Thursday, August 30, 2007

What's coming up?

Let's see...

New Releases -
September 4th: Magic & the Pagan, a fantasy romance by Mychael Black & Shayne Carmichael
September 24th: The Duke's Husband, a contemporary paranormal romance by Mychael Black & Shayne Carmichael

Chats -

August 30, 2007: Mychael Black @ Fallen Angel Reviews Chatroom (9 pm Eastern)

August 31, 2007: Mychael Black @ Torquere Press Chatroom (8 - 10 pm Eastern)

September 4, 2007: Mychael Black @ TQ Social LJ (all day)

September 4, 2007: New Release Authors @ Samhain Publishing Blog (all day)

September 6, 2007: Mychael Black @ Fallen Angel Reviews Chatters (all day)

September 7, 2007: Mychael Black @ Coffee Time Romance Exotic (9am - 2pm Eastern)

September 11, 2007: Mychael Black @ TQ Social LJ (all day)

September 12, 2007: Mychael Black @ Samhain Publishing Blog (all day)

September 13, 2007: Mychael Black @ Slash & Burn (all day)

September 13, 2007: Samhain Authors @ Coffee Time Romance Chatroom (9 pm Eastern)


Where else can you find me?

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Thanks for hanging with me today, folks! :) See you back here in two weeks!


In the works...

Roberta asked what I'm working on now, so here's the scoop...

A lot. LOL I've got writer's ADD--can't stick to one story. Here are a few things I'm currently ensconced in, though:

body mod novella - as yet untitled novella for a Torquere Press antho on a body mod theme.

Steve/Bret - no title for their story yet, but this is a couple that sprang up out of nowhere. Steve's ex-Army and a Dom; Bret's his sub, oh and a daywalker (a vamp who can survive sunlight, in limited quantities).

Blessed Sacrament - sequel to Kay's The Legacy. This one's slow-going.

Numerous other things that have been pushed onto the backburner for a bit. LOL

As for edits, I'm smoothing out the sequel to The Prince's Angel so I can get it to our Torquere editor. Working through edits on Realms of Fantasy, our angel/demon antho for Samhain, and doing edits on Dominion, sequel to The Power of Two, from Phaze. (All of these are Myc/Shayne titles, by the way.)

I know I'm forgetting something... LOL

A little bit of Robbie & Seth...

Mychael Black's Robbie and Seth are back! The boys from Going Home are happy working on Robbie's uncle's ranch. Their relationship is going great and they're in love.

When Robbie's brother beats his pregnant girlfriend Kristy up badly enough that she ends up in hospital and then takes off, Robbie's mom, Seth and Robbie gather round, convincing her that they're her family now, and that they can help. Between that and Robbie's ex, who shows up to work at the ranch, the boys have a lot to deal with. Can they keep their home on solid ground?


An Excerpt:

“You realize a hay fort is the last thing on my mind now,” Robbie muttered under his breath. Looking up, he stared into too-green eyes.

“Gives ya somethin’ to look forward to come quittin’ time, baby.” Seth’s grin was wicked as he turned around, heading to the fort.

Robbie watched that sweet as fuck, denim-encased ass saunter away and he had to cross his legs to hide the terminal hard-on.

“Watch the Master,” Seth announced. Grunting, he lifted another bale and set it down on top of one of the others.

Fifteen minutes and countless bales later, a huge fort dominated the ground floor of the barn. In height, it was one bale taller than Seth -- well over six feet -- and it completely circled Ty and Jack, both of whom stood slack-jawed and staring. The walls were two bales wide and gave them both plenty of room to move around in.

“Well, I’ll be damn,” Ty said, scratching his head. “Guess he was right: tall, long, and thick.”

Jack smacked the back of Ty’s head. “Well, duh.”

“Hey!” Ty glared at Jack. “You wasn’t right either, asshole.”

“More right than you.”

“Oh, for fuck’s sake.” Seth rolled his eyes and stepped out of the barn to light up. The cigarette bobbed up and down, caught between those sinfully tempting lips as Seth talked. “You both were wrong.”

“Time to get back to work,” Robbie said as he stood.

“Yep.” Seth’s eyes never left his as Robbie met his cowboy halfway. “Got a new tractor Mack wants me to go look at. Wanna come?”

“Oh. Do I ever,” Robbie murmured. God, he wanted a kiss, but not in front of Jack and Ty. “Let’s go.”

“See ya boys later!” Seth waved, winking at Robbie when Jack and Ty both started yellin’ about a way out of the fort.

Robbie followed him over to the truck and climbed in, buckling as Seth slid in the driver’s side. “Will they ever stop arguing long enough to just take the damn thing apart?”

Seth held the cigarette in his lips as he started the truck. As he buckled, he just shook his head. He put the truck into gear, released the emergency brake, and started down the road leading to the highway. “Not a fucking chance,” he said finally, grinning around the cigarette.

“So what was that about ‘tall, long, and thick’?” Robbie asked, reaching over to slide one hand over Seth’s right thigh. He got a heated look from the corner of Seth’s eye.

“That an offer?” Seth didn’t wait for an answer, just reached down and popped the button on his jeans.

Oh, fuck yes.

Howdy, folks!

New member of the Slash & Burn family here. :)

Most folks here actually know me, but just in case... I write gay fiction as Mychael Black. My publishers include: Lady Aibell, Phaze, Torquere, Samhain, and Freya's Bower (as Kay Derwydd). A lot of my work is co-written with Shayne Carmichael.

Anyhoo, so I'm here today to chat, etc. Feel free to comment, ask me questions, whatever you want!

My latest release is from Torquere Press. It's the 1st story in a Chaser series. Hearth & Home: Well Laid Plans continues where my Single Shot, "Going Home," left off. It stars Robbie and Seth, my tattoo artist and his cowboy, and more familiar faces from "Going Home."

I'll post an excerpt later, but for now... Here's a little tidbit. Wanna see where the story takes place?

Athens, Alabama. A tiny town (though I'm sure it's growing at this point) in north Alabama. I lived here for several years. Here's the town's website.

So, got any questions for me today?


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Trip My Switch

Where did Trip My Switch came from? I have no clue. The story suddenly popped into my head, grabbed on and wouldn’t let go. All my other projects took a backseat. The words just flowed, and I went into that coveted writer space where you can’t get the words on to paper fast enough. It was really cool!

Trip My Switch is an edgy m/m/f BDSM ménage written in the first person perspective of the hero. More than pushing boundaries, it totally pushed me as an author, taking me to places I never even imagined existed inside me. There are a lot of insane toys I discovered and teased the characters with in this book. It’s not big on romance and is more of an erotica story.

I’ve submitted it to one of my publishers, and I’m waiting to hear if it will be contracted. Please, share your opinions! What do you think? Intrigued to read more? Like the concept? Hate it? I’m anxious to hear your thoughts since it’s such a departure from my norm.

This has not been edited so please excuse my typos!
*Note: This material is intended for those readers 18 years old or older.*

Blurby part:
My ex-lover introduced me to the seductive world of BDSM and unleashed a hunger which gnaws at my soul. He insisted I was submissive, but unable to master my raging desires, he left me hanging on the edge.
Submission, dominance—I love it all, but I'm not too sure where I fit in. And what on earth was I thinking when I applied for the position of sex slave for a night?
The sexual extremities got me searching my soul and yearning for extra time with my anonymous Doms. Too bad I signed a contract limiting the wild fun and games to one night. I crave so much more—restraints, blindfolds, inventive toys. Bring it on!

“We have a treat planned for you, Bas…”
What the hell. He kept cutting himself off in the middle of speaking. I didn’t get it, but was distracted by the sound of a heavy object being moved.
“Your Domme is bringing over a little invention which I lovingly handcrafted in my workshop. It’s quite the marvel of modern mechanics, if I do say so myself.”
“Mmm…I can attest to it being absolutely fabulous,” my Mistress purred. Whatever it was must not be harmful since she’d survived it. My curiosity peaked.
My Dom moved in close to my side and leaned forward. I detected a devilish glee in his next words.
“While my machine fucks your ass, you’ll be sucking my cock and our Domme will be playing however she wishes. You’re going to enjoy my machine reaming your tight hole hard and fast. It can go up to three hundred strokes per minute. I’ve fitted it with a thick, curved dildo with rotating beads in the head. Those beads are going to rub all over your sweet spot until you fly for me one more time.”
The scene he described made me hot, but three hundred strokes per minute? Fuck! A mixture of trepidation and eagerness sent shivers racing through my body. I got hard from simply listening to his description.
I was also depressed. This was it. One more scene with my dominant couple then it would be over. How the hell was I supposed to go back to the way things had been before when I no longer felt like the same person? I hated the thought of never playing with them again. Never seeing their faces as they climaxed or hearing their passionate moans.
Dammit! I didn’t want this night to ever end, but I could sense time slipping away with each revolution of the minute hand on an unseen clock.
They rolled the fuck machine into place behind me and the dildo slid into my stretched and lubed hole with ease. He set it to pumping at a slow rate as the sharp edge of my Mistress’s nails scraped along my flank. She moved away, and a moment later her nails abraded my swollen cock.
“You have fun with your machine, Sir. I’ve found a scrumptious toy of my own to play with.”
The sexy deepening of her voice pleased me. I pictured her sitting beneath the bench, legs crossed, licking her lips in anticipation of how I’d taste. Before appeasing her appetite, she tickled and teased my balls, which drew taut under her ministrations. She took first one, then the other, into her hot mouth, tongue sweeping over the twin globes. I tried to thrust forward, but was held still by the ever-present bonds.
My Dom moved to the head of the bench and repeated his earlier warning before removing the gag. Wiggling my jaw around, I tried to work out some of the soreness then wet my lips. With my mouth opened wide, I waited for it to be filled, longing to taste him.
In a coordinated effort, her lips kissed my crown at the same time his cock entered my hungry mouth and the machine fucking me picked up the pace. It was all so damn good.
His heady masculine aroma coupled with his salty flavor captivated me. Sucking hard, I drew his dick down my throat until my nose burrowed into a soft nest of hair. On the next thrust, I carefully used my teeth to sensitize his velvety skin. I couldn’t get enough of him. His scent, the taste of his pre-cum, his growls and moans—it all created a strong aphrodisiac which fed my lust.
My mind wandered back to Chris as it had often during the night. This Dom was so similar to my ex-lover. His touch, scent and taste all triggering memories of our time together. Still, I wasn’t able to focus my thoughts for any sustained period.
At random intervals, the fuck machine would change speeds. I didn’t know or care which one of them controlled the device. My only concern was that it wouldn’t stop anytime soon.
“Oh, yesss,” he hissed. "So good. You love sucking my cock. What a talented slave.”
If my hands were free, I’d make it much better for him. My fingers twitched as I thought about stroking his mouth-watering cock. I would apply the perfect pressure along the shallow groove behind his balls, massaging his prostrate from the outside. Then I’d rim his pucker with a damp finger before sinking it deep. Strong muscles would clamp down on the digit, struggle to keep it inside. I’d match my Mistress, move for move.
Fuck, I could almost feel it, his imagined responses to my loving touch driving me mad with want. There was so much I yearned to share with both of them if only circumstances were different.
I still wasn’t sure of the right place for me within the world of D/s, but now knew it wasn’t being a slave. Not that being pleasured by two Doms qualified as slavery. This night was teaching me a great deal about myself and opening up new desires, motivations and goals. By far, my strongest wish was for more with both of my partners. There was a definite symbiosis, a mutually beneficial association, growing between us that I pined to further investigate.
My Dom broke free of my mouth for a moment. The empty feeling made me whimper. Thankfully, he was quick to return. I greedily sucked him down my throat.
“It’s a shame you can’t see your Domme. Her legs are spread wide as she squats, riding a rather intimidating black dildo. Her back is coated with sweat, her face contorted in a mixed expression of agony and bliss, red lips stretched around your cock.
“And you, restrained for our use. I’d love to see your green eyes glancing up at me from under those long lashes. To witness the pleasure you derive from servicing me. Watch as the hunger takes over, turning your gaze glassy.”
My heart beat wildly and I became breathless. Had my mouth not been occupied, I still wouldn’t have been able to speak. He talked about me as if he knew me, had seen my eyes, witnessed me in the throws of passionate delight, but this man didn’t know me. The real me. He believed me to be a meek, compliant slave.
How would he react to my longing to hold him tight and make love every night? Would he be troubled by how my heart ached? Bothered by my wanting to turn the tables and fuck his ass? Would he be willing to watch me fuck my Mistress’s pussy? Share her with me?
A new dread bubbled up from the dark recesses of my soul. Could I reach out and accept the chance to love them if it were offered? Take the chance they might love me in return?
“I’m going to come, slave.”
Please! I longed to taste his offering, but there was that word again. Slave. I hated the label. Society wanted to place neat and tidy tags on everything and everyone, but most of those characterizations didn’t fit the bill. People are complex, each one unique and individual. Having him calling me a slave was similar to those who wanted to label me as gay or bi-sexual. I didn’t look at myself that way. For me it was all about what felt good and right. And this, being with them, was better than anything I’d ever been a part of.
“Me too,” my Mistress cried.
“You will take my offering. Drink it down and give her yours. Come with us…”

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Where I've Been

I'm not dead. I've felt better, mind you.

It's been a crazy past few weeks on this end of the screen. I apologize for disappearing. There are some days you feel you can even post two words on a blog, you're that drained. :P And it's happened to me, but I am making every effort to get back on track.

Surveillance, my latest M/M short at Phaze, is doing quite well, so much that I am planning a follow up of sorts. New characters, new situations, new man lovin', and the return of the unflappable Bobbie Blair in a supporting role to beat them all. In the meantime I am in a transition...phase. Ha. I have left one job and will begin a new one next week. Very excited, and happy to have some time off in between. Looking forward to a fall of NaNoWriMo and other projects.

Speaking of, stop by the blog of the Phaze publisher, Kathryn Lively. She is taking the Comment for the Cure challenge. For every 10 comments on her blog (up to 250) she will buy a download of Coming Together: For The Cure, the proceeds of which will go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Commenters are in the running to win a free copy of the eBook!

To edit or not to edit

Well, you should always have a book edited, of course, but how much should you edit yourself before sending to your publisher? That's what I'm wrestling with right now. Part of me thinks that I should just put my red pen down and send the manuscript to my Loose Id editor already. I've had the first draft of this book written for a couple of months now (time flies!), but I keep futzing around with little sections.

So for the other writers out there -- how much do you usually edit before you send in a draft? Do you get friends to read your work before you let your pro editor see it? I'm wondering if we all have a similar process or not. I always get at least a couple of trusted friends to read before I even think of submitting.

I think part of what's holding me back is that I have a new editor, and there's always that fear of the unknown!

Monday, August 27, 2007

A New Release & A Contest

I may be jumping the gun a little here, but I have a new short story coming out on Friday that I want to share. I'm thrilled to annouce the release of Taboo Desires, which is part of the Midsummer Night's Steam series at Samhain publishing.

I also want to offer a contest for all the wonderful readers of this blog. *g* The terms are simple: Just leave a comment between now and Thursday at noon. All you have to do is say hi - or whatever you want - to be entered. Then check back on Friday morning to see if you've won. I'll announce the winner in the comments section of this post.

And now a sneak peek of the story:


When his girlfriend demands he settle down and start a family, Cole Winchester has some hard decisions to make. Marry his girlfriend, or finally own up to his taboo attraction to other men.

A Midsummer Night’s Steam story

Cole Winchester feels like a rat, boxed into a corner. Faced with the prospect of being trapped in a passionless marriage, he makes the hard choice to end his relationship.

A run in with an old friend on the beach, propels Cole’s fantasies out into the open and forces him to confront his taboo desires. Before him, lies the choice of a lifetime—embrace his desire for another man and all the pitfalls that come along with it, or return to his girlfriend and live out the safe half-life he carved for himself.

Cole turned to find Eric right behind him, close enough to touch. Tension ratcheted up a notch, growing thick and palpable in the dark. His arms felt empty and longed to reach out, pull Eric to him.
“Sorry about the dark,” he rambled nervously, while stepping around Eric. “I would turn on the lights, but by the time I get to the breaker box, we could be upstairs anyway.”
Upstairs. Alone together. With a big comfy bed just waiting for us to make use of it. Cole gave himself a mental smack and, through determination alone, managed to keep his hands firmly at his sides.
Inviting Eric home with him was the equivalent of playing with fire. Oh, he’d noticed the sly glances the younger man had been shooting his way all night, seen him sporting wood more than once. And then that kiss—he didn’t even want to think about what might have happened if he hadn’t pulled away at the last second. He’d been so tempted to let Eric kiss him, to see what Eric’s lips would feel like against his own.
Eric was interested, of that Cole didn’t have any doubt. The real question was, was he interested? His cock shouted, “hell yeah”, but the rest of him was torn. Eric was a cute guy, and they seemed to have a bit in common, but he didn’t know if he was ready to take that next step, to go from fantasizing about being with a man to actually doing it. He could see him and Eric being friends, yes, but lovers? Oh, he wanted to fuck Eric, no doubt about that, but he wasn’t sure if he could go through with it. Twenty-seven years of being conditioned to believe homosexuality was wrong stood a silent vigil between him and what he desired.
“This way,” he said and headed for the private door leading up to his apartment. “Just follow behind me and I’ll try not to steer you into a wall.”
Eric’s footsteps echoed on the stairs as he tagged along. “Yeah, that would be good. I’d hate to run my head into a wall and end up spending the night on your sofa.”
Yep, Cole thought, that would be a tragedy. If Eric spent the night, he could think of a lot better places for him to spend time. Like sprawled out naked in bed, underneath him, or on top of him, or hell, even upside down would be okay.
Cole stopped on the last step and unlocked the door. Eric waited behind him, one step down. Any closer and Cole imagined he would feel the heat radiating off Eric’s body, feel his hot breath on the small of his back. That instantly brought to mind a picture of Eric’s pink tongue—the same one he’d coveted earlier in the night while it ran across Eric’s pouty lower lip—peeking out to lick at the delicate skin of his lower back, drifting lower to explore territory no woman had ever touched. What would that bubble gum tongue feel like moving over his ass, licking, prodding his entrance?
The cheeks of his backside clenched in response to the taboo image. His pulse quickened and in the dark, silent corridor, he could hear the resonance of his own labored breathing. As he shoved open his door and reached a hand inside to feel for the light switch, he wondered if Eric had noticed it too.
His hand never made it to the light. Eric rushed him from behind and pushed him up against the wall opposite the open door. A hand wrapped around the back of his neck and pulled his head down.
“Fuck it. I may be way off base here, but I think you want this as much as I do,” Eric whispered, hot puffs of breath caressing Cole’s skin with every word.
Before he could utter a response, soft lips pressed against his, and a tongue slid over the seam of his mouth, coaxing him to open wide. His eyelids fell shut and his lips parted, allowing Eric in. The first touch of Eric’s tongue gliding along his sent an electric current ricocheting through his body. He groaned and tilted his head, losing himself in the taste and texture of Eric’s mouth.
His arms rose of their own will and wrapped around Eric’s slim body, zeroing in on his firm little ass and pulling him closer. Their bodies flush, tongues dueling, Cole could feel everything. A hundred sensations hit him at once and short-circuited his senses. The whoosh of breath leaving Eric’s body, the fast thump of blood rushing through his own ears, the ache of his balls drawing tight, the hard ridge of Eric’s cock rubbing against his own through too many layers of clothes.
He wanted them naked. Now. Wanted to touch and taste with an intensity that should’ve frightened him, and probably would have if he’d been in the frame of mind to care right then. Luckily, he wasn’t. He was too tired of all the bullshit, of hiding and pretending to be someone he wasn’t. Though he wasn’t sure why, Cole felt safe enough to let go and be himself around Eric. The only thing holding him back was himself, and for the first time ever, Cole was ready to ignore the persistent little whisper of his overactive conscience and throw caution to the wind for what he wanted. Nothing mattered but the man in his arms and the flame burning hotter between them.
Cole spun them around and pressed Eric’s back to the wall. He sucked Eric’s bottom lip into his mouth and nipped it, savoring the sweet whimper he got in response. His hands slid between their bodies and fumbled with the button of Eric’s pants. The damn things were skin tight—he couldn’t get them unfastened.
Eric shoved Cole’s hands out of the way and undid them himself, yanking the front of his jeans open before going to work on Cole’s. In a matter of seconds, Eric had both their cocks out, in his slender hand, and was rubbing them together. He leaned up on tiptoe, pressed his lips against Cole’s and whispered, “Touch me.”

Sunday, August 26, 2007

And now, for something completely different... maybe...

Okay, so I just finished up the lastest Ally Blue Angst-A-Thon, Untamed Heart, and sent it to my editor. First of all, just let me say, WOO-HOO!! Because it was HARD. Not THAT kind of hard, you pervs (though there was a fair amount of that going on). Hard as in mucho difficult for Ally to get through, for various and sundry reasons. Second, a confession: I really, really want to write something not-angsty for a change.

Oh, don't get me wrong. I'm not abandoning the rip-your-heart-out tales. There are plenty of nail-biters coming down the pike from me in the future. After writing Untamed Heart, though, I just feel the need to throw in something a bit lighter. I had a blast writing Catching A Buzz, and I'd love to do that sort of light humor again.

So what do y'all think? Can the Evil Mistress of Gay Angst repress the urge to torture her boys long enough to turn out a fun, feel-good story? Or do you think I'll still turn it into a drama instead of a comedy? You may place your bets now *g*

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Unintented Slash

Toward the end of the first Lord of the Rings movie (The Fellowship of the Ring) (and I hope this isn't a spoiler for anyone) where Boromir is fatally wounded while trying to defend Merry and Pippin, and Aragorn leans over him as he was dying -- is it wrong of me to wish that Aragorn would kiss Boromir? He does on the forehead, of course, but I'm talking about a full mouth, warrior-on-warrior, my brother you are dying, let me taste your sweet nectar one more time, kiss? It is, isn't it?

Watching that scene last night, however, made me think about unintended slash. Now, I am a horse crazy girl from way back. The Riders of Rohan, tough, long-haired men who know how to fight and ride, they're my type of men. Aaragorn too, with his piercing blue stare and rugged manliness, just makes me wish I could lick him all over really slow. And when I was done, I'd start all over again. Aaragorn. Sigh! *goes to happy place*

I'm sure Tolkien did not intend for slash action to happen between these two brothers-in-arms. The kiss was a gesture of honor, a farewell to a fallen comrade. And yet, this is one instance of unintended slash. It happens all the time. Though Joss has hinted at the history between Angel and Spike (and oh we fangirls live on those hints and innuendos), and certain shows openly slash their characters, a lot of the slash is unintended. Morgan and Dresden for example. One the stern taskmaster, the other the warrior trying to do right. "Kiss me, Dresden, and I'll forget all about your sins," Morgan says, his gaze as stern as ever.

I'm cracking myself up here. I can't be the only person who creates this unintended slash. And yeah, usually I'm imagining myself right there with them. It's fun. It's harmless. And best of all, it's slash!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Of Flying Time and Sluggish Muses

(It's about 15 minutes before midnight est so I think that's close enough to Friday to sneak this in...)

Anne and I were chatting the other day and conversation turned to a submission we'd sent. It had been "a few weeks" and we debated on checking in with the editor to see where we were in the TBR pile.

When checking the old sent folder it turns out that we sent the sub the first week of July. Okay so technically it was "a few weeks' but it's as if the entire month of August has blown past us both like a blur.

Geeze I hate when time does that--whooshing me into Old Ladyhood long before I'm ready. But to be fair, earlier in the month there was a weekend when the minutes literally felt like hours for both my daughter and myself. We were both popping off with,"Man, is this the longest day or what?" and here only twenty-five minutes had passed. *_*

And that brings us to the Sluggish Muse. I really shouldn't bitch about that considering that s/he was awol for a good 2+ years not all that long ago, but geeze there are so many "Great Beginnings" I need to get done before Old Ladyhood devours me and my brain refuses to focus and get to work. I suppose I can legitimately chalk some of it up to the horrendously hot and humid strings of days when I doubt anyone's brain was feeling creative and then there's the "simple surgery" episode that two weeks after the fact is wanting to become complicated.
* UGH*

If anyone has any "cleanse out the crappy fog and let the creativity flow free" ideas or tips to share then by all means--spill 'em!

Enough about moi. I shall close with the new and spiffed up cover for our believed Yaoi Urban Fantasy The Dragon's Disciple coming soon from LiquidSilverBooks

Meet Paul and Darrien (and Laura)

Hi, everyone! I'm Laura Bacchi, and I'll be guestblogging on occasion here at Slash & Burn. To get to know me (and my writing), I'd like to share an excerpt from my new release, Any Ordinary Day, and kick off my guestblogging with a contest.

This novella was a lot of fun to write, and it was my first tale with a shifter for a main character. I'd like to hear your thoughts on shapeshifter M/M. Do you like shifters? Only like a certain kind? Even if shapeshifters aren't your thing, feel free to leave a comment here before 10 pm EST tonight and I'll pick a winner soon after for a $10 Loose Id gift certificate.

On any ordinary day, a guy like Paul Murray expects more shit from his boss, a new car repair bill, and another lonely night at home. But when his car dies during rush hour, he's rescued by a man who might just make him experience something extraordinary…in more ways than one.

Darrien Avanti has an agenda, and it doesn't include the sexy guy he picks up by a smoking Yugo on his way to Manhattan . Renegade dragons from his homeland have breached the Earth's surface in search of their own territory—and human flesh. It's Darrien's job to take them out before more people die. This isn't the time to think about sex, let alone take a mate, but everything about the Top Lander tells Darrien that Paul's the one.

Paul's day—and life—is about to become anything but ordinary.

Here's a short excerpt:

Darrien's voice dropped to a husky whisper. "You don't strike me as the controlling type."

"I'm not," I whispered back. But he was. I could smell it all over him. Once he got me back to my place, he'd take what he wanted from me.

And I would love every second of it.

His hand touched my temple, then cheek, his fingertips petal soft yet determined as he traced the landscape of my face. I actually shivered. His finger trailed over my lips. I opened for him and lapped at the pad of it with my tongue. The finger went deeper.

"No, you're not the controlling type at all." He forced my head back and added another finger to my mouth. His lips brushed my hair, his words hot mist on my ear and neck.

"Show me how you're going to suck me, Paul."

I leaned toward the hand twisting in and out of my mouth. His other hand pressed into my forehead and held me tight. Another finger inside now, all three splaying wide and pushing against my tongue. My right hand snuck down to my dick. I had to unzip, had to relieve my erection from the confinement of my jeans before the zipper became permanently etched into the base of my cock.

His hands retreated. "Let's get you home. The Jag's a rental."

"Don't worry," I whispered. "I'd lick it off the upholstery. For you."

He seemed in control up to that point. Those last words? They got him. They got him good. His gaze burned into mine before he fired up the engine and peeled out of the parking garage. We made it back to my place in record time. Our clothes came off in record time too--hell, I didn't even stop to turn on a light--and my cat narrowly missed being hit by a flying jacket, Armani by the looks of it.

"Oh, shit," he said. He let go of me to check on Priscilla. "Sorry, little one."

Priscilla hopped up out of harm's way and settled on the kitchen counter to watch.

"Don't worry," I said. "She's got nine lives."

"Nine lives? Lucky fucker." Darrien chuckled. "We only get seven ..."

* * *

I hope you enjoyed a little taste of this novella. If you'd like more than a nibble, check out this chapter at Loose Id. Thanks, Mandi (and everyone) for allowing me to guestblog. And many thanks to Anne for the awesome cover!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Court Appointed Rated R--UNEDITED

I submitted this story for Samhain's m/m Valentine's anthology, releasing in January of '08. We've titled the antho Serving Love and Court Appointed is one of three stories. I'm really excited because it's my first attempt at a full m/m love story. Here's and UNEDITED excerpt. Let that be the warning that this hasn't been seen by an editor... Let me know what you all think!

Court Appointed--UNEDITED
(c) 2007 Annmarie McKenna

The door at the back of the courtroom swung open, drawing His Honor, Jackson Benedict’s attention despite the defendant’s very vocal tirade. A tirade which included something about effectively removing Jackson’s balls.

Jackson took offense. He was rather attached to his boys and would prefer to keep them right where they were.

Jesus. The guy had a set of lungs on him that rivaled a herd of elephants in full rant. Jackson barely refrained from cringing at the slew of insults being flung at him. If he weren’t already used to it coming from this scumbag, he might get more than just a tad offended. Not.

“That’s enough.” He slammed the gavel down with a crack, and for a split second, silence reigned.

A slice of black drew his gaze to the back again and this time, he did cringe. What in God’s name was he doing here? St. Valentine had to be playing with Jackson’s piece of mind. Why else would this particular man show up in his courtroom today of all days. That it was Valentine’s Day didn’t escape his notice and Trey London was a distraction he most definitely didn’t need. About the same height as Jackson, Trey—with his rumpled black hair, clear blue eyes, and tightly packed, muscled body—was probably the epitome of every woman’s dream man. Unfortunately, he was also Jackson’s.

His previously threatened balls drew up and his cock hardened in anticipation beneath the zipper of his jeans and the flowing black robe. Jackson was suddenly glad his alarm had failed to go off this morning, forcing him to forgo his usual ensemble of dress pants and shirt for jeans and a long sleeve T. At least dressed this way, when he stood, the firm fabric would keep his hard-on from tenting the robe, letting everyone know where his thoughts had been.

“Bailiff,” he said, dragging his brain back where it belonged, “remove the defendant from the court room.” Jackson kept his tone neutral when he wanted to snarl at the little prick. If it were up to him, instead of the jury sitting along the side, wide-eyed and open-mouthed, he would have thrown the bastard in prison and swallowed the key.

Fair trial. Even as a federal judge, Jackson sometimes wondered at the laws of his forbearer’s. If this worm got off—again—Jackson would seriously have to consider a career change.

“You mother-fucking, cock-sucking whore.”

Jackson felt his face blanch and his cock soften. Domenic Savanti was nothing if not eloquent. Did he know something few others did, or was he speaking out his ass? For the sake of his sanity, Jackson had to believe the man was spouting anything he could think of.

From beneath his lashes, Jackson saw Trey move in reaction. His hands went to his slender hips and settled there, pushing the sides of his leather jacket open and revealing a holstered gun at his rib cage. Long, lean fingers tapped impatiently. Long, lean fingers Jackson had more than once imagined…


Monday, August 20, 2007

Back to School inspiration

Good monday morning everyone! Today, I'm excited because it's the first day my children go back to school. As much as I love my boys, it's nice to have my peace and quiet back. *lol* So, in honor of that, I thought I'd give everyone a few 'inspiring' pictures.
Have a great week!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Slashy Favorites...A question for readers...

On the long drive back from visiting family today, I had time to think about my blog post and what I wanted to write. I realized, I am woefully under-read in the world of slashy erotic romance, and I think that is a trend that has to end. So this week, I'm asking...

Who is your favorite slashy author? What publisher do you go to first when you want hot M/M erotic romance?

I know right now my current, probably perennial favorite, M/M author is Kate Hill (though he other work rocks too). Her M/M work, especially her vamps... whoa! grab a tall, cold glass of iced tea, start up the fan, sit on some ice, and prepare to pant!!!! Her work grabs you around the throat (or other places *wink*) and pulls you along on a magic carpet ride of a story and will not let go. What can I say? I'm an unashamed Kate Hill fan girl... as are many of you, I'm sure. *grin*

My fellow slash and burn authors have some great M/M out there too. I certainly don't want to forget them. *smile*

And I know there's more out there that in the words of my very first critique group, "I read it, loved it, and made it a part of me." but my sleep-deprived and staring-way-too-long-at-Iowa's I-80 vistas foggy brain is having a hard time coming up with them. So tell me... what are some of your favorites?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sex God - The Book

Our round robin has come to an end. Sorry, it had to happen. We hope you enjoyed the story as much as we did. In fact, we love it so much that we created a cover and turned it into a free downloadable book.

Click here to download the PDF file

Click here to download the DOC file

Jaxon smooth talked his lover into taking a Mediterranean cruise vacation. Brad wasn’t the best of travelers, but with any luck the trip would help rekindle the dwindling spark in their sex life. Nothing else had worked.

Luke had two good reasons for tagging along on his friend’s vacation. He was envious of the love the two hunky men shared, and he harbored a secret fantasy of drawing them into a ménage.

Never in their wildest dreams could the trio have anticipated their shore excursion turning into a highly erotic dream. A dare, a wish and a taunt lead to an amazing encounter none of them will ever forget.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Sex God: The conclusion

(The end of Ally’s Sunday post)
Jaxon turned to look, and his eyes saucered. "Whoa. Would you look at that."

Monday’s addition…

Misty gray tendrils of smoke swarmed around the Sex God and Luke in a thick fog, eradicating any view of the duo other than a light outline of their bodies. Through the thickening cloud, Jaxon could make out Luke’s slighter frame, his body contorted into some kind of funky wheelbarrow position. Luke’s forearms rested on the ground, bracing his weight, as the Sex God held his thighs spread apart and pounded into him from behind with lunges so hard they made Jaxon’s ass twinge in sympathy.

In the safety of his lover’s arms, Jaxon watched the scene playing out in front of them. He squinted, trying to make out everything he could, and felt Brad squirm against him, his lover’s cock jerking as it tried to harden once again.

“Do you take me?” The Sex God’s voice boomed, filthy words and orders filling the air, while their friends responding whimpers were all but drowned out. “Do you accept me of your own free will?”

Jaxon thought the questions were odd, considering that Luke was already taking the lumbering giant inside his body and had been for quite a while already. Why would the God ask such an obvious question? It made no sense.

Luke cried out in what sounded like a hell of an orgasm and shouted, “Yes. Yes, I accept you. Oh, fuck. Don’t stop, I’m coming…”

A sonic boom rent the air, the reverberations shaking the ground underneath the huddling couple. A blast of light blinded Jaxon as he held onto Brad, terrified of the unknown. What was going on? Was Luke okay? Were they?

As his eyesight slowly began to adjust into more than just wiggling dots, Jaxon gasped.

“Jesus Christ,” Brad whispered as they scrambled upright and hurried over to the statue of two lover’s fucking that now stood where Luke and the Sex God had been seconds before.

Jaxon reached out, his fingers skimming the air around the sculpture. “What the fuck?”

“Do you think Luke’s trapped inside there?”

“No. I don’t know how, but Luke’s gone home with the Sex God, wherever the hell that is.” He glanced at his lover. “That must have been what all those strange questions were about. You think so?”

“Yeah. Maybe.” Brad shrugged. “I really have no idea.”

Jaxon sighed. “Jesus. What do you think the chances are that we’ll wake up in bed aboard the ship and this whole experience will be one crazy dream?”

“I don’t know, babe. But either way, unless we want to be stranded out here, we need to head back to the ship.”

Jaxon glanced over his shoulder as Brad took his arm by the elbow and started to lead him away. He stared at the look of exquisite bliss on the statue version of their friend’s face until Brad tugged on his hand, pulling him away. “Come on, babe. We have to hustle if we’re going to make it back on time.”

“Yeah, yeah. I was just thinking that I’ve never seen a happier look on Luke’s face.”

Brad glanced back. "Yeah, I think you're right. Whereever Luke is, I hope he's as happy as he looks."

"Me too," Jaxon whispered as he allowed himself to be hustled away.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sex God: Jaxon Finally Comes

Glancing to where the sex god had dragged Luke, he found his friend in pure ecstacy. Who wouldn't be with a stud like the former statue thrusting his thick cock in and out. Porn was nothing compared to the real life thing as the air was filled with the musky scent of sex. Even out here in the gardens, it seemed to permeate Jaxon's nose.

He groaned, looking up at Brad. "If I don't come soon, I'm going to explode."

With a grin that almost solved Jaxon's problem all by itself, Brad slid to his knees. "Hang on, baby." He opened wide and swallowed Jaxon's cock whole.

Jaxon gasped, back arching as Brad sucked him with single minded determination. "Oh my God!"

"Busy," boomed the Sex God, still thrusting into Luke in spite of the cum dripping from the man's hole.

Smart-ass deity. Jaxon let out a breathless laugh, which morphed into a groan when Brad did that thing he liked to do with his tongue. "Brad. Close."

Brad pulled off of Jaxon's cock, tearing a distinctly unmasculine whimper from Jaxon's throat. "Come in my mouth, baby."

He wet two fingers in his mouth, then applied that wonderful suction to Jaxon's prick again. Jaxon cried out when Brad's fingers slid into his ass, found the sweet spot and rubbed. He shot down Brad's throat, fingers clenching in his lover's hair. "Fuck, Brad. Yeah. Oh, fuck."

Brad hummed, the vibrations sending a violent shudder through Jaxon's now-extremely-sensitive cock and up his spine and nearly making his knees buckle. The hot breeze hit Jaxon's wet cock as Brad let go and stood. One arm around Jaxon's waist and the other hand cupping his head, Brad leaned forward and took Jaxon's mouth with his. Jaxon opened to him, tongue coming out to lap up the remains of his own semen. He loved the taste of himself and Brad mixed together.

"Love you, babe," Brad whispered, resting his forehead against Jaxon's.

Jaxon smiled a loopy, post-orgasmic smile. "Love you too."

"What're Luke and the Sex God statue guy doing?" Brad nuzzled Jaxon's neck. "Luke still getting his ass split?"

Jaxon turned to look, and his eyes saucered. "Whoa. Would you look at that."

(to be continued...)

Evil, evil cliffhanger! Bwahahaha!!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I'm a little too braindead today to participate in the scorchingly hot round robin that's going on (I fear I wouldn't do it justice!), so I thought I'd post a little bit of visual inspiration for the rest of the gang. Enjoy!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Sex God continues...

Sorry about not posting sooner, I'm in the middle of edits. It's not long for my mind is elsewhere, but here's my contribution to this sexy story.

Luke cried out and the cry melted into a long slow moan as the semen filling him became like the slickest lube. There was no way to compare it to anything he'd ever experienced and he didn’t bother to try. He simply closed his eyes and held onto to the edges of the pedestal and savored the feel of being taken like never before.

Jaxon groaned when Brad's cock slipped from his mouth, his lover holding tightly to his shoulders. He panted, his body screaming of unfulfilled need. His ass throbbed from Luke's pounding, still aching for release. He was trembling from the shock of having Luke pulled away before he could come.

Glancing to where the sex god had dragged Luke, he found his friend in pure ecstacy. Who wouldn't be with a stud like the former statue thrusting his thick cock in and out. Porn was nothing compared to the real life thing as the air was filled with the musky scent of sex. Even out here in the gardens, it seemed to permeate Jaxon's nose.

He groaned, looking up at Brad. "If I don't come soon, I'm going to explode."

Friday, August 3, 2007

My Nominee for "Sex God" is...

And now on with the show...

"My turn," the sex god declared."

"I'm sure your friend can finish you," he said to Jaxon before wrapping wrapping one bulging arm around Luke's waist and pulling him free from Jaxon's body.

Luke sucked in his breath half in fear half in anticipation when the living god carried him with the ease a father would carry a child. More blood rushed do this already hard cock when the god waved his free hand and caused an alabaster pedestal to appear. He set Luke upon it then slowly began to stroke his own long hard cock, his gaze never leaving the moral man before him.

Luke was aware of his friends, quiet gasps as the god's cock grew impossibly thick and long and Luke found himself squirming on the cool alabaster, his hole twitching, his cock as hard as the stone beneath him. Luke could only star, his pulse racing like mad, his body craving everything he glimpsed in the intent gaze that held him spellbound.

It was as if in a dream he felt his legs lifted high and spread them wide moments before a hot stream of slippery come hot his tight opening. Without a word, the god thrust forward and buried himself to the hilt in Luke's tight ass, his cock still spurting, coating Luke's passage.

Luke cried out and the cry melted into a long slow moan as the semen filling him became like the slickest lube. There was no way to compare it to anything he'd ever experienced and he didn’t bother to try. He simply closed his eyes and held onto to the edges of the pedestal and savored the fell of being taken like never before.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Round Robin - Sex God

Our round robin has taken on a life of its own, and now it has a title—Sex God. Yay, this is so much fun. Today’s my turn to tease and titillate. *BWEG*

Monday’s post:

Luke inched up behind Jaxon on hand and knee, feeling the intense scrutiny of the God’s powerful gaze on his own ass all the way. If anything, knowing he was being watched and appraised only made him harder, his dick like steel where it bounced below him, slapping his abs and leaving a sticky trail behind with every sinuous glide he made across the floor toward his friends.

Jaxon looked up as Luke approached, his beautiful lips curved up at the corners around Brad’s thick cock, his eyes twinkling with mischief.

Luke smiled at him and continued around the pair, until he was where he most wanted to be, faced with the firm round globes of Jaxon’s pale ass. He reached out a tentative hand and skated his fingers over the silken skin of Jaxon’s ass, feeling his friend’s body tremble in response to his touch.

He separated the pale globes, revealing the tight pink pucker between, and leaned forward, inhaling the delicate aroma of lusty man and clean skin with only a hint of whatever soap Jaxon had used that morning. Without lube, there was only one way he knew of to prepare Jaxon for his cock, without hurting him. He could only hope Jaxon would derive as much enjoy from this as he would.

Luke blew a stream of air over Jaxon’s ass, fascinated with the way it made his hole clench and flutter. He bent forward and gave a tentative lick, swiping the tip of his tongue around the tight ring of muscle, giving Jaxon a chance to buck him off, if it was something he didn’t want.

When no response came, other than the wet slurping sounds of Jaxon sucking off Brad, and Brad’s quiet whimpers, Luke resumed his feast, licking and sucking the tiny whorl of wrinkled skin.

Jaxon wiggled his ass, pushing back against Luke’s tongue for more. Luke stiffened his tongue into a point and jabbed it at Jaxon’s ass, fucking his friend’s ass with it until he felt the snug entrance give way and loosen for him, giving all appearance of being ready for something bigger, ready for his cock.

Today’s addition:

“Oh, fuck yeah!” Brad groaned, clenched his teeth and fought to hold back the need to climax. The hot, wet suction of Jaxon’s mouth on his cock, coupled with the hotter than hell sight of Luke fucking Jaxon’s tight hole with his tongue, blew Brad’s mind. Fire raced along his spine, gathering in his full, heavy balls.

When Luke positioned the broad head of his cock at Jaxon’s sphincter, Brad widened his stance and leaned forward to watch, praying he wouldn’t fall over. The view was amazing. His breath caught in his throat as Luke spread Jaxon’s cheeks wide. The tight ring of muscle stretched in welcome, engulfing Luke’s erection, taking every long inch.

“Jesus,” Luke hissed. “So tight. Scorching.”

Brad tried to speak but the words came out garbled, losing their meaning somewhere along the path between his brain and mouth. He knew how good it felt to be clenched deep in Jaxon’s hot body.

Blood rushed to Brad’s balls. His erection hardened and lengthened within the smothering suction of his lover’s mouth. Electric sensations pulsed through his cock, ripping a strangled cry from his lips.

His climax arrived in a powerful rush. Jaxon swallowed, his throat convulsing around the head of Brad’s cock, drawing every last drop of cum from his balls. His knees buckled. He caught himself by holding onto Jaxon’s shoulders.

A sense of pride filled him when Jaxon continued to lick and suck his semi-hard cock, hips never losing momentum as he met each of Luke’s strong thrusts.

Brad glanced over Luke’s shoulder, caught by the heat of the animated statue’s avid gaze.

“My turn,” the sex god declared.
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