Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Check out this post!

I'm here today to pimp out a post from a friend and fellow author, Kate Davies. I'm super excited about this because I know she's been dabbling in m/m for a while now, but this is her first public release. So, please, do yourself (and me) a favour and pop over to her post on Nine Naughty Novelists, read Sax on a Stick, and then comment to tell her to write more of this story!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Some thoughts on piracy

The subject of ebook piracy pops up every now and then, and yet still the efforts to combat it are at best clumsy and ineffective, and at worst indiscriminately punitive. Last week, Chuck Wendig declared 6 February "Please Don't Pirate My Book Day." You can read his insightful post about it at that link. You can read my rather less insightful, but hopefully interesting post about it at this link.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What's Your Favourite Genre?

Does fantasy m/m set your heart soaring? Contemporary get your pulse racing? Historical sweep you away? Paranormal take a bite out of your imagination?

Come vote in my romance genre poll!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

I signed my last contract a little over a year ago. Once that was edited and released, I spent the interim slowly editing the second Personal Demons book, and making fairly sad excuses about why I didn’t have time to write. Some of it was true – The Job That Pays the Bills took up a lot of my time over the summer and fall – and some of it was just that – excuses.

I’m breaking the habit this week. Personal Demons will still need to wait, and not because of the elephant in the room. My reasons are my own, and I know that makes for a boring blog entry, but I will say I’ve been working on a couple of other things instead.

CRANK, my free online story is one of my priorities this month. I’ve returned to a regular schedule posting chapters, with the next one going up today. Meanwhile, on my blog, I’ve been sharing writing exercises. I take quotes from different places (lyrics, a quote book, an overheard conversation, or wherever I stumble across them) and then write flash fiction from them. They’re not complete stories, and they won’t be edited, but I promise to share a couple each week.

As for books-to-be, there are three different couples meandering around in my head. I’ve been exploring their connections, getting to know them. Soon, I’ll settle on one couple to star in a new manuscript. I’m currently leaning towards a friends-to-lovers romance, but I’m also itching to write some horror. We shall see. Hopefully by the time my next Slash & Burn visit rolls around I’ll be knee deep in a chosen manuscript.

Have a great February, dear Readers!

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