Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Please Allow Me to Introduce Mr. Gavin Prescott Montgomery

Update: I have a release date for the next Bad in Baltimore book. It's called Bad Attitude and is scheduled to hit the digital shelves on April 23. 

It features Jamie who was introduced in Bad Boyfriend, In fact, Quinn and Eli might just owe their happiness (and awesome sex lives) to Jamie’s suggestion that Quinn select an outrageous date for the baby’s baptism. It might be fairly easy to connect the title to Jamie, to whom Eli referred as “ginger and short” and who told Quinn, “to ball his brains out” with Eli “but leave love and marriage to the hets.”

So you might be wondering who would put up with Mr. Attitude? Someone with an attitude of his own. On the surface, Gavin might seem to be a poor little rich kid—

Gavin: Excuse me?
KA: You know you have issues with your family and—
Gavin: “Kid”? I’m thirty-five.
KA: *lowers voice* You do still live at home, hon.
Gavin: I’ve been working on that. I was about to buy that condo when—you know I’m the only one who will make sure Lily gets enough rest. I can’t just leave now.
KA:  And focusing your attention on your step-mother and her pregnancy is not at all about how utterly empty your life feels.
Gavin: *mocking smile* I find ways to console myself. Really, my dear, four straight chapters of sex? Who is overcompensating here?
KA: You guys were due. I do have to have some erotica in my erotica, you know.
Gavin: Whatever you say, of course. It didn't exactly happen the way you or the intense Mr. Donnigan thought it would, did it?

So, see what I mean? I’m not exactly sure who has the titular attitude.

Gavin Titular? You love having a character with my vocabulary. Slide in an obfuscatory. Go on. Antedeluvian. You’ve been dying to do it.
KA: Go back there and wait for me. And don’t keep wandering off my synopsis.

I’ve got my hands full y’all. I’d better get back to them.

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Unknown said...

LOL! Great to meet Gavin! Can't wait to get to know him in April :)

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