Sunday, May 4, 2014

I got the first royalty report on Solo Flight recently. Its first month did not draw close to what Hounded by Love did in its first month, but I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular after my two-year hiatus from writing. It hadn’t been a planned break, and despite my best made plans, I can’t promise another extended disappearance isn’t in store in the near future. As a colleague of mine likes to say “It is what it is.”

I have a wonderful new role within the company I love. The benefits include doing a job that better suits my skills and personality, but there are negatives, such as giving up a significant amount of “down time.” Without this free time, my non-work hours seem shorter than ever.

No, I’m not complaining. Not really. I’m nearly finished with the first of a three-part story I’m writing with a friend. It’s a het-vampire series, and with a character from one of the first novels I wrote “back in the day.” I also have half of the next M/M story written, and another on the back burner based off of a special submission call I saw on the Loose Id loop.

I’ll make no promises on what will be the next one I submit for publishing, but completing one will be high on the priority list. As are the former Silver Publishing stories – I hope to get them reprinted sometime this year, either independently, or with a trusted publisher. I’ll let you know as soon as plans firm up.

In the meantime, dear Readers, thank you for those of you who’ve taken the chance on Solo Flight. I enjoyed writing it, and I hope that its untraditional theme resonates with some of you like it did for me. Perhaps I should write more on that. But later. Remind me.

May the forth be with you, dear Readers. Have a great month!


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