Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lucky Sevens Meme

I've seen various versions of the "Lucky Sevens" meme going around. I was tagged by Natalie G. Owens for this particular version:

Time for Short Sevens (an alteration of the Lucky Sevens going around today...for the shorter stories.) From page seven, starting on paragraph 7, copy the next seven cheating. Take them from a WIP, new release, coming soon, or book published this year.

Here's my Lucky 7 from my current M/M work-in-progress. (I previously posted an excerpt from this same WIP on Slash & Burn here.)


"All right?" Seth said with mock affront. That smile had him practically melting on the spot, but he wasn't sure about Logan's assessment of the food. "I guess that's better than not good. Which sandwich do you like better?"

"Hard to say." Logan folded his laptop shut. "How long have you worked here at Xandra's?" he asked, mispronouncing it as "Ex-andra's" like new customers commonly did.

Seth wiped the nearest empty table, trying to look busy before realizing the table was already clean.


Nothing like a little pleasant distraction to leave the table sparkling. I hope you enjoyed my teaser. As for who's next, I think most everyone has done this meme by now so "Tag, you're it!" to whoever the heck wants to be "it"!

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