Sunday, July 26, 2015


We didn't make deadline, but we finished the third book in the Never Too Early series! It ended up being about 20k words longer than the other two, which is why we turned it in late, but both Chris and I figured we should give it the attention it deserves. Now it's been submitted and we're waiting for edits. To those of you who have stuck with us, we think you'll love this last book as much as we do. And we know that many of you had reservations about the series in general!

(Come on, we're not blind or deaf. We know what you've all been saying. ;)

No release date yet, but likely October. Will let you know asap when we find out. Here's an excerpt to keep you tuned in........

"Chance, hey." Trey Donovan stuck his head through the doorway. "Was just about to page you. Tucker's here."

"Yeah? How come?" Chance collected the papers and checked his personal phone to see if he'd missed a text. Nothing there. Which was strange on two counts, really. Tucker usually texted when he was stopping by the station, and Chance had texted Jake earlier in the day with no response. That was also unusual.

"I can't come by and say hey?" Tucker appeared in the doorway next to Trey. His grin was wide and his eyes were bright, a sure sign that he was up to something.

Trey disappeared and Chance leaned against the printer table. "What do you want?" he asked wryly. "Don't ask for money. I have no cash on me."

"Aw, shoot." Tucker crossed the room and plastered himself on Chance's body. "Okay, then maybe I just wanted a kiss."

Despite having a preference for rule-following while at work, Chance often found it hard to resist Tucker at his most flirtatious. Chance kissed him twice, quickly. "That's all you get." Any more and Chance would have a hard-on to hide.

"Good enough for now." Tucker detached himself and strolled back to the door that led to the short hallway. "Got a sec? I got something to show you."

Chance checked the time -- 2:30 p.m. His crew would want to take the engine and go grocery shopping for dinner soon. "Yeah, few minutes. What's up?" He followed Tucker down the hallway, pausing briefly to toss the paperwork he'd collected on his desk.

"Out back in the lot." Tucker pushed open one of the side doors that led to the station's parking lot. Several pickup trucks and cars, all with firefighter's union stickers on the back window, were parked in their usual spots. Tucker's truck was off to the side.

Chance squinted in the bright March sunshine. They'd had three days of rain and gloom, so the sun was a nice change, but his eyes sure weren't used to it.

"Over here, baby." Tucker started toward his truck, and it was only then that Chance saw two other people leaning against the tailgate. Jeans, boots, and… cowboy hats? As his gaze traveled upward, Chance blinked against the sun and then stopped right where he was. No way.

"Well, come on," Tucker laughed. "Don't stop there. Come say hi."

Tor's hat dipped and he gave a finger wave that looked completely ridiculous coming from someone geared up to move cattle. Well, over-dressed to move cattle, Chance had to admit. Those were clearly Tor's good jeans.

And Jake took a step toward him and stood, his feet planted apart, like he was bracing himself. Then he swept his hat off and into his hand, and grinned at Chance, his hair mussed and his eyes as bright as Tucker's were. "Howdy."

"You're kidding me." It was the only thing Chance could think of to say. Well, "I want to fuck you," had also flashed into his mind, but decorum was important.

Tucker was nearly dancing from foot to foot. "Lookit who came to see us!" His smile was infectious and Chance felt a grin of his own tugging at his lips.

"Yeah, I see." Chance crossed the last few steps and stood in front of Jake. "Hello there. Didn't know you were dropping by today." It was only sheer willpower that kept Chance from seizing the front of Jake's shirt and dragging him closer for a kiss. His eyes were still that dazzling shade of blue, made even bluer in the California sun.

"We made a point of it." Jake rocked closer, then back on his heels, hands going to his back pockets. "Surprise."


Lisa said...

Can't wait to read this!!! Love those guys. :)

Tory Temple said...

Thanks, Lisa! We're really pumped on this last book. Here's hoping everyone else loves it as much as we do.

PS - is that your kitty in your avatar? I have two Siamese at home. :)

Lisa said...

Yep, that's my kitty. He's 15 years old now. :)

amy said...

I can't wait for this book to come out...... I love both couples and the group together. Is this the last book in this series?

Tory Temple said...

Hey Amy! Sorry so late with this reply. Yes, this is the last book in the planned trilogy. But that's not to say that we could see more of them in the future. ;)

judiebabie said...

I've been waiting since the last book came out! I'm waiting on pins and needles! October can't come soon enough for me!

Tory Temple said...

Hi Judie! First, thank you so much for your sweet words. Chris and I are so happy that others love the OT4 as much as we do. Second, so sorry to do this to you, but the release date was pushed back until November. :( The book ended up being much longer than we thought, so we missed deadline. You have to wait a few more weeks, but I promise it will be worth it!!

judiebabie said...

I'll try my best to hold on, it won't be east. I'll just re read the first two books again!

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