Thursday, March 14, 2013

Finished a new story!

OMG. Yes I did. It's with my second beta and shall soon be off to my editor.

What's it about you ask? Well we have Russ the retired sheriff's deputy and Bishop a supervising probation officer at a juvenile detention camp. December and I'd say July-ish relationship. There's a little mystery plot going on and well, there's ponies. Human Ponies. 

Hey sometimes the kink strikes and you just got to roll with it. 

Here's a little snippit:

"Morning, Bishop." 

In the four weeks since getting transferred back to the camps, Bishop had usually managed to just avoid Russ. He didn't have to have a lot of interaction anyway. Russ was a part time instructor; part of the 4-H program tending some of the sheriff's department's horses and mules. Since Bishop a supervisory probation officer, his time was spent mostly on more administrative duties; not walking the detainees to and from classes or vocational training. 

Still, Bishop wasn't so adverse to the man's company that he wouldn't be polite. "Morning, Mr. Scholtz." In fact, there'd been times where he'd actively sought it out. The last six months hadn't been one of those times.  

Russ gave the mare a few more swipes with the soft brush, before untying her and letting her wander towards the donkey that kept her calm. "You don't have to be so formal." He slapped his hands against his jeans and then ducked between the metal rails.  

Even though Bishop knew Russ was around, it always jangled him a bit seeing him: beat up jeans, broken in cowboy boots and a sun worn smile. "I'm not really comfortable being that familiar."  A few more lines crinkled the corners of his green eyes, maybe a bit of gray had crept into his mustache, but it was so hard to tell with a red-head. Of course, he supposed that the seven years since they first met hadn't done him too many favors either.   

"You talk like you don't use anyone else's first name." Russ added a snort to the barb. "Like you don't know me or something." 

Bishop shrugged but kept walking. "Not where a detainee might overhear." They insisted the detainees all use last names prefaced by either officer or mister/miss for the teachers. "Where people I work with might overhear." Bishop first met the man back when Russ still wore the uniform of the county sheriff and was the guy who was always on Bishop to be more cautious around other officers.  

Russ fell into step with Bishop "Point taken." He knew the drill. "How you doing?"  

He wished Russ would just walk away, leave him alone, but it didn't seem he'd get that lucky. "You know, same shit different day." A little part of him though, one he tried to shove into the out of the way corners of his mind, felt kinda pleased that Russ still wanted to be near him, talk with him. 

"Doesn't tell me much." 

Somehow, he managed to get the niggling thought buried deep enough to respond. "Yep." He agreed in the most non-committal voice he could manage. 

Russ fell silent for a minute the added, "You know, we ought to grab coffee sometime."  
This time Bishop figured he'd be a little more direct on the brush off. "I'll catch up with you about that some other time." His tone indicated that some other time would likely be a cold day in hell. 'Cause if they got coffee then dinner sometime might follow. Enough dinners and sooner or later Bishop would end up with a bit in his mouth and a tail plugging his ass.

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