Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ring Drop

Slash & Burn
A little over a week ago, I had some free time one work day afternoon. I wrote my Slash & Burn post then, very excited to get it finished ahead of time. With football season in full swing, and me in another writing slump, it felt good to be ahead of schedule, even if only for blog posts.

Today, being my day of the month to post here at Slash & Burn, I went into my Dropbox folder to grab the file and … it’s not there. I don’t blame Dropbox. I love that app. Before Dropbox, I’d wash flash drives on a regular basis. I lived in constant fear that I’d drown one completely, and lose a bunch of work. Ah, but that’s a tangent for another day. Where did that blog post go?

I don’t know…

Now I’m thinking maybe I just wrote the post in my head. Sound weird? Yeah, I know it does. During the work week, I walk around the office building on a regular basis. It helps my back and neck survive the horrors of sitting at a desk all day. When I’m walking, I think and plan. I come up with new scenes for characters that I’m struggling with, or I map out blog post ideas, or I plot out timelines for what I’d like to accomplish in the coming months. I’m sure I sketched out the idea for today’s post in my head on one of these walks, and this morning, I also would’ve sworn that I returned to my desk after that walk and added my thoughts to a Word document.

Except I can’t find that Word doc I thought I titled “Rings”.

Sure, there have been several walks were I created what I thought were great ideas, and promptly forget them by the time I sat down at the computer again, but today might be the first time I thought I wrote something down when I didn’t. I blame the Muse. She’s been elusive lately, so maybe I’m daydreaming about actually accomplishing my goals instead of simply letting cute twink boys run wild in my head for the sheer pleasure of it. Anything is possible.

As for the Rings, perhaps I really will write that one for my next Slash & Burn visit. Or, maybe it’d be better to write it on my blog this week. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just think about it some more, because apparently thinking makes me feel extra productive. And the rings themselves? They were cock rings. Public cock rings. More… later.

Pia Veleno

PS Haven’t tried Dropbox yet? Free back up storage and syncing between storage and multiple computers… why not? Free here:

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