Sunday, November 2, 2014

By the time you’re reading this I’ll be on a beach on St. Lucia. The bars open at 10 am, and this trip, my husband and I are bringing a couple that tends to enable us to stay constantly buzzed. It’s not hard at an all-inclusive resort, and it’ll be even easier with these friends.

The fun part – oh, sure, there will be a lot of fun parts on this trip – is that this couple has yet to try an all-inclusive vacation. There will be a contest between us breaking them to enjoying their hedonistic sides, and them, encouraging us to drink just to razz me if I pass out.  I have the experience with all the drinks I can get, and they don’t, while they have the experience subtly getting friends drunk.

During all of this, I still think I’ll make time to write.

I’ll wait while you finish laughing…

In all seriousness, I do hope to do a little work on the sequel to Fallen. I’ve enjoyed the prep for the rerelease of this story more than I would’ve expected. The work renewed my desire to write Bran’s story. With ten days of no internet – even with a steady supply of drinks, food, and sun – I should be able to get a good start on this story.

For next month’s visit, I may or may not have more news to share on that front, but even if I don’t, I promise an excerpt and buy links for Fallen. If you’d rather not wait, it should go live on the Loose Id website mid-November. Otherwise, I’ll see you next month.

Have a great November!



J.K. Hogan said...

I LOVE St. Lucia. It's gorgeous. It was one of my honeymoon destinations. Have a great time!

Pia Veleno said...

We had a blast! I can see the lure of a honeymoon there without a doubt. :)

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