Sunday, February 3, 2013

I signed my last contract a little over a year ago. Once that was edited and released, I spent the interim slowly editing the second Personal Demons book, and making fairly sad excuses about why I didn’t have time to write. Some of it was true – The Job That Pays the Bills took up a lot of my time over the summer and fall – and some of it was just that – excuses.

I’m breaking the habit this week. Personal Demons will still need to wait, and not because of the elephant in the room. My reasons are my own, and I know that makes for a boring blog entry, but I will say I’ve been working on a couple of other things instead.

CRANK, my free online story is one of my priorities this month. I’ve returned to a regular schedule posting chapters, with the next one going up today. Meanwhile, on my blog, I’ve been sharing writing exercises. I take quotes from different places (lyrics, a quote book, an overheard conversation, or wherever I stumble across them) and then write flash fiction from them. They’re not complete stories, and they won’t be edited, but I promise to share a couple each week.

As for books-to-be, there are three different couples meandering around in my head. I’ve been exploring their connections, getting to know them. Soon, I’ll settle on one couple to star in a new manuscript. I’m currently leaning towards a friends-to-lovers romance, but I’m also itching to write some horror. We shall see. Hopefully by the time my next Slash & Burn visit rolls around I’ll be knee deep in a chosen manuscript.

Have a great February, dear Readers!

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