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Coming up in December...

All during the month of December, the members of the Slash & Burn blog will be giving away books to our readers. To enter to win, all you need to do is visit the blog regularly, read the posts just like always, and be on the lookout for the holiday photo to the left. This photo will let you know at first glance that there's a contest happening.

Good luck to those of you who frequent the blog and happy holidays to you all!

As a heads up for the members of this blog, I'd also like everyone to know I'm also starting a big ole contest on my website tomorrow(December 1st). Make sure you swing by to check it out. I'll be giving away a four gift bags filled with goodies, and a grand prize that includes 15 prints books!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Cops Thanksgiving

© 2008 James Buchanan

Rated: Explicit

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Caesar stretched and yawned. One of those lazy Saturday mornings he and Nate got so few of. 'Course with both their habits it was more like noon, but still, wake up, screw around, doze, repeat. Pretty good way to blow a day.

Nate nuzzled into his armpit, tickling Caesar's skin with his tongue. "What time is it?"

Another yawn stretched his jaw wide as Caesar turned to look at the clock. "Once media, más o menos."

"We should get up and head out." The words had nothing to do with Nate's actions. Instead of rolling out of bed, Nate's hand wandered down to dance along Caesar's prick.

That was a much better idea than shucking the sheets. Caesar's dick began to swell in response to the delicious touch. "We should stay here," Caesar scooted down a bit so that he could reach Nate's fat prick, "and let me stroke you."

Nate kissed up his neck drawing a little trail of shivers along Caesar's skin. "Dinner's at two." He whispered it, blowing across the damp flesh. Another shudder hit Caesar's body.

"We got plenty of time then." He wrapped his fist around Nate's cock, pumping him up.

Nate hissed. "To make it to Porter Ranch?"

"To make you get off." Caesar kissed him. Nate tasted like mornings and sleep. Tasted damn good. He broke off for a second and added, "Make me get off." Then he was finished with talking.

He grabbed Nate's wrists as he drove his lips onto the other man's. Nate opened up, teased Caesar's tongue into his mouth. With a groan, Caesar rolled on top and pinned Nate's arms about his head. Took a bit of wrangling, but he got both Nate's wrists into one hand. Then he reached down and pushed both their shorts off their hips. A lot of struggling and wiggling, but Nate didn't fight him…or help him. Cabron.

With a grunt, stifled by Nate's kiss, Caesar thrust against Nate's groin. Nate stiffened and hissed. He tried to free his wrists, but Caesar used his now free hand to grab him before he could snake his own grip between them. If Nate didn't want to help before, he could just go along for the ride.

A really short ride.

Heat built quickly in Caesars groin. He humped Nate's hips, grinding them together. Nate moaned into their kiss, the sound vibrating down Caesar's spine. Nate bucked up adding his own frantic rhythm to the mix. That wonderful dick sliding against his; Caesar shuddered with every move. Slick pre-cum and sweat soon coated both of them adding wet heat to the friction.

Caesar broke from the kiss and buried his face into Nate's throat. Musk still clung to his skin from earlier that morning and a damp sheen soaked the hair on Nate's chest. Their exertions added another, more urgent and heady aroma. Caesar drowned in the scent of him.

Nate flexed his head back and mumbled, "Fuck, like that…just fuck." God he loved it when Nate babbled. It ratcheted his desire up to insane levels. A few more thrusts and Caesar lost it. Heat took him over, rolling through his frame in waves. Cum shot between them and coated both their bellies. Panting, shaking a little, Caesar collapsed onto Nate's chest. He released his grip on Nate's wrists and then smiled as Nate looped his arms over Caesar's back. So warm and wonderful being held in those big, muscled arms, Caesar could just die happy that way.

It took him a second to realize Nate hadn't cum. Caesar hauled himself up onto his hands, Nate's hands sliding down his arms, and stared down at Nate. Those blue eyes were just desperate. Caesar knew how to take care of that. Slowly, deliberately, he licked down Nate's chest and across his abs. His own spunk tasted almost sweet and mixed deliciously with the salty sweat coating Nate's body.

When he got to Nate's crotch, he inhaled deep. Everything was so much more heady and intense. Wrapping one fist around Nate's prick, Caesar moved to suck on his balls and stroked. That thick, almost silky, hard cock tickled his palm. Skin sliding over an iron hard core felt so sensual.

Nate grabbed behind his own knees, pulling them up and back, giving Caesar access to everything. Still stroking, Caesar twisted his head and sought out Nate's ass with his tongue. On top of all of it, Nate had a tang like warm copper. "Goddamn, please, fuck, yeah," echoed above him, signaling Nate's own impending blow. The flavor between Nate's cheeks tasted sexy, concentrated and so much of a guy that Caesar thought he might get it up again. He jacked Nate's prick with a strong, fast grasp and fucked his hole with his tongue. Nate shuddered. He moaned. And then Caesar smelled the spunk pumping from Nate's cock.

Satisfied, he laughed and clambered back up to snuggle against Nate's warm, solid body. Forget doing anything else, this satisfied him. Then Caesar's stomach growled. Well neither of them had eaten anything yet… and where and when they were eating was already planned. He muttered, "Please tell me your mom can cook," into the space behind Nate's ear.

"Of course she can cook." Nate shifted. "We should get going if we're going to make it on time."

The jangle of a dog tag against a Saint Frances medal caught Caesar's attention. Poncho must have wandered back inside. He whistled to call the little mutt, then asked, "So why are we doing Thanksgiving today?"

Nate sat up. "Because, every cop in the world wants time and a half plus bonus." He rolled his buffed shoulders and stretched.

First Ponchito's ears and eyes appeared at the foot of the bed. Then he stuck his nose over. Poncho'd learned that if he just jumped into the middle of the bed, he was liable to get tossed right back off…and possibly locked out of the room.


"You get extra pay if you work holidays." Nate slapped Caesar's thigh, calling the dog up. "My dad always worked Thanksgiving and Christmas. I always work 'em too. Since I was little, we always had Thanksgiving dinner on the Saturday after." Poncho jumped up and minced across to flop between his two men. Nate scratched his ears and added, "Christmas presents got opened whenever my dad got off shift on Christmas Eve. My mom would wake us up at like three a.m. And New Years was spent watching the ball drop on TV with the police scanner playing in the background. Dad's retired now, but since I work the holidays, my family just keeps the tradition." Then he asked. "What does your family do?"

Caesar grabbed Poncho's ears. As he scratched them, Caesar bent over and rubbed his nose against the mutt's forehead. "Thanksgiving or the rest of it?"

"All of it."

"Thanksgiving wasn't much of anything." Poncho woofed and darted off the bed at that point. Probably was going to go find his lunch. "I mean, you sorta learn that this is what everyone in America is doing on their day off. But, you know, it’s a day off to party and eat…although my cousins were usually washing dishes at some restaurant or something. Mexicans, we party late though. Come in, go out, come back, keep it going all day."

"Yeah?" Nate's smile was big and open. Caesar loved it when Nate smiled.

"Yeah." Caesar stifled a yawn. "And Christmas. You go to church like at midnight and when you come back everyone opens up presents. And Santa comes while you're at church. Then everybody who's not working Christmas day goes to bed. New Years, party all night long. Course I was usually working all around the holidays."


"No, dip shit," he smacked Nate's chest and rolled to the edge of the bed, "people are on vacation. Left and gone to grandma's in Main or Arizona or something."

Nate swung his feet off the mattress and stood. "Oh, that." He yawned as he stretched again.

Caesar deadpanned. "Oh, yeah, that."

With another stretch…Caesar suspected Nate was flexing just to show off for him… Nate padded towards the bathroom. "So your mom's coming, right?"

"Yeah, my mom and my Bro's family." Caesar sat up and ran his hands through his hair. "Nate, your dad doesn't like me, what's he going to do with my family?"

"It'll be fine." Nate paused and smiled over his shoulder. "Mom's told him he has to play nice." He waved off the thought like it really didn't matter. "When did you come out to your mom, by the way? Cause last I heard, you hadn't." He paused and turned, "Isn't that going to be a little awkward?" before heading into the bathroom.

"Mom, her English sucks." Caesar shrugged. "Angel and his wife, they already don't say anything. We don't talk about it with mom. So, should be okay, she won't understand half of it."

Nate's voice drifted out of the can. "My dad speaks Spanish, you know."

"If it's as bad as yours…if he says something about us, she'll just assume it's the whole language thing."

The room got real quiet, enough for Caesar to wonder if Nate hadn't heard him. Then, "Dad's is way better than mine."

Fuck. Caesar flopped back onto the bed and moaned, "It's going to be a disaster." Northridge earthquake quality disaster. Malibu Canyon fire quality disaster.

Nate leaned out of the bathroom and grinned, "Isn't that what holidays are supposed to be?"

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

In Which I Ask Your Further Indulgence of My DID

Hi! Isn't my cover gorgeous? It's for my new release, An Improper Holiday, available from Samhain Publishing on December 1. That's Nicky in the back and Ian in front of him and they appear to be acting out an excerpt that I just posted over at my live journal.

I'm excited since it's my first m/m historical, and I'm eager to find out what readers think of my historical voice. It's set during the--

Ian : Whatever is she doing?

Nicky: It appears to be some species of slate, magnetized, with clockwork or some such, perhaps. What's positively frightful is the uniformity of her letters. Reminds me of Beresford. Used to birch my hands, remember him, Ian?

Ian: He would scarcely have been taking it out of you at that rate if you had your translations ready.

Nicky: And that could only ever happen if you did them for me.

Ian: Lazy ass.

KA: Excuse me. I was talking.

Nicky: About that, love. You do know the only reason anyone cares what you have to say is because of us.

KA: And if you don't let me tell people about the release, no one will find you and how will you exist then?

Nicky: Is this that self-promotion thing you've been on about? Why don't you do what you always have done?

KA: Because what I usually do is offer a free prequel about—

Ian: Prequel?

KA: It's a short piece about something that happened before your story started. Which in your case—

Ian: Your atrocious grammatical construction notwithstanding I begin to see the difficulty.

Nicky: Well, I'm deviled if I do.

Ian: Where did we meet, Nicky?

Nicky: At school.

Ian: And how old were we when we first, ahh, made a connection of any sort of an intimate nature?

Nicky: I still don't see.

KA: You wouldn't. Of course my other option is the time before Ian left for war—

Ian: And recalling that incident, particularly given your penchant for detail is something I will not countenance. I refuse to be put through that dreadful—

Nicky: Dreadful, he says. Noddy fool. Very well. What then, Mistress of the Magic Slate?

KA: Well, aside from this blog—err, unstructured conversation on the slate, I thought you might be willing to take questions from readers, or potential readers.

Nicky: It sounds like an examination at school.

Ian: I very much doubt we would face similar questions, Nicky.

Nicky: More interesting, then?

KA: Much more.

Nicky: I can only consent if Ian is amenable. You know how uncomfortable he gets.

KA: I'll protect him.

Nicky: Your desire to do so could never equal mine.

KA: Understood. Agreed then?

Ian: If you truly feel this is the way to bring harmony to the lives of others through reading our story, then I am agreed.

Nicky: Harmony, indeed. My what a name for it. I do so love you, Ian.

KA: All right. So here's the link again to the excerpt on my livejournal. And here's the link to the first chapter on Samhain's website. Nicholas, Lord Amherst and the Honorable Mr. Ian Stanton would be available for your questions either here, or at my livejournal through December 9, 2009. Check back on December 9 for a chance to win a free copy of An Improper Holiday. Thanks for visiting guys, uh, chaps.

Ian: Did she mean some sort of imprecation with this "guys"?

Nicky: Perhaps the answer lies in the slate. Lend your brain, Ian, and we shall figure out how to use this thing.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Still Plugging Away

Yes, I'm still NaNoing. No, I am not up to where I want to be for my word count. I allowed several days in Washington DC to sway me from my 2k/day goal. Still, a good evening at the pub on Sunday helped remedy a portion of that. Hauling out my tarot deck has also helped me fill out a couple of scenes that were somewhat outlinish due to me being in one Washington and my cards being in the other when I was initially writing those scenes. Still, not enough to catch me up, though. I maintain hopes of reaching 50K before midnight of the 30th, however. In between writing spurts, to regain my frayed sanity and revive my melting gray matter, I turn to mindless entertainment such as this:

If you love John Barrowman or "Glee" or, like me, both, this will not fail to make you laugh. Hell, it'll probably make you laugh even if you don't. :-D

Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday eye-candy

Hapy Monday! ^-^
Been busy working on my Nano work. I'm a long way from the 50K but it has gotten me working on my writing again. Something that my muse has been quite stubborn about. I'm hoping to have a couple of projects done by the end of the year. I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving Holiday (to all those in the US). Remember to take a few moments and be thankful for all you have, and not ponder on what you don't.

Meanwhile, thought I'd brighten the day with some HUNKS to drool over.

Hmmm, who is he talking too?

If only they'd show him more shirtless on Supernatural. :P

Oooh, he's melting. Who wants a lick?

Pull-up champion. Think he'll show us some? :P

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I'd like to tell y'all that I've been busy. That in between working, I've been burning up the keyboard. I'd like to tell y'all that I've been popping idea after idea and have a To Write folder (I should make one of those).

In honesty, I've been doing this (I WISH):

Besides ogling Jensen Ackles, I'm slowly pulling out some progress on three of my current WIPs. Hunting through sub calls for that "ooh!" spark. Talking James B. into taking me bar-hopping on my 21st b-day (I heart that man SO much). Getting my life back together now that the Family Drama is over with.

So really, I'm just living. I hope to have something finished soon but hey, I'm not under any pressure. Especially because I quit NaNo. Freedom!

Now, nose back to grindstone. *starts video again*

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I have nothing but respect for those writers participating in NaNoWriMo, and I hope everyone will be successful. I've never participated, and honestly I can't imagine writing 50k in one month. Especially in November when there's sweeps television on!

Maybe if I didn't work full time as a copywriter I'd be more inclined to participate, but the idea of writing all day at work and then coming home to hours more on the computer to crank out those 50,000 words just seems far too daunting.

Personally, I find January to be the best month for holing up with my laptop. Perhaps I'll do JaNoWriMo in 2010, but with a more modest word-count target. Might be a good way to beat those post-holiday January blahs.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Morning Contest

Good morning/afternoon/evening! As I was sitting in my comfy recliner this morning, trying to think up something interesting to talk about, it occurred to me that I have a new book out which I haven't done a giveaway for yet. Then I figured, what better time than now?

All you need to do to enter to win a free copy of Reckless Passion is leave a comment on this post. Just say hi or something. I'm not going to make anyone answer questions or jump through hoops today.

I'll announce the winner here, in this post, later tonight around midnight est.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

NaNo Lessons

Okay, I know maybe y'all are getting tired of hearing about NaNoWriMo from all of us crazy people yakking about it all over the interwebz *g* But, the last couple of weeks have been most illuminating for me, and I wanted to share some of the things I've learned.

A little background: the book I'm writing -- Shenandoah, sequel to my short story Dragon's Kiss -- is set in a future world where technology, moderns medications and modern conveniences are things of the past. So I've been doing a LOT of research. I've spent many hours this past week reading up on medicinal plants. Had to tear myself away to write, actually, it was so interesting O_O

So, anyway, here are a few of the things I've learned researching in the past couple of weeks:

1. Sheep poo looks way more like horse poo than I would've thought. (Don't ask.)
2. Several different plants apparently keep blood from clotting, but not many make blood clot.
3. Yarrow encourages blood to clot. Yay for yarrow!
4. Half the weeds in the woods behind my house are evidently natural antibiotics/antiseptics. Who knew?
5. My GPS will not tell me how long it would take to walk from the mid-portion of North Carolina to northwest Virginia. WTF, GPS Lady? You'd tell me how long it would take to drive there.
6. I now have definitive proof that the GPS Lady hates me. See # 5.
7. A surprising variety of things can be used to start fires, if you can believe some of the websites out there. Nothing that a couple of guys in a primitive post-fall-of-modern-civilization world would have (they do not, for instance, have access to Coke cans...) but still. Most interesting.

And last but not least:
But y'all already knew that :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Today and every day, I honor the men and women who serve the country in which I live. Their decision to serve, especially in times of war, demonstrates a commitment and a sense of duty that awes me. I have written about characters who are veterans, including one in my upcoming release who experienced a life-changing sacrifice during his term of service. I can use my imagination, as any writer would, but I can never truly understand the physical, emotional and financial sacrifices the men and women of the armed forces endure for the sake of their commitment. Their service commands my deepest respect.

Even more so, I want to salute the gays and lesbians who make the choice to serve, to defend and even give their lives for a country that creates and upholds laws that make them second-class citizens. I salute those who are willing to serve a country that claims it doesn't need or want their service, a country that demands silence from those who are still determined in the face of that discrimination to offer selfless service. I am humbled by their bravery and awed by their strength as they take on a dangerous duty while being forced to abnegate their identity.

Think about what that silence means. For most people, expressing love, affection and attraction is simply a normal, daily routine. How many of us tell coworkers about a fight--or a celebration--we've had with our spouses? If we're single, don't we share our excitement about someone new we've met, or a heartbreak about a romance gone wrong? How often do we point out an attractive celebrity or comment on a relationship seen in a movie? Being gay is not some separate part of who we are, something we can lock away because that's just "for the bedroom," any more than heterosexuality is separate from how straight people go about their lives. The fact that our attraction, our bond, our love leads us to someone of the same gender is not an isolated facet of our existence. It should never be hidden or silenced because others perceive our love as offensive. A simple kiss by a same-sex couple in public is no more an example of "flaunting" sexual behavior than is the appearance of a pregnant woman in public.

So while I give my deepest respect to the men and women--of every sexual orientation--in our armed services, I look forward to the day when the truths our founders held self-evident are true for all of us, including the brave men and women who defend the country that, at its birth, declared itself for equality. I will continue to write about gay veterans, but especially about people falling in love, about that magic realization of something outside ourselves, something that makes us better than we were without

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

NaNoWriMo *again*?

It's year four for me and NaNoWriMo. Once again, I'm trying to hit 2K words/day. It's a method that has worked well enough for me in the past, and that is holding fairly true again this year. At that rate, you see, I can reach the 50K goal five days early, which is nice because I hate bringing anything in at the last possible moment. I had a bit of a set-back yesterday, unfortunately. Yesterday I was too fucking angry to produce more than 82 words. I could have typed more, but it would have been nothing but vitriol. Venomous and hateful things that have absolutely nothing to do with the story or the characters in it. The book deserves better than that. I'm not one of those lucky people who can lose themselves in writing. (That's what theatre is for.) But it's a rare day where my emotions take over so powerfully that I can't write at all. It's been several years since I've been this angry about anything, and I admidt it's a little scary to discover that I am still so very good at sustained rage. It's not something to be proud of, you know? So, I'm hoping for a better word count today, but I just don't know. I'm still furious beyond all rational arguments. Wish me luck? I could use it.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I am most definitely not doing NaNo this year. (She says, as if she's ever done NaNo in other years. Nope.) I will gladly read anyone else's efforts, though, and hope that it inspires me to keep working on the languishing novel. I think as the year winds down, I'll have a bit more time for it. Oh, wait, the holidays are coming, aren't they? There goes that plan.

In any case, I dropped in quickly just to let people know that I've got a short story available with Chance and Tucker from the Oceanside Fire universe. Slow Burn was originally part of the Men in Uniform anthology. The antho is no longer available, but you can buy the short story on its own HERE. I'm kind of fond of it, since I miss these guys. Give it a read!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

New M/M from Leigh Ellwood!

LongAwaitedFriend200I am happy to announce I have a new M/M short for sale! Long Awaited Friend has been a long time coming - it features characters from another M/M of mine called Surveillance, and is full of oral goodness and angst! Hope you enjoy it!

Long Awaited Friend - Leigh Ellwood

eBook ($1.79) available at the following merchants:
ARe * Scribd * Kindle
Smashwords * 1Romance

Missed opportunities with unrequited love force drummer Keith Zander to hit the road on his motorcycle. With each mile ridden he hopes to dull the ache of the truth that his bandmate Nat may never be his. But when Nat and Kurt, the third in their trio and Nat's lover, track him down with a surprising revelation, will Keith return home or keep running?

(This story features explicit male on male encounters, and multiple partners.)

Read an Excerpt.

Good news for the heart!

Nothing better than waking up to a story acceptance. A while back I submitted a short for inclusion in the All Romance 28 Days of Heart Campaign. This morning I learned my M/M short, GPS, was selected!

From the ARe page:

During the month of love, when everyone’s attention is focused on matters of the heart, we at All Romance ( want to help fight the number one killer of women, heart disease, and we need your help and your submissions. Beginning February 1, 2010, we will release one new short story per day for the entire month. All proceeds from the sale of these shorts, which will be offered exclusively on as individual eBooks and also bundled into 4 eBook anthologies, will be donated to the American Heart Association (

What's especially cool about this line of fiction is that Charlaine Harris has written the forward for the anthologies that will be created from the 28 stories picked. So a story will be released every day that month, then bound later on. So now I can say I'll be in a book with Charlaine Harris!

I wasn't given an exact date of release, but I'll have it on Twitter and the Web site the second I know. With my experience in "erotic altruism", as fellow author Alessia Brio coins it, I'm very pleased to be a part of this venture. Truly, All Romance/OmniLit is a force in the eBook industry - it's amazing to see their growth and success. I'm very excited for this campaign.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Reckless Passion will be out @ Loose Id tomorrow!

The third story in my Reckless series, Reckless Passion, comes out tomorrow at Loose Id. For anyone who has read the other books, this one is a little bit different. Rather than another story featuring Cody and Dante (the protagonists from the first two books) this story focuses on Cody's uncle, Beau and his... well, his beau. :D


Beau Bradbury has it all. He’s good looking, owns a lucrative business, and has an endless supply of hunks vying for his attention. His skinny, uptight personal assistant shouldn’t rate a bleep on his radar. Nevertheless, there’s just something about Adam that Beau can’t resist.

One night of drunken passion leads to nearly a year of secret trysts during office hours. Adam keeps his private life confidential, while Beau pretends to want nothing more than a good time. It’s a good arrangement, until a simple phone call ruins the status quo and makes Beau green with envy.

Frustrated that Adam might be seeing someone else, Beau tries to put his attraction to the younger man behind him. However, all that changes with the introduction of Adam’s son. Instantly smitten with the sweet little boy, Beau is all the more driven to claim Adam for his own. All he has to do is convince his wary lover to open his heart and trust that there’s more to Beau than his playboy persona suggests.


Beau Bradbury stared at his laptop, the last quarter’s earnings for Club Casbah slowly burning into his retinas. Glaring at them didn’t change the fact that memberships were on a downward swing. With the economy doing a nosedive, people just weren’t willing to splurge on expensive gentlemen’s clubs in order to get their rocks off. Something would have to be done if he wanted to stay in the black, but he wasn’t sure what. He certainly couldn’t raise the already exorbitant fees he was charging current members. That would only result in losing loyal customers who couldn’t afford the rate increase.

He refilled a highball glass with bourbon and swallowed the bitter brew, enjoying the heat that spread down his throat and crashed into his stomach. If there was ever a good time to get drunk, this certainly looked like the occasion.

Leaning back in his chair, Beau tried to think of some way to drum up business without losing his edge.

Casbah was known as an exclusive club, meaning he couldn’t promote a two-for-one deal without fucking up the club’s reputation. People didn’t pay good money for a club any Tom, Dick, or Harry could be admitted into at a moment’s notice.

After draining the glass, he topped it off yet again. A pleasant buzz built as he drank his fill. Thoughts of work circled around and around in an endless loop. With no easy solution in sight, his business woes slowly dissolved and were replaced by Beau’s favorite mental candy these days.

Adam Winger.

Having hired the young man as his personal assistant the month before, Beau was still on his best behavior around the guy. At twenty-one, Adam was a prime specimen of male virility. Twelve years older than Adam, Beau normally felt like a perverted chicken hawk for lusting after the younger man. At the moment, he just felt horny and in need of some TLC.

However, he had no intention of acting on his desire to fuck Adam’s pert little ass into next week. That didn’t mean he couldn’t think about it all he wanted, though. No one ever needed to know who he was fantasizing about on the rare occasions when he rubbed one out.

It wasn’t that he lacked for company so much as he was sick of the club scene. Taking care of his own needs was simpler than bringing someone home for the night, then having to kick them out the following morning. His taste in men invariably meant he chose the clingiest guy available, someone he’d have to pry out of his life with a crowbar, regardless of how quickly the other man had agreed to casual sex the night before.

Being a wealthy business owner had drawbacks as well as perks.

Those who weren’t swayed by his bank account would usually drop and spread ’em for his blond good looks or the body he religiously exercised. Single and in his thirties, Beau had no intention of letting an ounce of fat touch his short and stocky frame. If he weren’t careful, it would be too damn easy to go from solid to flabby.

Perish the thought. A fat ass wouldn’t catch the attention of anyone, regardless of how much I’m worth.

Beau closed his eyes. His mind flashed from one improper image to another. Adam taking advantage of Beau’s home gym, his pale skin glistening as he made use of the treadmill. Sweaty black curls clung to the sides of his heart-shaped face. Beau was half convinced the man’s tiny running shorts and nearly transparent tank tops were designed as punishment for horny, leering men of his ilk. Learning Adam dressed to the left, and had surprisingly large balls for a man his size, had been worth the torment.

Another image came of Adam decked out to the nines in a formfitting rented tux, his cheeks tinged with pink from all the compliments he’d received during the last party at the club. The coquettish looks and bashful blushing had only made Beau want to bend Adam over the nearest booth and fuck him all the more.

Beau palmed his cock through the slick fabric of his slacks. Christ, he ached. It’d been too long since he’d gotten laid. That was going to have to change. Soon.

A quiet knock sounded on the door, followed by Adam’s deep voice. “Boss?”

“It’s open.” Beau yanked his hand away from his dick and brushed his bangs out of his eyes. He hoped his face wasn’t as red as it felt.

Adam opened the door and then strode into the room carrying his laptop. His curls stuck up in spiky little ringlets, as if he’d been running his fingers through them. Dressed casually, Adam wore a pair of snug chinos and a faded black T-shirt. “Hey, I was just going through your calendar for this month, and it looks like you’re double booked for the thirtieth.”

Speak of the devil, and he appears. Beau blinked away his inner thoughts and stared at the man he’d been obsessing over for the last thirty-plus days. Already half-hard, his cock gave a tiny, happy jerk inside his pants. Why does Adam have to be so fucking adorable?

Beau coughed, trying to concentrate on what Adam was saying. Not an easy feat when his mind was busy translating everything into a subtle come-on. “Why don’t you switch the Adalgo appointment to the morning of the first and cancel my racquetball game with Mitch.”

There. I can do professional, even while half-baked.

A hint of wet pink tongue flashed over Adam’s lower lip as he stared down at his laptop. “That’ll work.”

Beau swallowed a groan.

Adam looked up, his deep brown eyes concerned. “Are you okay?”

Fuck. He hadn’t meant to make a noise. “Fine.”

“All right.” Adam closed his laptop. “Is there anything else you need from me tonight? It’s closing in on seven o’clock, and I’d like to call it a night.”

“No. I –” Beau’s gaze lowered to Adam’s mouth while the younger man licked his lips and made the plump, rosy flesh glisten.

Beau’s control snapped like a dry leaf. Fuck it. “There is something I need from you.”


Beau got up, his legs a little unsteady beneath him, and advanced toward Adam. “I need you to stop batting your lashes and undressing me with your eyes. If I see you lick your lips in my direction one more time, you’d better make damn sure you’re willing to back up the move with some action.”

Adam took a step backward. “I…I don’t know what you mean, sir.”

“Don’t you?” Beau snatched the laptop out of Adam’s hands and set it on his desk. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you don’t think I’m paying attention. You want me. I know you do. Even if you’re too chickenshit to admit it.”

Adam’s eyes widened, his chest rising and falling faster. “If that were true, and I’m not saying it is, I still wouldn’t act on it.”

“Why?” Logically, Beau knew all the reasons. They no longer mattered. Lust overruled common sense and fueled his need to claim Adam in the most basic, intimate way possible.

“I work for you. Isn’t that explanation enough?”

“No.” Beau caught Adam’s chin and tilted it up. Without giving Adam a chance to pull away, Beau swooped in and caught the younger man’s mouth with his own. Adam’s lips were firm yet soft, the lower one providing just enough cushion for the brute force behind Beau’s kiss.

Adam gasped and parted his lips, providing just enough space for Beau to take advantage. He slid his tongue into Adam’s mouth and explored, caressing and teasing as he got his first taste. Adam’s mouth was flavored with the French vanilla coffee he favored. A hint of a darker, infinitely richer tang lingered beneath, prompting Beau to keep kissing, to keep savoring, until he could figure out precisely what that unidentifiable zest was.

Meanwhile he palmed Adam’s cheek, the skin hot and prickly under his hand, and buried his fingers in the soft black curls he’d been dying to touch since the first time he’d laid eyes on the younger man.

Adam’s reluctance slowly vanished. His mouth became more pliant, his tongue more daring. His hands fisted in Beau’s shirt and tugged him closer, returning Beau’s aggression tenfold.

Beau lost himself in the taste of Adam’s lips and the feel of the younger man pressing against him. Although Adam was an inch or so taller than Beau, his slighter build felt good in Beau’s arms. Right.

Beau’s pulse thundered in his ears, blood racing from one head to the other. He would’ve liked to go on kissing Adam forever, but his body had other, more pressing desires. All he needed was to hear Adam say he wanted this just as much Beau did, and then he’d give in to his desire to get the younger man naked. He yearned to press against Adam, skin to skin, and explore every inch of the sweet body he’d been fantasizing about for so long.

Panting, Beau tore his mouth away from the soft cushion of Adam’s lips. “Say it.”

Adam lifted his eyes and stared at Beau. “Huh?”

“Tell me you want me. I need to hear you say it before this goes any further.”

“I –” Adam swallowed…

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Month I Lost My Mind

At least, I fully expect to. Fifty thousand words in a month?? Hey, I know some people can write that fast, but Ally ain't one of 'em. Therefore, I figure I'll be a few sandwiches short of a picnic by the time November is over.

Sooo. Who else is doing this whole NaNoWriMo thing? What are you writing? I'm working on the sequel to Dragon's Kiss. I'm breaking the NaNo rules because it's already a novel in progress, but what the hell. I need to work on this, so I am *g*

Now it's your turn. Share your NaNo project!
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