Sunday, May 5, 2013

Jason Collins, NBA center, came out this week. Sure, you’ve heard this already. This isn’t going to be another celebratory post; you have plenty of those to read. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for him, and for gay athletes everywhere. This is a big step for gay athletes in so many professional team sports today.

What blew my mind this week was the people who made variations of the comment “Why the heck is his sexuality a headline article?”

Why indeed!

Why, in a time where we’ve already grown bored with exploring space, in a world where we can genetically engineer our food, in a world where our biggest concern is whether or not a cockapoo is a real breed, why is it a big deal that a basketball player prefers the company of other men?

I truly believe that in my lifetime, this question will disappear completely. Before I crawl into the ground and return to the goddess, I will see a time where any man or woman can be gay, bi, straight, or trans without it being a big deal.

That’s not today, but it is a tomorrow just over the horizon.


PS Hounded By Love is now out in paperback format. You can get it from Amazon now, or it should be populating on Loose Id's website very soon. 

If you haven't had a chance to read Hounded  yet, here's a brief excerpt to tease you:

“You’re lonely, huh? Don’t I know that feeling.” He rubbed her back from neck to tail. When she shoved her muzzle into his hand, he scratched under her jaw. She flopped over on her side and lifted a leg, begging for a belly rub, which Reed happily provided.
“She doesn’t usually like strangers.”
Reed would normally jump if someone sneaked up behind him, but the beagle had lulled him into that content, relaxed state that only dogs could provide. He glanced over his shoulder, intent on making a friendly comment in return, but lost his voice when his gaze hit leather knee-high boots and then traveled upward over thick leather-encased thighs to an impressive leather-cupped package. Reed gulped and licked his lips. He tore his gaze off the man’s crotch and looked up into chestnut eyes lined with smudges of black.
Just like the dog. The beagle’s eyes looked lined too, thanks to her well-bred coloring. Though on the dog, they looked soulful, and on the man… Reed swallowed hard. Maybe an extroverted bad boy wouldn’t be so bad after all.
“Daisy,” the sexy hound said, nodding at the dog by means of introduction. “She’d much rather sniff out lingering evidence of everyone who’s been in this lot in the past week than greet someone actually standing before her.” He shook his head, and his dark hair flopped around his face. Reed wondered if the Mohawk was meant to be falling down like that, because if it was, it was definitely working for him. The sides weren’t shaved but trimmed short and messy. Did that define a Mohawk nowadays? Reed admitted he didn’t know, and it didn’t matter. Two thin blue streaks raced through the longest part of the Hound’s floppy hairstyle. Reed hadn’t noticed the extra-unnatural color from across the lot. He could picture all that teased black and blue hair falling around his face like a veil as the man leaned over to kiss him. If only.

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