Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Paperback release

Client Privileges, my second m/m fantasy erotic romance novel, is available in paperback at long last. I got the rights back on it longer ago than I care to think, and after republishing it in ebook format, I've now also released it with pages you can feel and smell and turn. You can find it on Amazon.com.

Here's an excerpt:

Micah sat on the bed. "What do you think?" He gestured expansively around the small room.

"It's n-n-nice." Jonas silently cursed his stammer. It always came out in stressful situations, and while he'd sought this one out, that didn't make it any less nerve-wracking. If his parents should find out… He forced away the unpleasant notion. How would they ever know unless he told them? And there was no way that would happen.

He took a cleansing breath and let it out slowly. For the first time, he looked directly into the eyes of the whore he'd just hired. They were moss green, smiling, rimmed by thick lashes, with tiny smile lines at the corners. His hair is the color of beaten copper. It was unlike anything he'd seen before, and it set off Micah's eyes so perfectly that Jonas wondered if it was natural or contrived.

"So, Jonas, how would you like to spend the time we have together?" Micah smiled, and it was such a warm, giving expression that Jonas balked.

"I-I'm s-sorry. I have to go." He took a step backward toward the door, only to be stopped by Micah's gentle voice like a tug at his heart.

"Stay. Please." Micah held out a hand.

Jonas hesitated. He wanted to stay. Physically, he longed to stay and take advantage of this professional's willingness to please him. Despite his emotional diffidence, his body was eager. His cock was hard and had become so at his first sight of Micah leaning against the brothel's bar. Jonas was glad for the thigh-length coat he wore; it was far too heavy for the hot weather, but it kept his aroused state hidden.

Unaware of making the decision to do so, he sat on the foot of the bed at right angles to Micah. His heart raced. He wondered if Micah could hear it, then chided himself for such foolishness. I can do this. Jonas shot a nervous glance at the other man, looked away swiftly. If I just don't have to make eye contact again. It was absurd. What was he thinking?

"There's no need to rush," Micah continued.

"B-but there is," Jonas said quickly. "I-I'm expected… s-somewhere."

"That's all right. I'm ready for whatever you'd like."

Micah shifted on the bed and Jonas' gaze was drawn to him. The whore leaned back against the pillows at the headboard, one long leg stretched out, and the other bent at the knee. Jonas could see that he was erect, his cock tenting out the loose fabric of his pants. His arms were folded behind his head as if he knew he needed no help drawing attention to his engorged condition.

Jonas stared openly at the protruding fabric, eager for what it hid and uncaring whether his hunger was obvious on his face.

"I take it you like what you see."

Jonas could hear the smile in his voice, the teasing but tender tone. Jonas' gaze was inexorably pulled upward, over Micah's flat and muscular belly, across his smooth chest, up to his handsome face. Square, clean jaw; smiling lips; wide cheekbones; and soft green eyes. Micah's expression was open and without judgment. He was so beautiful that Jonas' breath caught.

"I--" He inhaled, said in a rush, "I've been alone a long time. Years, and he was… Anyway. I want to… take you. Fuck you. May I? Please?"

Micah laughed, a rich, warm sound that Jonas couldn't help but join in on ever so slightly. "When you ask so politely, how could I say no?"

Monday, July 27, 2015

Hello world, it's me again

*peeks head around corner* Hello out there. I’m still alive, though you haven’t seen me in … geez I don’t know how long. Due to real life issues, I had to mostly leave the world of writing and publishing several years ago. I thought that I took my name off most everything but recently discovered that I still remained listed on this blog.  I debated whether or not to even return to the publishing world. It had been so long. There have been so many changes. Publishers have come and gone, as well as other writers. In the long run, I couldn’t completely stay away. The end of last year I managed to re-release “Under Wraps” (formally known as “enWrapptured”) at another publisher. It’s a Christmas themed M/M story. Though it’s slow going, I’m getting emerged into writing once again and hope to have at least one story a year submitted (realistic goals).

However, I’ve decided it’s been a bit harder this time around than the first time. So I’ve put a list together of some of things I’ve noticed since my first book was accepted in 2007.

Hardships of re-entering the world of published writing

** Getting back on track with writing: There are many, many WIPs that sat in folders for ages. The plots are weak in your mind so time is spent browsing the characters and outlines/ideas. Also applies to published works and possible follow up stories sitting in those WIP folders. I’ve read the stories before moving on to sequels. So where do you start? Which story should you pick up again? What genre do you want to work in? So many choices. But then the muse can be very strong and lead you to the right place. Though I will still write M/M romance at times, the stories I’m currently working on are M/F & M/M/F

** Setting a writing schedule: I’m still struggle with this. But then, even before, I struggled with this little bit. You would think now that my kids are college age I would have more time. Think again. I’m still a wife and the one that keeps the household going, as well as mom when needed and a grandmother. There just always seems something on my calendar. Don’t even get me started on the fact my husband is finally retiring. He really needs a hobby. LOL But slowly, I’m working on finding that perfect time that my mind is clear and the muse is happy to be tapping away at the keyboard.

** Promotion/Social Media: OH MY! Has things changed in just a few years. The main promoting venues when I was publishing books were Yahoo groups, blogs, and MySpace (I’ve recently deleted all of mine). I thought I had a handle on it all with a nice schedule of when and where I could promote myself and it was easy to get onto blog hops and promo promo promo. Now…well, there’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and I’m sure tons of other stuff I haven’t even wanted to try. I only know these because I use them on a personal basis. Yahoo groups are mostly dead, though there are some still somewhat active with promotions. MySpace .. what’s MySpace? There’s still blogs out there as well, but some of the ones I frequented in the past haven’t been used in a few years. There’s so much more ways to get the word out and to interact with reader/potential readers. But again, this all takes time to learn. Especially when you finally get them linked up, then your computer updates, and boom, it doesn’t work and so again, posting on every area until you can figure out how to re-link them all again. Oh, and then there’s Tweet Deck that just confuses me more.

** Changing Newsletter from Yahoo group to newsletter service & rebuilding list: I took the leap. Though I only had 150 people on my Yahoo newsletter, I changed to MailChimp. After playing around with it for a few days & watching some tutorials (I’m all about research) I figured most of it out and mostly like it. But then, I had no one to send it to. So like building followers on Twitter and Facebook (another struggle) you’ve got to get people to subscribe to your newsletter. Not as easy as it sounds sometimes, because again, it’s time consuming and I don’t want to hound my social medias about it.

** Other writer friends: Some have fallen off the grid like I did :( , others are still around but I don’t have a clue if they will remember me (and I’m bit of a shy person), and then others have soared and become best sellers with mass market books (yay for them :) ).  Needless to say, I guess I need to just man up and try to contact or reestablish relationships. Another thing to put on my to-do list.

** Updating Site/Blog/etc…: Yep, working on updating everything. Newer look that fits me and my upcoming stories. I’ve been working on these while my muse is being stubborn.

** Blog – Keep or get rid of? : I’ve got a blog on Blogger. With all the social media do I really need a blog? Granted Twitter only allows a certain amount of characters, but if I put it on my Facebook first, I can get all the characters I need. However, I like a blog. Believe it or not, there’s still people out there not totally plugged into social media and still read blogs. And I like the fact I can schedule posts in advance. Nope, haven’t figured out if any of the others can do that. But this allows me to plan more and less worry if I have a month’s worth of my Motivational Mondays ready to go.

Okay, I think I’ve babbled on enough. I’m hoping to get back into blogging here again, though I may only be able to do so once a month, so I’ll see you next time.
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Sunday, July 26, 2015


We didn't make deadline, but we finished the third book in the Never Too Early series! It ended up being about 20k words longer than the other two, which is why we turned it in late, but both Chris and I figured we should give it the attention it deserves. Now it's been submitted and we're waiting for edits. To those of you who have stuck with us, we think you'll love this last book as much as we do. And we know that many of you had reservations about the series in general!

(Come on, we're not blind or deaf. We know what you've all been saying. ;)

No release date yet, but likely October. Will let you know asap when we find out. Here's an excerpt to keep you tuned in........

"Chance, hey." Trey Donovan stuck his head through the doorway. "Was just about to page you. Tucker's here."

"Yeah? How come?" Chance collected the papers and checked his personal phone to see if he'd missed a text. Nothing there. Which was strange on two counts, really. Tucker usually texted when he was stopping by the station, and Chance had texted Jake earlier in the day with no response. That was also unusual.

"I can't come by and say hey?" Tucker appeared in the doorway next to Trey. His grin was wide and his eyes were bright, a sure sign that he was up to something.

Trey disappeared and Chance leaned against the printer table. "What do you want?" he asked wryly. "Don't ask for money. I have no cash on me."

"Aw, shoot." Tucker crossed the room and plastered himself on Chance's body. "Okay, then maybe I just wanted a kiss."

Despite having a preference for rule-following while at work, Chance often found it hard to resist Tucker at his most flirtatious. Chance kissed him twice, quickly. "That's all you get." Any more and Chance would have a hard-on to hide.

"Good enough for now." Tucker detached himself and strolled back to the door that led to the short hallway. "Got a sec? I got something to show you."

Chance checked the time -- 2:30 p.m. His crew would want to take the engine and go grocery shopping for dinner soon. "Yeah, few minutes. What's up?" He followed Tucker down the hallway, pausing briefly to toss the paperwork he'd collected on his desk.

"Out back in the lot." Tucker pushed open one of the side doors that led to the station's parking lot. Several pickup trucks and cars, all with firefighter's union stickers on the back window, were parked in their usual spots. Tucker's truck was off to the side.

Chance squinted in the bright March sunshine. They'd had three days of rain and gloom, so the sun was a nice change, but his eyes sure weren't used to it.

"Over here, baby." Tucker started toward his truck, and it was only then that Chance saw two other people leaning against the tailgate. Jeans, boots, and… cowboy hats? As his gaze traveled upward, Chance blinked against the sun and then stopped right where he was. No way.

"Well, come on," Tucker laughed. "Don't stop there. Come say hi."

Tor's hat dipped and he gave a finger wave that looked completely ridiculous coming from someone geared up to move cattle. Well, over-dressed to move cattle, Chance had to admit. Those were clearly Tor's good jeans.

And Jake took a step toward him and stood, his feet planted apart, like he was bracing himself. Then he swept his hat off and into his hand, and grinned at Chance, his hair mussed and his eyes as bright as Tucker's were. "Howdy."

"You're kidding me." It was the only thing Chance could think of to say. Well, "I want to fuck you," had also flashed into his mind, but decorum was important.

Tucker was nearly dancing from foot to foot. "Lookit who came to see us!" His smile was infectious and Chance felt a grin of his own tugging at his lips.

"Yeah, I see." Chance crossed the last few steps and stood in front of Jake. "Hello there. Didn't know you were dropping by today." It was only sheer willpower that kept Chance from seizing the front of Jake's shirt and dragging him closer for a kiss. His eyes were still that dazzling shade of blue, made even bluer in the California sun.

"We made a point of it." Jake rocked closer, then back on his heels, hands going to his back pockets. "Surprise."

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

So close!

You guys, I am *this close* to being able to say "Now available for the FIRST TIME in PAPERBACK!" that I'm going a little crazy. Soon, soon...

Monday, July 6, 2015

Triplesex is FREE July 6-8 on Amazon!

Free July 6-8 on Amazon!


Caleb worked hard to get where he’s at in life. Recently offered tenure at the college where he works, Caleb has let his personal life slide in favor of impressing the powers that be. Now that a much-needed summer vacation is finally at hand, Caleb fears his long hours may have been detrimental to his long-time partner’s happiness.

An appreciative eye for the male form is perfectly natural, but Zaki’s preoccupation with other men is cause for concern. Even though Caleb trusts his lover, he’s suspicious of Zaki’s motives. While Caleb isn’t above a little recreational sex by mutual consent, he wouldn’t be able to forgive Zaki for screwing around behind his back. His only hope is to turn back the tide of discontent before it’s too late. 

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