Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rules of Pursuit?

There's this interesting (read: angsty) twist on my gay German soap opera (AWZ). Our heroes' (Roman and Deniz) happiness is being threatened by the first love (Marc) of one member of the couple. It's making for some major drama, not to mention a dream-scene so sexy and explicit even the German censors cut it down a bit. See, Mr First Love is actively pursuing Roman even though it's been ten years since they were together and despite the fact that Roman is and has repeatedly said, "I'm with Deniz". Marc keeps saying he respects that, but it has become clear that he doesn't. Only the big twist? You guessed it: Roman's unresolved feelings for (i.e., rekindled attraction to) Marc.

Meanwhile, on an American soap that's actually putting up a good m/m story line (ATWT - Apparently they've been cancelled after 54 years so the writers have said, "Fuck it. What more can they do to us?" and pulled out all the stops.) we have a different kind of love triangle. The couple (Noah and Luke) has been separated for a few months, and a new guy (Reid) has made a move, honestly, aggressively, and without equivocation, on Luke. Naturally, it's complicated because Reid's the neurosurgeon treating Noah. (Of course he is, right? What's an American soap without a neurosurgeon?) Split couple has unresolved issues, again naturally, but they are definitely split. Sort of. Maybe. Well...

They're both pretty damned compelling stories, and frankly, both of the pursuing characters are (mostly) likeable. So my question is, what do you think of these two "outsiders" and the tactics each is using to win the man he wants? Is it ever okay to go after someone who's with someone else? It's making my mind bubble with curiosity.

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Kate Davies said...

*tacklehugs* Oh, babes, you know I could go on and on about these pairings for HOURS, but I'll try to keep it brief.

First, I *love* both these storylines. Roman and Deniz are dealing with some serious relationship issues, and I love that Show isn't shying away from the hard truths. I mostly like Marc, though I wish he'd back off the stalkery vibe a little and respect those boundaries a little more. I love DeRo and the thought of them going through this struggle breaks my heart, but it leads to such fabulous acting/writing/storytelling that I can't say no.

As to ATWT, I am a total Reid fangirl. He's not only a fabulous character - snarky, antisocial, blunt, with just a sneak peek of vulnerability to humanize him - but the actor is amazing, too. Eric Sheffer Stevens has been a revelation.

I used to be okay with the idea of Luke and Noah getting their sunset ending when the show goes off the air in a few months, but now I'm not so sure. I just love the interactions between Luke and Reid, and their chemistry together just burns up the screen. Plus, Reid forces Luke to deal with him on an adult level, not a teen-first-love level. As he said a few weeks ago, "I don't play games, Luke. I'm not that guy." It's healthy. It's unusual for a soap. It's hawt. :)

I wonder sometimes if I would have been less likely to root for a Luke/Reid pairing if I'd been invested in the Luke/Noah pairing originally. And I wonder if people coming to AWZ now might think Marc is better suited for Roman than Deniz is. It's intriguing, and kind of puts my notion of the whole OTP concept on its ear.

I said I'd be brief, didn't I? Sorry about that. :)

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