the smug Russian spy from TV made my little fangirly heart go pitter pat.

I thoroughly blame my Internet bud Aleksandr Voinov for reawakening my love of Russian bad boys and inviting me along on the wild ride that’s been creating our own U.N.C.L.E.-ish world with a heavy slash spin. First up is our Clean Slate out now from Dreamspinner Press and we’re nearing the 60,000 word mark on a follow up pitting a suave and snarky American spy against a Russian adversary with a nifty knife kink that would certainly make old Illya and Napoleon blush.

Here’s a taste of the assassination, amnesia and elaborate charade, we call Clean Slate:

They moved forward. Still two shooters unaccounted for, plus their mark. Stairs suspended in the middle of the house led to a second level. Another corpse on the way up: attacker number three. Further up, a bedroom with a large bathroom. In the bath, spread out over the tiles, the body of a young dark-haired woman, naked and very beautiful, limbs angled uncomfortably. Chris paused for a moment, noticing faint surgery scars under her too perfect, large breasts before he turned around.
A final gunman lay sprawled near the bed, shot twice, in throat and chest, at short range. Crumpled behind the bed, their mark, Andrei Voronin, naked and covered in blood. His left wrist was broken, a shard of bone poking angrily through the skin.

John moved to crouch near the body.

“He’s bought it,” Chris told him. “And the hooker too.” Chris patted his teammate on the shoulder. “Looks like our work here is done.” He’d already stepped away when John’s voice made him stop.

“He’s alive.”

“Not for long. He took it in the head.” Chris turned and lined up the shot. Chest, throat, face should do it. No need to make the man suffer. “I’ll just finish him.”

John stepped into his way. “He’s alive. We need to get him out of here. Stat.”

“We’re here to kill him, John. What the fuck are you thinking?”

“They said neutralize,” John reminded him in that prissy don’t even think of fucking with me tone. “But if you feel better about it, I’ll call in.”
“A couple bullets is a good way to accomplish that,” Chris groused while John pulled out the phone and pressed fast dial. A warning glance told him not to shoot the mark before John stepped to the side. It did give Chris a few moments to study the mark’s body, all toned like that of a habitual runner, his light eyes staring into nothing while the brain connected to those eyes was likely dribbling out of the temple wound. Three-day stubble, blond hair wet and shoulder-length. Nice-sized cock. If the man was a grower, that hooker had at least gone out with a smile.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Odd Inspiration...

So there I sat today, watching zombie movies and gory, backwoods-family slasher movies on Netflix, and I get a plot bunny.

Now, it's not unusual for me to get a bunny from a movie, but a horror movie/bunny? *shakes head*

I have no concrete clue on a plot beyond zombies, death, and probably a post-apoc world. Oh, and some cute guy named Piper. O.o

Monday, April 19, 2010

Two new releases - Pool Boy Seduction & After Sunset


A Naughty Nibbles Story…

All work and no play makes Martin a dull boy indeed. Long hours at the office and a recent split with his ex have more than taken their toll on his love life. Perving on the pool boy seems like a relatively safe way to let off some steam until the barely legal lad makes a move of his own. Surprised at the young man's advances, Martin does what any hot-blooded man would. He offers his body up to the pool boy's seduction.

Buy Pool Boy Seduction now at 1Romance Ebooks for $0.99!


A Naughty Nibbles Story…

When Toby’s plan to satisfy his exhibitionist streak goes awry, he isn’t sure whether to roll with the flow or run away. However, staying and becoming the focal point of not one, but two men's desire certainly has its rewards.

Buy After Sunset now at 1Romance Ebooks for $0.99!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tech-Junkie Nation & The Bunny

For the last three days, we didn't have any internet service in my area. We just got it back late this afternoon.
That was a long, long time, people. I seriously felt like a junkie kicking a habit. No Twitter, no Facebook, not even any email. It was horrible.

It made me think about how dependent we as a nation in America -- hell, we as a world -- have become on our technology, our socially interactive technology in particular. Naturally, that led to thoughts of "how can I turn this into a book?" The biggest question, of course, being "how can I turn this into a book that hasn't already been written five million times?" Heh. Maybe it can be part of the Mother Earth series. A prequel to Dragon's Kiss, taking place some 250-300 years before that book. Maybe I can set it at the time when civilization is just starting to fall apart with the onset of some of the more serious results of the climate change. I guess that's when we'd lose internet, TV, phone, all that stuff. Of course that still doesn't solve the problem of how to make it original and not just another "oh noes, the world is ending!" adventure tale. Well, obviously if I'm writing it there would be manlove, but still. I don't think that's enough to save it from "been done before" syndrome.

So what do y'all think? Should I add this one to the bunny pile for later, or scrap it as hopelessly trite? Either way, I'm just tickled that I can now ask and learn your answers because MY DAMN INTERNET IS FINALLY BACK! Never leave me again, internet.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sniper Fixation

I've been writing again (yay) and one of the stories really speaking to me is called Hidden Depths: Secret Graves. It features a sniper and a forensic geologist as two of the main characters and I've been reading a LOT about snipers and guerrilla warfare lately. I think my Evil Day Job co-workers are a bit concerned by this. I already have a bit of a reputation for being...forceful. But at work I limit myself to a cricket bat - really.

Have you ever really looked at an author's reference bookshelves? Seriously...mine look like my house is occupied by someone who flits between romance, history, forensics, terrorism and knitting. It almost scares me. Where else will you find a book on heirloom lace knitting right next to the Sniper Field Manual which is also next to a book on the Difference Engine?

Thankfully it doesn't phase Mr. Maura too much. He does like to borrow my books but I think he's now somewhat immune to amazement at the books arriving on our doorstep and the muttering under my breath I do as I read them and take notes.

"I'm an author." At least it covers a lot of ground.

So here's a bit of the start of Hidden Depths: Secret Graves to enjoy. I've got about 3 chapters but I'm layering and polishing them before I dare show them to my publisher. This story is her fault, anyway.

(c) 2010 Maura Anderson

Damn, he was too keyed up to sleep. Again.

Simon stretched, his back protesting the movement. The kinks from the last three-hour shift in the hide on the hard rooftop of the commercial building made him feel every day of his thirty-four years now that he didn’t have his mission to focus on. It was a good day, though—the hostages were safe. Mission accomplished.

Too bad the suspect offed himself instead of facing the music. That cowardly final act cheated his victims out any kind of closure, but it also meant Simon been unable to take the shot he’d been set up for most of the day. Hours spent watching the building’s entry through the scope and waiting for the suspect to show himself were for nothing. The craven bastard had shot himself inside the store instead and couldn’t even do that right—he was still technically alive when the hostages managed to open the door, though not for long.

Running his hands through his short-cropped hair, Simon rubbed his fingertips against his scalp. Even his skin felt way too tight. The war of control between adrenaline and the need for stillness always made him jumpy after a mission. Exhausted or not, he was wide awake.

Ah, hell, maybe he could tire himself out enough that he’d relax and be able to sleep. Marius already told him that he was going to be off rotation for a bit and stuck doing some babysitting for some scientist Marcus was trying to recruit. Why Marius thought putting him together with some civilian was a good idea, he’d never know.

With the M24 safely stowed in his weapons locker, Simon stripped off his concrete grey BDUs and tossed on the running gear he kept in his locker. MP3 in hand, he headed toward BTI’s fully tricked-out gym.

It was late enough that the gym should be empty or nearly so. He didn’t want to talk to anyone, to dissect the mission or even to just make small talk. The muscles in his jaw jumped and he made a conscious effort to relax it.

He felt raw and vulnerable, like his nerve-endings were exposed. Damn, he hated that feeling, that weakness, and it only seemed to be getting worse lately. Instead he’d told Marius he was fine, just tired.

His boss hadn’t called him a liar. Quite.

Marius knew him far too well to be fooled that easily.

Pushing open the door of the gym, Simon saw there was only one other person there. Not someone he knew and the other man was doing bicep curls in the free weight area.

Simon got himself set on the treadmill and started running, MP3 player blaring the classic rock that helped him focus on his steps and breathing and to not think too much. But this time he found himself examining the other man’s reflection in the mirrored wall across from the treadmills.

The man was big, maybe six-five or six-six and really muscular. His features made Simon think of Hawaii or the Pacific Islands, with long black hair he’d pulled back in a ponytail at the nape of his neck and deep caramel colored skin.

Running at an easy pace, Simon watched the other man trade barbells and saw an intricate pattern of lines below the hem of his shorts, covering his thighs to his knees. Was it a tattoo? The man looked and moved like a pagan warrior.

But he’d never even shown he’d noticed Simon’s presence.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Day After Tax Day, I Love you!

I've been counting down the days until April 15 for months and months. Because I was expecting a big refund? Because I had to pay out the wazoo? None of the above actually.

I've been grand-babysitting while my kid #1 worked for a pro tax service. With travel time 1-1/2 to 2 hours each way her 8 hour days gave Good Deed Doing Mom (me) 12 hour days. So not fun when we had half the Himalayas worth of snow on the ground. *UGH* (Slash & Burn I'm sorry for forsaking you)

Anyhoo, I did manage some writing in the precious down time and if the Muses are willing *begs Them shamelessly* I'll get more in. I have a huge chunk of a time travel done featuring one of my all time fav secondary characters Jake Hillhouse. I got myself hung up on how to translate the historical inspiration into a faster moving, slightly less convoluted fictional events.

Also on the agenda is reworking the 15k I have so far for the final story set in the copsuckerverse. Inspector Miki's gorgeous son is finishing law school and having some sinfully delicious thoughts on his boss who happens to be his dad's oldest friend....

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sing Along

I know, you've seen that cover before, but I do have my reasons. Chasing Smoke is now available in print (even at my local Barnes and Noble—in the romance section, no less). And the cover is very pretty. worth a second look, thanks to the talented Anne Cain.

Chasing Smoke was one of those books I wrote to a playlist. The music really helped me access all that teenage misery Daniel held onto and Trey's wish that he had handled things better. One song in particular seemed to express the frustration of being gay in high school and dealing with a push-pull from a potential boyfriend (or girlfriend). Although the lyrics aren't that specific, "Shriner's Park" by Melissa Etheridge was in heavy rotation.

In kindergarten they taught me to share, so I'm offering—and I hope I can make it work—an iTunes download of four of the songs from my playlist to the first three commenters who tell me the name of the city and state where Daniel and Trey acted out their high school drama. (I'm pretty sure it's in the blurb.)

The playlist:
"Shriner's Park" Melissa Etheridge
"Chasing Cars" Snow Patrol
"Grand Theft Autumn/Where is Your Boy Tonight?" Fall Out Boy
"Tangled Up in You" Staind

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

You'll understand, I trust

Thing is, it's actually Monday night right now for me, being on the West Coast of N. America, although by blog time it's now Tuesday and therefore officially my blog day. Why does that matter, you ask? Well, because I've had just enough wine to make me ever so slightly daffy, and you should know that's because it's Monday night, not Tuesday morning. Okay? Yes, linear time is weird.

So, I had this fantastic dinner tonight with the hubs and my stage sistah, Ashley. (Seriously. She played my sister a year ago in "Proof".) No, wait! This is relevant to the blog theme, I swear! See, she's this amazing person who's so much fun and so fucking awesome and wonderful that I half-on-purpose/half-accidentally wrote her into my forthcoming novella with Torquere Press, False Dawn. (Fortunately, as she's an actor, I figure it's a role she'd have fun playing. ;) ) I mean, how can my hero, Police Detective Galen Traub on the generational starship Lazna Zora, not have a partner who says shit like "Fuck your face." and "Balls!"? He'd be lost without her as he searched for his missing hubby! She keeps him grounded, gives him the tough love, and is absolutely indispensible to his reality--just as her RL counterpart is indispensible to mine. So, a shout out to all the real people who inspire us as authors so much that we must immortalize them on the page. And especially to Ashley: LOVE YOUR FACE!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ponderings on a Sunday morn

I don't know when I became the type of person who got out of bed at 7 a.m. on a Sunday to exercise, but it probably has something to do with the fact that I signed myself and my significant other up for the Disneyland Half Marathon in September. I also managed to coerce other family members into doing it with me, although they seem significantly more enthusiastic than I am. In any case, I'm dressed in running clothes as we speak and I have my iPod at the ready.

It helps that my jogging path is populated with other people who have the same crazy ideas about running on Sunday morning. And by "other people", I mean male people. (Of course, the occasional woman jogs by, but they don't register as highly on my radar.) There is just something lovely about watching a man run. Everything is tight and toned and they have such a look of concentration on their face. I've maintained for a while now that watching a man work out is akin to watching him make love.

That's what gets me through my miles on Sunday morning, anyway.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mmm... eye candy at its finest.

So I have to write a novelette for Torquere's Spice It Up line, using Vervain as my herb/spice. Well, took me a bit, and I'm still brainstorming on plot details, but I do know this: it's gonna be urban fantasy/paranormal. And... it's full of brotherly love.

I've got my brothers already: Jonah and Riley Pierce. Who they are, I'm not sure yet. I just know Jonah is older by a couple years. Still not sure what Jonah looks like, but man, did I find Riley today!!!

Meet Riley Pierce (aka Jared Leto LOL)

EDIT!!! Here's Jonah (aka Tim Riggins)!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

From Amanda Young...With Love Contest

My April contest is in full swing. One lucky winner will win a With Love gift set. More details can be found at the link below:

An all new way to stay in touch with Amanda Young

I have good news for those of you who'd like to keep up with my new releases, but aren't interested in the chatter of a yahoo group. I've set up a low-mail newsletter. You can join by clicking on the link below.

*Join my mailing list*

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Yeah, I think y'all can figure out why I'm thinking of zombies today (shut up, it's technically still today!). I think the real question here is, why can't you get marshmallow zombies at Target? Kind of like Peeps, only cooler *g*

Sooo... In honor of the Day That Makes Many Of Us Think Of Zombies (some of us to such an extent that they created a whole event to celebrate), let's discuss zombies, shall we?

Favorite zombie movie:
Return of the Living Dead. Sure, Night of the Living Dead is an awesome movie. It still scares the everloving crap out of me, and I've seen it at least a dozen times. But Return of the Living Dead is that rare, perfect combination of terrifying, clever, and side-splittingly funny. It's full of tiny little visual gags you'd miss if you're not paying attention, particularly during the scenes in the medical supply warehouse. Best line? "Send more cops." Heh *G*
FWIW, Sean of the Dead was a very, very, VERY close second. That film was perfection on multiple levels. I'm afraid I just have a hopeless soft spot for Return of the Living Dead.

Favorite zombie book:
Is this a trick question? World War Z. Duh.
Well, I say that, but that could be because I haven't read another zombie book since this one. I am willing to have my mind changed by another great read.
And I'm NOT looking for an excuse to read zombie books.
Okay, yes I am.

Related to the above is this -- Favorite zombie short story:
"Lazarus," by Leonid N. Andreyev. I don't remember where or when I first read this. Re-reading it, I can't help but think it must have been in a literature class, because it kind of reads like something from a lit book, in that part of me was always left going "wha-huh...?". OTOH, I actually enjoyed it very much then AND now, so who knows. It kind of kicks my mind into high gear. I read it, and I feel like I'm on the verge of grasping something Very Important. Kind of like when I watch Donnie Darko. I think this won't qualify as a zombie story for everyone. It depends on your definition of what a "zombie" is; my definition does indeed include Lazarus, though, so I'm saying it counts.

Favorite zombie song:
I don't know any. Or maybe I'm just too whupped to remember (EDJ today; I'm wiped. Bleh). Do you know any? Because it would be amazing to have zombie songs on my iTunes :)
Just FYI, I am not counting "Zombie" by The Cranberries, because it's not really about actual zombies, is it?

Favorite zombie:
No, I'm not kidding. I am so zonked out, I totally resemble a zombie in all important ways right now. Tiiiiiired. OMG, tired. So, yeah, I'm dragging my zombie rear off to bed now. Sweet zombie dreams, y'all! And don't forget to come back and share your own zombie favorites!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

My fascination with music

I will be the first person to tell you that I have a sincere lack of musical talent. I can't sing on key and I am only a passable guitar player. I am a decent bohdran player, though, but I can't tell you why.

This lack of talent is hugely frustrating to me because I somehow think I should be decent or at least be able to quickly learn, anything I set my mind to. Yah - as you can tell, I have delusions of grandeur or something.

Mr. Maura, on the other hand, is an ex-choir singer with excellent pitch and a very good ethnic drummer. I fear I'm an endless source of disappointment to him. Over 15 years he has at least managed to disguise his winces when I just sing because I'm happy. Mostly he just leaves the room.

Despite this, I'm fascinated by people who are musical. I love to listen to music but I can't do it while I do something else because it steals my attention. I swear I'll start typing the lyrics I hear instead of what I intend to type. I can easily listen to television without it interfering but not music. So I don't write to music - if I put music on, I tend to pay attention to it though I can knit or make jewelry while I listen.

This fascination also encompasses those people who make music and write it. I'm engrossed with figuring out what their relationship to the music is. What do they play in response to their moods? What does music do to their mood? Do they feel a need to play and write or can they sorta take it or leave it?

I think the last few days have been filled with these ideas because my celtic rock band, Bran's Visions, and its members have been wanting me to write about them. NOW. I'm taking this as a good sign of my muse being alive and awake but it's played hell on my reading time because I keep searching out music and listening to it instead. Right now it's classical violin because one of my band members is a fiddler with classical training and he turns to the classics in response to his moods. Right now he's VERY sad and upset and so is the music he's playing only for himself - or so he thinks.
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