Sunday, May 22, 2011

2010 was not so much of a writing year for me. But 2011 has kept me busy indeed. I've had two releases already and I'm currently working on a July and August deadline for two other books. So exciting!

A new TV show has caught my attention. I always have it on these days when I'm writing, and today there's a marathon of it. I got a lot of words done today with Extreme Couponing in the background! I'm loving this show. When the people are at the checkout stand with their coupons and they talk about being nervous while they watch their total, I get nervous right along with them. Then I stare in awe at their cupboards and pantries that are stockpiled with seventeen jars of peanut butter. BUT IT WAS ALL ON SALE.

Another show that I let play in the background while I write is Sister Wives. My friend says that there should be a show called Brother Husbands, but I ask you, what woman in their right mind would want to care for more than one husband? One is plenty, take it from me.

One last tidbit: I'm on Twitter, finally. Feel free to follow: @ToryTemple

Happy Sunday, everybody.

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