Monday, May 24, 2010

It's Monday again. The beginning of a new week. The weekend officially over. :(
Summer has hit full blown here in Florida. It's hot and muggy. However, the water is heating in the ocean and swimming pools, so the upcoming Memorial Day weekend will be very pleasant.

I'm busy at work finally completeing a WIP titled Kinks R Us and I thought I'd post an excerpt today. It mixes the real world with one that houses fairy tale and nursery rhyme characters.
*Note: This is from the first draft so please excuse any grammer problems and it's still got some kinks in it.*

Graham wandered the store. Devlin was closing up, counting the till, and dealing with the stock. The security company, Pied Piper’s Security, had already installed an alarm system in Devlin’s apartment and was finishing up down in the store. Within the hour, they would know if someone took a piss on the wall outside between the cameras and motion detectors set up.
He stared upon the collection of dildos on the wall before him. He’d never seen so many sizes, shapes, or colors for a cock in his entire life. But it seemed safer to look at these than gazing at his client like a love-sick puppy. No, he wasn’t in love, it’s just that Devlin was mesmerizing and felt a stirring of lust that aroused his cock to life, twitching and demanding some attention.
Steering his thoughts away from the demanding lust, he concentrated on Devlin. His client’s life was rather dull in the most part. Went jogging every other day, the gym on the days he didn’t jog, worked nearly every day in the store, and journeyed outside of Fairytale Land to a monthly book club meeting. . His life pretty much revolved around Gramps and the store. No girlfriends. No boyfriends. That last bit threw Graham, not pegging Devlin as bi-sexual.
Not that it mattered to Graham, who had finally come out of the closet last year and admitted to his superiors that he was gay. The way they handled that bit of news, on top of a lot of other bullshit, mostly political, had nailed down his decision to retire from the Secret Service and open his own business. It had been a lot more fruitful financially and he’d been able to pick and chose his clients.
“I can make you a deal on one if you’re interested.”
Graham jumped. Damn, he’d been so far in his thoughts, trying not to think of Devlin, that he’d snuck up on him.
“Got a preference?” He asked trying to shake the off the trepidation.
“I can tell you which ones are preferred.” Devlin stepped away, his hands going into the front pockets of his pants. Nervousness?
Graham turned his head from the plastic cocks on the wall to gaze at Devlin’s profile. His brow rose in question. “Prefer the real thing?” Okay, he had no right in asking such a personal question, but until he learned Devlin was into men also, Graham’s imagination had been creating all sorts of scenarios. Who wouldn’t with so much sex paraphernalia around?
Devlin’s cheeks flushed. “I’m just not into this.” His hand made a wide arch indicating the entire store.
“Really?” Graham was surprised. Only, he reminded himself not to assume too much. Assumptions could really make an ass of a person. A lesson hard learned.
“I’m what they call vanilla. A normal guy.”
Graham thought Devlin was anything but normal. Those beguiling eyes were far from ordinary. Watching Devlin deal with his customers and gracefully move through the store was proof that he was far from common. But he didn’t say so. “So people who shop here, who use sex toys to enhance their sexual pleasure, aren’t normal? Freaks, maybe?”
“Of course not!” Devlin looked appalled. “I would never think that. Many of our customers are also friends.”
Feeling bold and a little flirty, something was driving Graham to see how true Devlin’s convictions were. He stepped closer to Devlin, backing his client into a display holding a variety of lubricants; plain and scented. Even though Devlin was only an inch shorter, Graham knew his bulk would be daunting.
“Have you ever tried some of this stuff?” His voice was low, scratchy with lust. This tone had been seductive in the past. “Has a lover ever licked chocolate from your body? Played with a little hot wax? Or maybe even watch a porn movie with a lover?”
Devlin’s eyes widened and the color already rising on his cheeks deepened in color. His breath was puffing on Graham’s neck, chest lifting and sinking faster than before. His mouth opened and closed slowly as if he was going to answer then thought better of it.
Graham hadn’t even touched Devlin, but he didn’t have to look down at his crotch to see if his words had affected him. Without a doubt, by his physical reaction, Graham had turned Devlin on. In turn, the images his mind had created had given life to his own cock. It was a double-edge sword. And he was close to crossing that line with a client if he didn’t stop.
“It’s none of your business.” Devlin was pulling himself together, standing straighter and calming his stunned expression.
Still Graham pushed, dangerously close to doing something he shouldn’t. “Come now, Devlin. Being surrounded by this stuff day after day, you don’t fantasize using some of these products? To feel the thrill of being naughty?” Holy shit, where was this coming from? He’d never been this blatant in a pursuit. Especially one he shouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole. He was hired to guard and protect the man from a crazed maniac, not seducing or trying to convince him to use sex toys.
Devlin’s chartreuse eyes darkened before his lids closed while he sharply sucked in a breath. Yes, Graham was truly getting to him. Devlin shook his head, as if trying to deny it.

“I’ve got to finish closing.” Graham watched as he sidestepped away and rushed back to the checkout counter, a dark heat gathering in his gut. Despite his usually strong work ethics, Graham was teetering on the edge, a sneeze would topple him over.
Graham dragged his hands through his short-cut hair, letting out a long sigh. He suddenly realized that this was going to be a long night and an even longer case.

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