Thursday, April 30, 2009

Not quite writing related

For anyone in SoCal Metro Hell area..

Both my SG and I ID as BI so I want to pass this along:


PartyMay 16th, 20097-10pm

With the LA Bi Center Kickoff, we'll be jump-starting bi-related activities in the Southern California area while gauging interest in a variety of possible upcoming projects and events. Regional and National Bi leaders will be updating local Bisexual, LGBT and Straight community organizers on the new visibility, political action and cultural renewal happening in LA for the Bisexual community.

Come meet others, re-acquaint with old friends, meet new ones and participate in building bridges for future work together! Please bring Flyers and Brochures from your organizations or community effort, we'll have plenty for you as well.

Thanks for any considerations, and please visit for even more information.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Round Robin XVII

Me again? Sorry this is short. My own characters are noisy enough to drown almost everything else out.

Previously. (Do check that out. It's worth a second read. Zoe's scene was hot!)

Cole went into the tiny bathroom and locked the door. Just telling his dick to calm down wasn’t working. He hung onto the sink and took care of himself in a business like fashion ignoring the tentative knocks on the door.

Why did he give a shit about what some random kid thought? What the hell had he been thinking to turn down what had been offered?

His orgasm blotted everything out for a brief, blissful moment, and then his ringing ears picked up Matthew’s voice.

“Look. Thanks and all that. But…the rain stopped and I think it’s better if I just take off.”

Not even bothering to zip up, Cole yanked open the door. “You’re not going anywhere--except to my house. To sleep. That’s all. We clear?”

Matthew gaped at him before nodding. His cocksure, streetwise veneer had cracked, revealing a touch of vulnerability.

Cole was too tired to go digging, even if he might get an honest answer this time.

Matthew respected the shift in Cole’s moods, and they pulled on their still damp shirts in silence. Cole shut off all the lights and set the alarms, pulled down the gate. After opening the back door, he looked at Matthew in the streetlight.

“So everything has a price, right?”

Matthew shrugged.

“Here’s mine. You can sleep at my place and take off tomorrow if that’s what you really want. No charge. But if you want breakfast, you want to do something besides sleep? Then I want some answers.”

Matthew started to say something but Cole held up his hand.

“Right now I don’t want to hear anything but the sound of my own snores.” Cole jerked his chin at his car. “It’s that Dodge, there under the light. “ He started for the car without looking back to see if Matthew was following.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Release and New Contract!

Sorry not to continue the round-robin again (esp. after that last, smokin' round that Zoe posted), but...

The Ballad of Jimothy Redwing is IN PRINT TODAY! Woo-hoo!

New lover. New city. New dangers.

Wand’ring Minstrel Jimothy Redwing is used to life on the road, living by the words and music that are his stock in trade. While he’s comfortable finding his way alone, he’s always amenable to a friendly stranger who knows the lay of the land. Ricky Lennox is smart, funny, handsome, and very amenable.

With a place to stay, a sexy new lover, and some local contacts, Jimothy looks forward to delivering the letters in his care—including a message for the local ruler—and earning a little money with his music before moving on.

Ricky’s declaration he’s interested in more than just a one-night tryst starts Jimothy thinking about settling into a life of perfect harmony. But things hit a sour note when he learns his lover’s true identity—and exactly what’s in the epistle to Kanbec’s ruler.

Jimothy’s journey turns out to be far more complicated than he could have dreamed, and as dangerous as any epic ballad. For himself—and for Ricky.

Warning: This book contains a sexy musician, hot nekkid manlove, violence, and nuns dressed in blue.

And as if that weren't enough, I sold another manuscript! Whee! Same universe. Same country. Same genre. Different publisher. I don't have a release date or anything as definite as that yet. I just sent the contract back last week and I'm trying to be patient. (I suck at patient.) But I had to share my good news and... a blurb!


Client Privileges (assuming the title sticks ;) )

On the surface, Jonas Vaneau's life is ordinary. He works at the law courts during the day, spends Sabbath night with his parents and every other night with his cat, and tolerates the unending string of single women his mother invites to Sabbath dinner. But his routine life cannot provide what he most desires—at least not as long as he must continue to pretend to be the person his overbearing parents want him to be.

An unusual encounter with a seemingly ordinary brothel client causes Micah Hartshorn considerable consternation. When Jonas inexplicably breezes past his emotional defenses, Micah finds himself involved in a drama that is far beyond anything for which his professional skills have prepared him. Solving this new puzzle isn't in his plans—especially not when he has his own issues to deal with both at home and at work.

All personal problems are swept up in political unrest when new laws threaten both men's livelihoods. When even greater troubles send Jonas's world spinning beyond his control, it's up to Micah to save him from his downward spiral—if he can.

What future can Jonas and Micah hope to find together in a city turned against them?

Warning: This book contains drinking, language, violence, m/m sex, politics, and organized religion; legalized prostitution; nine-year-old civil rights activists; and foreign food.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I attended the RT Convention in Orlando, FL this past week and had a really great time. However, it's even better to be home. :) (though slightly behind on everything).
This was my first year at RT and was a bit overwhelmed at first. So many things to do, so many people to meet - put faces to names finally - and such hot eye-candy to see. *drool* Tory is right...the men loved having their pictures taken and to flirt. *Sigh* Not to mention the bags of books and promo goodies I brought home. Still gotta sort through all of that and can't wait to get to the reading of the books.
And yes, I had the pleasure of meeting and contributing to some of Tory's intoxication Thursday night. :P Who knew that Butterscotch martinis were so delicious. I had a couple myself as a splurge. But then pair Tory with Chris Owen...and I could tell right off they were trouble with a capital T. *LOL* I hope you guys had fun at Disney and not kidnapped by some hottie pirates. ;)
Oh, and I met Leigh Ellwood. That woman is my hero with all that she does.
I also found the owners of Torquere Press very entertaining and a joy to be around.
All in all, I learned a lot about the industry. And the writers and others I met and spent some time with were all nice and a pleasure to speak with. I'm not sure I'll be able to attend next year, but I definitely want to attend another RT in the future.
Now I'm off to try and get caught up with all the stuff I blew off last week.

Aaah, eye-candy! He's just as hunky as the Mr. Romance competators.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Good morning, Slash and Burners! Coming to you from central Florida, where I'm attending the Romantic Times conference in Orlando. Today we're off to spend the day at Disney World, but I wanted to stop in quickly and say hi and that the conference is going very well. I had the extreme pleasure of meeting fellow blogger Marty Rayne at the Faery Ball on Thursday night, and she endeared herself to me forever by buying me a very expensive drink. I owe her big time. :D Also, she is lovely and sweet and makes fabulous promo bracelet things.

I've learned much about the industry here, including the fact that people will do and say anything to get ahead, and I'm fortunate enough to have a publisher that pays me well and pays me on time. I also learned that the Mr. Romance contestants are willing to pose with other Mr. Romance contestants for the sheer pleasure of taking their picture together. Thanks, Mr. Romance contestants! Keep on keepin' on.

Time to go! Since I'm actually on West Coast time and it's 4:40 a.m. on my internal clock, I hope we're planning to make a Starbucks run. Happy Sunday, lovelies.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


*grins* Translation: corny accented version of vampires. Yes, I'm loopy today.

I've been working on Forever May Not Be Long Enough (aka TPA 3) today. We've got about 60% (or thereabouts) of it written, but there's still a TON of work to do, especially after my Arcana, Necessary Evil, flipped some major plot points on their heads. As a result, TPA 3 has had some plot points change. My men are notorious for this. Just ask Shayne.

While I slave away on bridging a major time span in the beginning, I DO have the opening scene to share. Before anyone asks, we have no clue on a release, though we're hoping for maybe late 2009/early 2010. Depends on how quickly we can get it done and sent to TQ.


One foot in front of the other. Ignore the accusing stares. Don't let them in.

Taylor Reed flipped up the collar of his worn denim jacket, shielding his neck from the bitter cold, mid-December wind. He’d be lucky if he survived to the new year. Most of his friends were out of town, and even if they were here, he wasn't about to mooch off of them. Besides, no one knew he didn't have a place. Maybe it was his pride talking, but he wasn't the type to beg. He stopped walking and stared up at the building looming before him. He hated that it had come to this, but when the alternative was freezing to death on a park bench, he figured selling his body for a few hours on a dirty mattress wasn't such a big deal.

Just as he put a hand on the door, he caught a glimpse of someone in the glass. The man stood tall, well-built with long, curly blond hair. His steady gaze held Taylor immobile, unable to open the door.

"You don't have to do it."

"Do what?" Taylor turned and met those unnatural blue eyes head-on.

The man nodded at the door. "Sell yourself."

Taylor bristled and started to walk away. "Fuck you."

"I am sorry." The man walked evenly with him.

Stopping abruptly, Taylor glared at him. "Why is an angel out in the middle of the street at night, anyway?"

"How do you know?"

Taylor shrugged and crossed his arms, rubbing them to keep the circulation going under the bite of a harsh wind. "I just do. Gut feeling."

"Please, let me help you."

"Why? Who are you and why would you care?"

The man slipped off his leather coat and draped it around Taylor's shoulders. It was heavy and smelled herbal, with a hint of the man's personal scent, mingled with a touch of old leather. "Because I do."

Sighing, Taylor nodded.

"Are you hungry?"

"Yeah," Taylor admitted, though he sure as fuck wasn't going to say when the last time he'd eaten. Hell, he wasn't sure himself. "What's your name?"

"Cian Carmichael."

Why did that name sound familiar? Taylor knew that name, though he had no idea why. Maybe he'd heard it somewhere -- the man looked well-to-do. Taylor held out a hand, trying to still it from shaking in the cold. "Taylor Reed."

"Come on," Cian said. He shook Taylor’s hand, then put an arm around Taylor's shoulders. "Let's find some place warm."

Taylor stiffened a little, but he let Cian lead him down the sidewalk. They found a small diner still open and went inside. Taylor followed Cian to a booth near the back and slid into the opposite seat. A bored-looking waitress came over and handed them two menus.

"What can I get you to drink?" she asked, flipping out a notepad.

“Guinness," Cian said.

“Same,” Taylor added.

When the waitress wandered off, Cian sat back in his seat and Taylor found himself the subject of an intent but curious gaze. He'd been under scrutiny before, but not like this. Cian was different. Despite the whole angel thing, which Taylor still wasn't sure how he knew, Cian wasn't like anyone else. Then it hit Taylor like a ton of bricks.

"Holy shit. You're with the vampires here."

Cian smiled and nodded once. "I'm Mael Black's companion, yes. I share a throne with him in his court."

Oh, fuck.

Taylor swallowed, grateful for the break in conversation when the waitress arrived with their drinks. They both gave their orders -- him a cheeseburger and chips, Cian the same -- then she left again. Taylor stared into the dark liquid in his mug, trying to work out how he managed to garner the attention of the vampire prince's consort.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Round Robin XVI

Looks like I'm up :)

Part XV

Previously: “Is this what you want from me, Matthew?”

The knot in Matthew’s gut twisted tighter. He’d never felt more shame. Not even when his dad kicked him out and he had to start hustling to live. Not the first time he hit his knees in some filthy alley. Not even when they called him a good little whore.

He swallowed the shame and spit out a lie. “Yes.”

Cole slid his slick fingers out slowly, Matthew's ass clamped on him, tight and warm. His jeans shrank a little more and he swallowed the groan, trying to breathe against the lust. It burned his throat, coiled in his balls and made it damn near impossible to concentrate on anything other than the ass in front of him. On any different person, that would have been fucking paradise.

Hell, it was paradise now. But it was paradise with a heavy prce attached to it. His ego was clashing hard with his boner. Matthew radiated desire but there was also a dose of expectation and not the good kind. It was in the way Matthew waited so patiently, feet spread. It was in his even breathing.

It was in the condom in Cole's hand and the lube on his fingers. His fingers curled around the foil packet and he realized that as much as he wanted it, as much as his dick was oh hell yeah...he couldn't do it. He didn't want to fit into whatever neat little box Matthew had put him, and half the world, in. He didn't want to do the expected.

Even if the expected looked so nice spread out for him.

"Cole?" Matthew peeked over his shoulder, those pretty eyes turned blue-black with need.

The urge to be unpredictable, different, important -damn - drove him suddenly. "Spread your legs a little more." It was agony to watch him do it, to watch those long bare legs open as far as the jeans would allow. Prick pleading with him, Cole unzipped and worked a hand in, eyes slipping shut as he gave his dick a good, hard stroke

It was all he was gonna get. "Get a little lower? Short guy here."

Matthew escaped his jeans and underwear, ditched his shoes and braced against a lower shelf. The blue-eyed look of impatience tied with want that Matthew threw at him almost made him smile. Then Matthew's gaze dipped south and Cole's dick twitched in his jeans, swelling under the attention.

The smile that followed the look - the lazy curl of lips that was all sex, all need - nearly broke Cole's resolve. Before he could give in, Cole dropped to the floor. Above him, Matthew was nothing but long blond hair, a dip of strong back and that round, fuckable ass.

Make that round, fuckable, and edible.

Quickly, before Matthew could do more than jump, Cole pulled Matthew's ass cheeks apart and swept his tongue in, following the indent of crack. Matthew's groan shook through them both. Mouth buried in, Cole let his eyes shut as he worked his tongue into Matthew's hole, the hot, intimate taste making him shudder. The goal was to go fast and hard because God knew he wasn't going to last long but the memory...the memory had to.

Cole flicked his tongue over that flexing ring of muscle and worked his still-slick hand around to grab Matthew's dick, squeezing as tight as he dared. Matthew trembled for him, hips rocking back and forth in short bursts, fucking his fist, fucking his face. If there were words, they were lost to grunts as Cole pushed Matthew toward the edge at a ruthless pace.

And Matthew fought him even as he fucked. He could feel in the way Matthew's thighs tensed, trying to hold back before the inevitable snap of his hips. He could feel it in the hand that had grabbed onto Cole's wrist, trying to hold him still. But Cole broke that fragile grasp, refusing to be contained. Mouth slipping free, he bit down on Matthew's ass, hard enough to bruise, as he twisted his fist.

Matthew broke with a cry that filled the room before dying out on what could have been a sob. The smell of hot come wrapped them in the scent of sex. Cole fell back on his ass as Matthew turned to face him. Cole's dick was about to break through his jeans and his knees hurt but the shattered look on Matthew's face made the oncoming jerk off worth it.

Matthew swallowed a few times before choking out, "Why didn't you...?"

Cole climbed to his feet slowly. One wrong move and he was gonna break something. "To show you that you don't know shit about what I want."

Monday, April 20, 2009

Reckless Behavior is out!


After six months with his lover, Cody yearns for monogamy. The threesomes he and Dante engage in are fun, but he needs more from the man he loves. Although Cody longs to tell Dante how he feels, he fears love and fidelity are two words missing from his older lover’s vocabulary.

The discovery of a naked man in Dante’s apartment confirms Cody’s worst fears. The cliché Dante uses as an excuse for his betrayal further clouds the issue at hand. Cody doesn’t know whether to trust the word of a man notorious for screwing around, or believe the worst and walk away from the love he wants most.

Buy it now at Loose Id.


Dante reclined under an umbrella. The shade was a nice respite from the broiling heat rising up off the crystalline depths of the pool directly ahead of him. Cody, his lover for the last six months, lounged to his right. Dante’s anxious gaze roamed the ample crowd of wet, nearly naked men parading in and out of the water. His idea of a weekend jaunt to Palm Springs had been a good one, although it was not turning out exactly as he planned. He had wanted to spend the weekend wrapped up in his young lover; Cody, however, had other ideas — like a weekend of debauchery with anyone who caught his fancy.

Even if things were not going strictly to plan, there was no reason to complain. Dante had Cody and the knowledge that no matter who joined them in bed, Cody curled up with him at the end of the night. He was in his first real relationship with someone he truly cared about. As an added bonus, he could still fuck anyone he wanted. His lover not only approved of him being with other men but instigated most of their encounters.

Life was good.

He should have been thrilled.

Instead, he felt restless and out of sorts. Rather than basking in the beautiful day and the exciting night to come, he wanted to throw Cody over his shoulder and run. A knot of dread built in the pit of his stomach. A glimmer of what the problem could be lingered in the back of his mind. He wasn’t quite ready to lay all his cards on the table and face the possibility that Cody might not feel the same way he did. The time would come when he had no choice but to air his concerns. Thankfully, that was not now.

Stretching to his left, Dante snatched a tall bottle of water off the table and took a long swallow. The icy liquid sloshed over his tongue and quenched his thirst, but it did nothing to satiate his hunger. He glanced at Cody, taking in the tiny shorts and smooth, bare torso, and held out the bottle. “Want a drink?”

“No, thanks. I’m not thirsty.” Cody pointed toward a lithe brunet in a bright blue Speedo. “I’d much rather have a taste of him.”

Dante followed his lover’s gaze to the man in question. “He’s not bad, but what about the blond over there?” He nodded toward a delicate young man with sandy-colored hair and visible tan lines.

“No.” Cody shook his head, his pale hair bouncing like a tarnished halo. “I’d rather have the brunet. The blond’s too feminine.”

“All right.” Dante took another sip of his water and then twisted the cap back on. He leaned across the scant space between them and ran the chilled bottle down Cody’s smooth chest. “You know I can’t say no to you.”

Cody shivered and pushed Dante’s hand away. “Christ, that’s cold.”

Dante lowered his sunglasses and leered at Cody, letting his gaze linger on a single bead of sweat cascading down the tan, silken skin between Cody’s firm pecs. “I know just how to warm up back up.”

“I’m sure you do.” Cody smirked. “I’m hot just thinking about what we’re going to do tonight.”
Dante sighed and sat back. “Are you still sure you want to go through with it?”

“Oh yes.” Cody nodded, as if he wanted to make doubly sure Dante knew what he wanted. “I haven’t thought of anything else since we talked about it the other night.”

“It’s going to hurt.”

“I don’t care if there’s a little pain. It will feel good, too.”

“I’ll have to take your word on that. I’ve never met a man who got off on bottoming the way you. Regardless, it’s bound to hurt like hell if you take two cocks up your ass at the same time.”
Cody shrugged. “I can take it.”

“I guess we’ll see about that soon enough.” Much to my annoyance.

It wasn’t that the thought of squeezing into his lover’s tight little ass with another man didn’t turn him on, or that he wanted to refuse Cody something he obviously wanted to experience. More that he was tired of the charade. Kink was fine in the right time and place, but there was something to be said for plain old vanilla sex. Was it wrong to want to clip Cody’s wings and keep his young lover all to himself? He didn’t want Cody to feel smothered, but when would the parade of men stop? Quite frankly, he wasn’t sure how much longer he would be able to keep up. Although he was not old — not by a long shot — he wasn’t as young as he used to be either. That point was driven home each time he and Cody engaged in raucous sex. Orgasms seemed to energize Cody, while Dante inevitably wanted to roll over and go to sleep.

He feared he was to blame for Cody’s sexual excesses. He had taken it upon himself to broaden Cody’s horizons. Now he was stuck with the results from his lack of foresight. There was nothing he could do about it without coming off like a hypocrite.

“Mm hmm,” Cody hummed. “I can not wait to get started.”

“Why don’t you go get your man and see if he’s interested? We might as well get things started. It’s going to be a long night.”

Cody whooped. He leaned over, smacked a quick kiss to Dante’s lips, then rose to his feet. “This is going to be so much fun.”

Dante wasn’t so sure fun was the right word. Fucking hot was a better description. Just because he was feeling his age didn’t mean he wasn’t looking forward to seeing Cody lost in pleasure. There was nothing more beautiful or alluring than watching Cody come and knowing he’d had a hand in making it happen.

He slid his sunglasses back up the bridge of his nose and watched his lover run off toward the other man in question. The heat building in his body had nothing to do with the sun and everything to do with the blond sprite diving headfirst into the deep end.

Cody swam with ease and then rose to his feet as he neared the shallow end. Water slid down his skin like butter, making it glistened in harsh, late-afternoon sunlight. He ascended out of the water an inch at a time, like some mythic sea creature hell-bent on seduction, and revealed every inch of his perfect, lissome frame. The snug material of his swimsuit hugged his trim hips and dipped into the tempting crease between his pert cheeks.

Dante licked his lips, knowing it wouldn’t be long until he was face deep in that perfect tight little ass. His pulse accelerated, thinking of all the ways he could use Cody’s body. The remembered sound of Cody’s hushed little pants and whimpers echoed in his ears as if they had just escaped Cody’s sweet lips. Dante sighed and readjusted his thickening prick, not giving a damn who saw him fondling his crotch.

Cody was going to be the death of him. Although no one had ever called Cody shy, the young man had really blossomed in the last six months. He seemed more confident and sure of himself. Since Dante had taken his virginity, Cody had embraced his sexuality with panache. Dante had initiated their first threesome thinking it was something Cody would enjoy trying out — once. Admittedly, his motive could have been to show off a little as well. It was a thrill being the first to introduce someone so untried to the great world of debauchery. He had gotten off on guiding Cody through the paces, of being so hedonistic with a man completely unfettered about his sexuality. Unfortunately, he had never expected it to become a regular thing.

Cody couldn’t seem to get enough.

Dante, on the other hand, was growing tired of sharing.

His only consolation was the rule they had agreed upon before their first ménage: if either of them wanted someone else, they both had to agree and do him together. Otherwise there was no sex outside of their relationship, period.

It had seemed reasonable at the time. Because he was Cody’s first lover, Dante realized Cody would want to sow some wild oats. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t gone through the same thing once upon a time. Knowing Cody returned to him, regardless of who they fucked, made him feel like a god. He wanted to let Cody spread his wings. What he didn’t like was watching the kid spread his cheeks for anyone and everyone.

He had thought he was mature enough to handle sharing. Logically, he knew the other men were just physical cravings, playthings who were fucked and forgotten. Emotionally, it was wearing on him. Their revolving bedroom door grew exhausting. At the same time Cody was busy discovering himself, Dante had learned he wasn’t getting any younger.

It was a hell of an eye opener.

While he had gotten off on sleeping with other men and experimenting to a point, he found himself longing for the nights when it was only he and Cody. For the time they spent alone together, making love and — God forbid — cuddling.

Maybe his midlife crisis was hitting early. At thirty-two years old, he was a little young for one, but stranger things had happened. Nonetheless, something had changed. It wasn’t like him to be so mawkish.

Dante scowled at his thoughts as Cody headed his way with the brunet in tow. He rose to his feet and tried to look friendly.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ready to Serve: Arresting Gay Erotica
By: James Buchanan
Published By: Lethe Press
ISBN # 978-1-59021-205-9

In Ready to Serve, acclaimed gay erotica author James Buchanan offers readers six tales of sultry officers, firemen, and the men drawn to those wearing the badge.

"Pat Down" - What happens when two guys who secretly lusted after each other in high school wind up face to face… especially when one has become a cop and the other is, well, a bad boy?"

Speed Trap" - Officer Manley is none to happy about Pete Masters making fun of him and his speed trap until he confronts Pete and gets a whole 'nother type of tease.

"Burn Zone" - After losing his teammates in an out of control brushfire, Smoke Jumper Tyson retreats from the world, but his two roommates force him to face his guilt while affirming the unique bond they share.

"Risk" - While two crime scene cleaners face hazards in their job, they understand, from their love, it's all about learning how to deal with both the physical and the emotional risks.

"Coyote Crossing" - Border Patrol Agent Rick Franco runs back home to Deming to forget his recent past. When he picks up his best friend's little brother on an illegal border crossing raid, however, his past may help him move forward into the future.

"Fairground" - Uptight and driven, Sergeant Don Lo pieces together the strange pattern of thefts at the county fair while fighting his attraction to the maintenance chief, Vito Marzi. Don needs the help of the older, mellower man to teach him to relax, let go of his prejudices and see the bigger picture to solve this riddle.

Buy the eBook:

Pre-Order the Print version:

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Round Robin XV

Part XIV
Previously: And maybe he could use the guy's shower before he finally stopped playing the goody-two-shoes Samaritan and kicked Matthew out. "You liked your payment before. I could make your offer worth your while." He took a step forward… and promptly tripped over the cat.

Matthew landed hard against Cole. Against his warm, solid, strong body. Cole caught him, hands just at the bottom of Matthew’s ribs. Cole, who’d done nothing but try to help him—even at the risk of his own safety. If Matthew didn’t know a hell of a lot better, he’d almost believe in the fairy tale of decent human behavior again. Decent guy or not, Matthew wanted him. Not just as a way of paying for a bed and shower, but wanted him. Cole. An unexpected need Matthew wasn’t going to think too much about.

Cole’s warm brown eyes were wide with surprise at what must have seemed like Matthew flinging himself at the other man. Matthew grabbed Cole’s head and pulled him into a kiss, tongue sliding along Cole’s soft bottom lip. And just then Matthew remembered the way Cole had resisted his other attempt at a kiss. Releasing Cole’s head, Matthew tried to step away, but Cole still held him.

“Sorry.” Some guys just didn’t kiss. “It was an accident.”

“Don’t tell me,” Cole said, wide lips twitching in a smile. “You tripped and fell on my lips.”

Matthew was good at this. He could turn it around, make sure that Cole never knew it was anything more than gratitude, never saw how much Matthew wanted it. “I’ve got a better—”

Cole cut him off with a kiss. A slow, long kiss. The kind where you knew you were the total focus of the mouth on yours, even if the owner of the mouth showed no signs of giving into the heat that was flooding from your chest to your dick. Just a deep steady thrust of tongue until all Matthew could think about was how that focus was going to show when it was Cole’s cock thrusting into his ass, that deliberate stroke driving him out of his mind.

By the time Cole’s tongue had moved to lick under Matthew’s jaw, Matthew was already reaching into his pocket for the condom and lube he always carried. When Cole’s hand moved to the button of Matthew’s jeans, he slapped them both into Cole’s hand.

Cole lifted his head and looked down at his palm. Matthew’s neck was cold from where Cole had been licking.

“You think this is what I want from you?” Cole asked.

Matthew rubbed Cole’s dick through his jeans, measuring the thick shaft with cupped fingers. And it was thick. That heavy cock had stretched the hell out of Matthew’s jaw, and he wasn’t exactly out of practice.
“Fuck yeah, you want it.”


Matthew shut the door. No way was he getting distracted from getting fucked by that dick because of another surprise appearance of glowing cat eyes. He dropped his jeans and briefs to the floor and turned around, bracing himself against a shelf in the storage room. “Trust me. You’re going to love it.”

He waited, ass tipped up invitingly. He wanted this fuck, but there was still a part of him stupidly wishing Cole would prove him wrong. That at least Cole would take Matthew home and—well, not make love because that was too delusional—but at least take him home and fuck him as sweet and thoroughly as Cole had kissed him.

But Matthew was never wrong.

Cole ran one hand over the curve of Matthew’s ass, then trailed a finger along his crack. Matthew arched into the touch even as his gut tightened. Cole’s finger returned, slick and cool, circling and rubbing. No burn, just a sweet stretch and that so-good sense of being filled. Cole fucked him with that one finger, and just when Matthew would have begged, Cole slipped another one inside, the motion so smooth Matthew’s muscle gave in with just a quick flare of pleasure-pain.

Cole might be a nerd, a nerd with a cat and a tidy little art supply store and a Good-Samaritan complex, but he was a nerd who knew his way around. His fingers zeroed in and rubbed across Matthew’s prostate, prodding and pushing until he felt the pressure build straight through his dick.

The only other contact Cole had with Matthew was a hand on his shoulder to keep him steady against the steady fuck and rub of his fingers, and Matthew tried to remind himself that he wasn’t looking for anything else. Didn’t care if Cole wrapped him in strong arms and held him when their bodies moved together. Cole knew what he was doing and they were both going to get a good time out of it. That was all Matthew wanted.

“Is this what you want from me, Matthew?”

The knot in Matthew’s gut twisted tighter. He’d never felt more shame. Not even when his dad kicked him out and he had to start hustling to live. Not the first time he hit his knees in some filthy alley. Not even when they called him a good little whore.

He swallowed the shame and spit out a lie. “Yes.”

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Round-Robin Part XIV

Part XIII is here.

Matthew drew himself up, tried to shake off—or at the very least bury—the sudden wave of disappointment at Cole's words. He'd secretly hoped the cops had been called on the assholes who'd jumped him. He should have known better. Why should anyone report a couple of thugs wailing on a faggot? It wasn't their business, wasn't their problem. It was also par for the course as far as Matthew was concerned. Nothing to give a shit about. So why did he?

The cat… What the fuck was its name again? Balthazar. Right. …wound around his ankles. Where had it come from? He hadn't seen or heard it approach. He eyed it with some suspicion as he answered Cole's unfinished question. "I can take care of myself." Matthew stepped carefully away from the purring feline, but Balthazar followed and began his weave again.

"Do we have to play the bullshit game again?" Cole asked.

"You think I can't?" countered Matthew defensively. He tried again to escape the cat's affection, and had as little success. The damned thing was as persistent as its human counterpart. He needed to get out of here. Away from the pair of them. But with the cops roaming the neighborhood and no chance of Tyler ever appearing, he was left with precious few options.

"I never said that. Listen," Cole went on. He took a breath, let it out in a controlled sigh. Matthew tensed, waiting. "If you need a place to stay tonight, you can crash with me. No strings attached," he added quickly.

Matthew gave a derisive snort. Yeah, right. And Cole claimed he didn't want to "play the bullshit game"? Bull. Shit. "There's always strings." But Matthew couldn't deny that he could use somewhere to stay for the night. Get his shit together. Figure out what the hell he was going to do next. He couldn't go back to his aunt and uncle's house, that was for damned sure.

He toned down his anger and turned up the seduction again. He'd have to pay for the privilege, no matter what Cole claimed. At least he'd have a mattress under him when he let Cole fuck him. That would be a plus. And maybe he could use the guy's shower before he finally stopped playing the goody-two-shoes Samaritan and kicked Matthew out. "You liked your payment before. I could make your offer worth your while." He took a step forward… and promptly tripped over the cat.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Behold the fuzzy cuteness!

New release time!

Over a year ago, I wrote a story called Keeping Karma for Torquere Press' Turn of the Screw serial subscription line. It finished its chapter by chapter run in February, so now it's available for sale as a complete download. And in print, too!

Look how cute:

Thank you to the ever-talented Alessia Brio for always being awesome with my covers.

I'm excited about this one because of the animal factor. If you've ever looked at your dog/cat/bird/bunny/snake/tortoise and wondered what they were thinking, if anything, then check this book out. Here's the official blurb off the site:

Alexander Myers and his twin sister Tabitha were born with the incredible ability to "hear" the thoughts of animals. Alex has managed to keep this a secret and has actually used it to his advantage for his job, working in an emergency animal care clinic and volunteering at the animal shelter while he studies to become a veterinarian.

One night while Alex is working the front desk, Dylan Travers, a local animal control officer, comes in with an injured fawn. When Alex and Dylan become involved, it gets harder and harder for Alex to keep his secret. On top of that, Alex has a little menagerie of his own in his apartment, including a ferret called Karma, who he's not supposed to have as a pet. As the two men become closer, Alex worries about how Dylan will react if Alex tells him about his pets and then his special ability.

Add to that debilitating migraines from especially 'loud' animals, and a dangerous co-worker who Alex butts heads with, and life is suddenly far more exciting than Alex would like. Will he be able to keep his job, his pets, his lover and his sanity?


Aaaaaaand because I'm nice, here's the beginning of porn. :D

The kiss wasn’t shy or tentative and Alex was glad. He hated it when a guy was too delicate about kissing or even when they didn’t want to do it at all. Alex loved tasting men’s mouths and it made him hard when the other guy was into it, too. Kissing gave a really good clue to how a guy did other stuff in bed.

Dylan had immediately wrapped a leg around Alex’s hip and Alex was pleased to feel a nice, thick cock pressing into the juncture between his thigh and groin. He slid forward slightly, dragging his own cock over the spot, and received a small intake of breath from Dylan as reward.

“So what’d you have in mind?” Alex asked. “I don’t fuck on the first date.” That was a lie; he’d totally fucked and been fucked on lots of first dates, but Alex wasn’t quite sure why he didn’t want to go there with Dylan right now. Maybe because he actually liked the guy.

“What you’re doing feels good.” Dylan rocked his hips up to prove his point. His eyes had changed from bright green to a rather smokier shade of jade that Alex found fascinating.

“There’s stuff that feels better.” Alex wedged a hand in between them and found the button fly of Dylan’s jeans. They were old jeans, thank God, because one flick had the fly completely open and then Dylan’s prick was in Alex’s hand, all smooth and hot and just a little wet at the tip.

Dylan gasped and arched up again. “You’re right,” he panted, eyes fluttering closed. “That feels a hell of a lot better.”

Alex made a noise of agreement. “No underwear. You come prepared.”


Much thanks to Mychael Black for the favorable review. Keeping Karma is available for electronic download HERE and in print HERE.

Go check this one out, for real. It's different and fun and if I had a superpower, listening to animals would be it. :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

New M/M Story Preview

Presently I am inspired to write a new story. I won't go into detail, but I will mention that this will be out very soon, and it will precede another story in the same series. Here is a sneak preview in the rough. Hope you enjoy it.

Miguel casually tossed a ring of keys on the nearest table by the door and strolled to the desk on the opposite wall. He unloaded his booty on the paper blotter and reached for the mini-fridge. "Have a seat," he said. "Get comfy."

Copyright 2009 Leigh Ellwood

Seeing as Miguel had obviously rented the inn's economy suite, Red had no choice but to get "comfy" on the edge of the queen-sized bed. The mattress yielded easily to his weight, forcing Red to jostle for balance as he sank into the softness.

Miguel chuckled. "You are funny, Red. You know that?"

"Unintentionally," Red countered. "That's not always a good thing."

"It's cute. I like you." Miguel poured two shots of tequila, then sliced the lime into wedges with a jackknife from his pocket. "You could use something strong, too, I can tell."

Like an elephant tranquilizer? Red kept silent. He didn't want to come across as a comedian. True, humor often proved a strong shield during times of anxiety, but one false wrong might send the night into a disappointing tailspin.

And what did he expect to happen anyway? Sex? Teenaged style necking at the most? The amorous electric charge filled the room - Red could feel the affect of Miguel's musk on his own skin. His cock stirred slowly to life, his nipples ached under his shirt...but he held fast to the bed comforter. Whatever was destined to happen tonight, he decided Miguel would take the lead. The young man exuded confidence, a casual nonchalance that Red envied. He needed to learn that.

Miguel grabbed the salt shaker and turned. "Hold out your hand," he ordered in a gentle voice. "No, like this." Miguel demonstrated a loose fist, thumb curled upward. Red obeyed.

Miguel sprinkled some salt along the rim of Red's fist. "You have to have done this some time in your life."

As opposed to what? Red had to admit, though, Miguel could read him well. Truly he must look the part of the shy virgin unsure if he was being seduced. Of course, Red was no virgin in the traditional sense - he and Charlene had enjoyed a strong sex life until these old desires resurfaced - yet he had never acted on the alternatives now apparently open to him.

With Red's knuckles now properly seasoned, Miguel took one of the hotel glasses, a fourth of the way filled with Cuervo. "Lick it." He bent down to tongue away the salt. Red thought his heart might burst.

Finishing with an exaggerated smack, Miguel said, "Slam it," and down the shot.

Red realized what came next. No mistaking Miguel's grin, either.

"Suck it."


What gets sucked? You'll see. ;)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Me Again, Now With News!


I think one of Anne and my fav stories may be one of the least known ones since it's a little 15k m/m romance with no shocking title, mad assassins or sexed up violence-loving vamps around.

We adore the characters (I confess. part of said love is fueled by their visual inspirations lol) but it's really a neat little story and, more importantly will be part of one of the upcoming Naughty Nuptials print anthologies. *squee*

Randy Ohara has been alone and lonely since the death of his first and only lover. While in New York to attend his sister's wedding he develops an instant and strong attraction to an unknown man at a Manhattan nightclub. The desire he feels is surprisingly intense, making Randy realize he's never wanted another man with such passion before.

It's even more of a surprise when Randy learns that the stranger he lusts for is none other than Jason Chen, the groom's widowed father. Randy doesn't dare make a move on the sexy older man until the handsome detective reveals a few secrets of his own.

Wanna sample the hotness in e-book form? post a comment and I'll draw a winner tomorrow evening.

Pat on the back for online friends

I'm not sure if Anne has a post coming for you today but I just wanted to give a hearty round of applause to Alex Beecroft and Erastes who have not only garnered a splash in homophobic RT magazine but who also have brand new print releases which are appearing on brick & mortar bookstore shelves in the Romance section no less.

*w00t and fist in air*

Go on with your bad selves, my dears, and remember us little folk... ^_^


Thursday, April 9, 2009

A sneak peak: Blood & Fire

My novella, Blood & Fire, comes out 5/15 from Changeling Press, so I thought I'd share a snip. :)

Jason Summerfield is a lead singer of a local metal band and an all-around, love 'em and leave 'em type of guy. He's also pyrokinetic. Strong emotions can literally start a fire with him, so he's always struggled to hold emotions back, unwilling to let his "gift" harm anyone. So far, one-night stands have been the answer.

Then along comes Julian Kristados, a man who turns Jason's world upside down. When he's with Julian, Jason finds it impossible to control his fire. When the truth comes out as to why Julian remains unscathed, Jason doesn't know whether to run... or let the man into his heart.




The lightest touch and I nearly jumped out of my skin. I turned my head and looked up at the man standing beside me, an expression of genuine concern on his youthful face. I gave him a weak smile; it was all I could do.

“Dude, you okay?”

I wiped my hands down my face and sighed. “Yeah. Yeah, I’m fine. Just tired, I guess.”

“The other band is finishing. You sure you’re up for this?”

I glanced at him from between my fingers as they were spread across my face. “Not like I have much choice.” He shrugged and smiled sympathetically. “How much longer?”

“They’re on their last song now. Then we’ll have a fifteen minute break before we have to go on. You look like shit. Want a drink or something?”

I stood and stretched. “Sure. What’s out there?”

He grinned. “Whatever you want. Terri said drinks are on her tonight.”

I cocked an eyebrow at him. “Pritchard isn’t here, is he?”

“How’d ya guess?”

“All right, gimme a minute and I’ll be out there,” I said. As he turned and started out the door, I called to him. “Oh, and Mike, tell Terri I want vodka.” Mike grinned and left.

I turned back to the emptiness of the meager dressing room, caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, and grimaced.

“Fuck. Make that a gallon of vodka.”

Mike was right; I looked horrible. I didn’t sound much better either. I grabbed my hairbrush and worked out the tangles I had managed to incur during our last set. I loved being the main act, but damn, I just wanted to go home tonight.

“Go home to what, Jase? An empty bed? To stare up at the ceiling again?”

I threw the hairbrush at the mirror. It bounced onto the countertop before landing on the hard tile floor. I didn’t want to think about it anymore, not tonight. But I had to. It had become the only thing left in my life that got me so fucking pissed that I could perform like my fans expected. I looked in the mirror again and felt the heat begin to build up. I still had to control it, even when I didn’t want to. Mike stuck his head back in the door. From the grin on his face, I figured I finally looked the part.


I nodded. “Let’s do this. Last set of the night.”

I followed him out into the hallway. Jesse twirled one of his drumsticks while Vic hummed one of his solos with his eyes closed. Marcus was a little further down the hall, seemingly content to corner one of the prettier groupies, one hand flat against the wall by her head and the other stroking her cheek. As the rest of us walked by, Jesse whacked him on the head with his drumstick.

“God damn it,” Marcus grumbled. “I’m fucking coming already.” He turned back to the woman and gave her a quick kiss before falling in beside me.

The lights in the club had been turned down and the fog machine was cranked up. It was so smoky I could barely see the crowd at all. By the time we were all in place, it had dissipated as if on cue. With the first chord from Vic’s guitar the crowd went wild. I stepped out of the smoke and up to the edge of the stage. It was one of our newer songs, yet there were people in the crowd singing my lyrics back to me. Fuck, that was such a rush.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Round Robin - Part XIII

“Timothy Flyte is wanted for questioning regarding the recent home robberies in the area.”

“Damn.” Cole rubbed his temple, trying to erase the ache brewing just beneath his skin. “I remember hearing someone about that on the news, but I didn’t realize there were any suspects yet.”

“It’s a recent development, sir. Why don’t you sit tight while we have a look around and then we’ll escort you to your vehicle, if you’re about ready to call it a night? You can’t be too careful these days.”

Cole opened his mouth to say thank you before remembering his guest in the back. The cops might not have been looking for Mathew this time, but he got the notion that the younger man would not welcome attention from the boys in blue. “I appreciate the offer, but I still have quite a bit of work before I can head home.”

“As you wish, sir. We’re just going to have a look around the building now. You have a goodnight.”

“Thanks. Um, you, too.” Cole waited until the officers walked away before closing and locking the door behind him. He strode into the backroom, half expected Matthew to have vanished while he was out front talking to the police.

A quick glance around the dim interior confirmed his fears. “Well, shit the bed.”

“Lovely language.”

Cole spun toward the voice behind him. “Christ, Matthew. I thought you were gone.”

“I was in the bathroom.” Matthew shrugged. “What’d the pigs want?”

“They had a report of a disturbance in the area and wanted to know if I’d seen or heard anything.”

Matthew’s eyes narrowed. “That it?”

“No. They were looking for some guy named Timothy Flyte in connection with the local robberies.”

Matthew’s shoulders slumped. “Oh.”

Matthew looked so forlorn, it took all of Cole’s willpower not to pull the younger man into his arms and comfort him. However, in the short time he’d known Matthew, he’d come to realize the younger man didn’t welcome casual touches.

Cole hugged himself to keep his arms from reaching out. “So, um… What happens now? Do you have somewhere to go? Or...”

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Excerpt: Adder

I'd planned to add my bit to the awesome Round Robin today. But, we ended up with unexpected visitors, and, well, here it is nearly ten thirty at night and I'm just now getting to my blogging duties. So, since I'm thinking it's a little late to expect my brain to come up with anything creative (or, in fact, coherent *g*), I shall leave you with the blurb and an excerpt from my upcoming novel Adder, which is scheduled for release this Tuesday, April 7th, from Samhain Publishing. Enjoy!

© Copyright 2009 Ally Blue

Music. Sex. Fame. What’s missing? Surely not the “L” word…

Adder has a plan for his life: play his music for millions of adoring fans, who will reward him with money, fame and as much sex as he can handle. It’s a goal he’s been working toward since his teens and is on the cusp of achieving. The idea of a relationship never entered his mind—until a new drummer joins his band. One taste of Kalil, and all he wants is more.

For Kalil, playing drums for Adder is a dream come true, the creative connection he’s always wanted. What he never reckoned on is the deeper connection he finds with Adder. Kalil would rather avoid sexual involvement with a bandmate, but Adder seems just as determined to break through his resistance.

Attraction aside, music and sex are about the only things the hedonistic Adder and the increasingly jealous Kalil can agree on. Still, before they know it they’re on the brink of something deeper, something lasting.

And it scares the hell out of both of them.

(Warning: This book contains adult language, hot gay sex, weird bands, colorful prophylactics and unforgivable fashion crimes)

For almost a month, Kalil had promised himself he wouldn’t do this. Every morning when he woke up, every day when he tried not to stare at Adder during practice, every night when he jerked off to the hazy half-memory of Adder inside him, he’d sworn over and over that he was not going to give in to temptation. If he and Adder became lovers for real, it would fuck up everything. He couldn’t risk it.

For twenty-seven days, he’d managed to stay strong. And now here he was, with his tongue in Adder’s mouth and Adder’s hands up the back of his shirt.

“Fuck you,” Kalil breathed when Adder broke the kiss to bite his neck. “I can’t believe—shit, God, do that again—can’t believe you did this to me.”

“My dearest K, you are the one who attacked me.” Adder’s tongue darted into Kalil’s ear. He squeaked and yanked Adder’s head back by the hair. Adder grinned. “Perhaps I should let Ms. Rivers coax me into bed. I think I like what jealousy does to you.”

Kalil scowled. “I’m not jealous, asshole.”

The grin widened, Adder’s hazel eyes blazing with a combination of humor and lust which Kalil wished he didn’t find so damn hot. “Of course not, darling.” Dipping his head, Adder tongued the pulse point on Kalil’s throat.

“I’m not.” Kalil arched his neck and pressed Adder’s mouth harder against his skin. “Can you shut up about your enormous ego long enough to fuck me?”

Shaking his head, Adder slid both hands down the back of Kalil’s jeans. “I’m on the bottom.”

“I don’t top.”

“I don’t either.”

Unbelieving, Kalil grabbed Adder’s arms and pushed him away, holding him at arm’s length. “You do too, you fucking liar. You topped me, unless you lied about that.”

“You were far too drunk to top. I was forced to.”

“Yeah, well. I’ve seen you top other guys.”

He got an arched brow in answer. “Oh? Do tell.”

Kalil ground his teeth. “I caught you. Remember? When we shared a room in Greenville just before the Tabernacle gig and you brought that ridiculous little queen back with you? I walked in on you, you were pounding his ass so hard the headboard knocked a hole in the wall.”

Adder’s brows drew together in the stubborn expression Kalil had come to know and dread. “That was a girl.”

“Well, ‘she’ had a pretty big dick for a girl.”

“The sex change was still in process, you cretin.”

Kalil sighed, wondering how weird it was to be this turned on right now. “Okay. Fine. So explain to me why you don’t top.”

“Why don’t you?”

“I asked you first.”

Adder flashed his unhinged grin, sending Kalil’s hormones into overdrive and temporarily blotting out his irritation with the crazy green-haired bastard. “If I want to fuck someone, I’ll go find a female. Which is, of course, the beauty of being bisexual. Honestly, what’s the point in being with a man if you can’t get a cock up your ass?”

Kalil thought about pointing out that he wasn’t going to get a cock up his ass tonight, but let it drop. Adder would just point out that Kalil was gay and therefore was not sexually attracted to women, so his only opportunity of sticking his cock in anyone lay with the male of the species. Specifically, one particular male who was currently offering his own rear passage for Kalil’s enjoyment.

Fucking shit, I’m thinking like him now. This cannot possibly be good.

Irritated and so turned on he couldn’t see straight, Kalil grabbed Adder by his stupid orange and green paisley tie, pulled him across the room and shoved him onto the sofa. “Fine. Get your fucking clothes off.”

To his relief, Adder seemed to have temporarily run out of teasing smiles and droll one-liners. He loosened the knot on the hideous tie, pulled it over his head and threw it on the floor. They both attacked Adder’s black shirt at the same time. Kalil was pretty sure a couple of the buttons got torn off in the process of removing the shirt. He was also pretty sure he didn’t give a shit. Hands clasping Adder’s rib cage, he bent and dug his teeth into one pink nipple.

Adder’s pained groan almost made up for Kalil’s twenty-seven days of suffering all by itself. Long fingers wove into Kalil’s hair. “Oooooh, gods. I could fall in love with your tongue.”

Kalil, who had been working Adder’s pants open, shoved a hand inside and pinched his hip to make him shut up. Adder hissed, but stopped talking, for which Kalil was grateful. The unexpected mention of falling in love—even though it was just with his tongue—made his stomach turn backflips.

It took a while to get Adder’s pants off, partly because the satin stuck to his sweaty skin and partly because he was trying to take Kalil’s shirt off at the same time. Eventually, though, Adder lay naked against the cushions, one leg thrown over the back of the sofa and both hands working to remove Kalil’s jeans. Between the two of them, they managed to get Kalil’s pants partway down. Kicking off his shoes, he squirmed out of the snug denim and pressed his body between Adder’s spread thighs.

He couldn’t help his sharp gasp when his erection aligned with Adder’s. Grinning like the demon he was, Adder hooked a leg around Kalil’s waist and thrust up. Kalil let out an embarrassing whine. “Jesus fucking Christ. Uh.”

“Mmmm.” Rearing up, Adder fastened his mouth to Kalil’s neck and sucked so hard Kalil figured he’d see a blood blister there next time he looked in a mirror. “Fuck me, Special K.”

Kalil shook loose of Adder’s grip and sat back on his knees. He was about to shove a finger up Adder’s butt when a thought struck him. “Goddammit.”

“What?” Adder curled his fingers around his prick, not stroking, just holding on as if he was afraid it would fall off if he didn’t.

“No rubbers. Hell, no lube either.” Frustrated, Kalil raked a hand through his hair. “Shit.”

“Use saliva, it works well enough.”

“Yeah, for lube. But not for protection.”

Adder quirked an eyebrow at him. “You wouldn’t fuck me bare, darling?”

“Are you crazy? As much as you screw around? I don’t think so.”

If Adder was offended by that, he didn’t let on. The tip of his tongue came out to tease the corner of his mouth. “As it happens, I have a few condoms and packets of K-Y in my bag.”

Torn between relief and annoyance, Kalil gave Adder’s thigh a resounding smack. “Why the fuck didn’t you say so before?”

“I would have told you eventually. I simply wanted to see when you would notice the lack of proper supplies.” Adder let go of his cock, leaned sideways and rummaged through the yellow and teal flowered satchel beside the sofa. He emerged with a condom and a packet of lube, which he held out to Kalil. “Here you are, darling.”

Kalil shook his head. The condom was orange. Who used orange condoms?

He took it anyway. He’d cope with having a Day-Glo dick if it meant getting said appendage inside Adder sometime in the next two minutes.

Ripping the packet open, Kalil rolled the slick latex down over his cock. He snatched the lube from Adder’s palm and tore it open. Adder helpfully drew his legs up and apart to expose his rosy little hole. His hand shaking with eagerness and lust, Kalil squeezed some of the K-Y onto his fingers and slid two into Adder’s ass.

Adder moaned, eyelids fluttering and mouth falling open. “K. Yes.”

Gnawing his lower lip, Kalil pushed his fingers deeper and twisted, searching for Adder’s gland. His fingertip nudged a firm spot. Adder keened and clawed at the sofa. “Oh gods, oh. Oh. Please.”

Kalil swallowed a whimper. “You ready?” He left the “please be ready or I’m gonna come without ever getting inside you” unvoiced. What Adder didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him.

Adder nodded, breathing hard. “More than ready.”

Resisting the urge to shout “hallelujah”, Kalil spread the rest of the lube on his disturbingly colorful prick, scooted forward on his knees and poised the head of his cock at Adder’s hole. He grabbed hold of Adder’s hips and pushed. There was a second’s resistance, then his cock slid into Adder’s body.

They both groaned. Kalil shut his eyes and held still for a second, trying to gather the scattered shards of his control so he wouldn’t come right away and embarrass himself. God, Adder was tight, tighter than Kalil had expected, and so hot inside Kalil feared the condom might melt to his skin in permanent citrus-colored patches.

A hand caressed Kalil’s jaw. His eyes flew open. Adder was watching him with a sweet, solemn expression that made him feel like someone was tugging on his heart with a fishhook. He turned into the touch before he could give it too much thought, rubbing his cheek against Adder’s palm.

“My darling Kalil,” Adder purred. “If you don’t start moving immediately, I’ll be forced to leave you for my dildo.”

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sometimes you get what you need

So, I've been toying with writing a prison story. It's been bugging in the back of my brain, but I've not been certain it's something I can or should write. I know the characters, they've got names. Their personalities are forming in my head and they're starting to talk a little. I have a half-ass plot (and all my plots start out pretty half-ass, I'm a seat of my pants type writer) with shot-callers and go-to guys and someone getting shanked in the yard.

However, we're talking a pretty "out there" environment for most of us. I've seen the inside of holding many times (no...used to work for the prosecution), but I've never been to a prison. I don't know what it feels like, smells like, sounds like. There's only so much Nat Geo's documentaries can help. So, I'd shoved this to the back burner.

Looks like the story wants to be written. I just got notice that I have to go about 3hrs north at the end of next month to take a deposition of a witness on one of my cases. While I'm not a big believer in fate...sometimes it's more than coincidence.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Round Robin XII

Last Part

Still trying to remembering how to get the breath in and out of his lungs, Cole saw the flashing police lights reflected in Matthew’s widening eyes.

In the space of a heartbeat, Cole knew the cops were here for the kid and that Matthew was about to bolt. Cole still didn’t know why he believed in this kid. Why the hunted look in those eyes reached into his gut and made him want to help. Matthew opened his mouth, but Cole cut him off.

“Hide. I’ll get rid of them.”

“You don’t know—”

“I don’t care. But if you disappear, I swear to God I will put the cops on your ass myself.”

The pounding at the door jolted Matthew into motion, he disappeared into the storeroom. Reminding himself not to let nervousness get him babbling again, Cole opened the door to the two uniformed officers.

“Can I help you, officers?”

“We’re just checking around.” The officer who spoke put his hand on his flashlight. At least it wasn’t his gun. “We received a call about a disturbance in this area. This is the only place open.”

“Actually I’m closed.”

“We saw your lights on. Is this your store?”

“I’m the owner. I was just doing some inventory after hours.” Cole waited for the cops to ask for ID, curling his tongue back in his mouth to remind himself not to let unneeded excuses come pouring out.

“Have you seen anyone around?”


The officer who’d remained silent pulled out a paper and handed it to Cole. “Have you seen him anywhere?”

Cole braced himself for the sight of Matthew on a wanted poster, but it was just a copy of a photograph, and it wasn’t Matthew. The dark-haired boy looked to be about Matthew’s age. Glad to be able to answer truthfully, he said, “I’ve never seen him before.”

“We could take a look around the place, make sure no one broke in.”

“That won’t be necessary. I have an alarm system. And—and a guard dog.”

The officers looked surprised and one stepped over the threshold, looking into the store.

“He’s very well-trained. That’s why you didn’t hear him bark. I saw your lights and told him to be quiet.” Shut up, Cole.

The policemen exchanged a look. “We’ll check around back for you. Hang on to that picture and call 911 if you see him.”

“Why? What did he do?”
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