Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wide World of Sports

Here's a question: Which sport would you love to see as the setting for an m/m romance?

I've written about pro tennis and figure skating, and am a sports fan in general. There's just something about the drama of sport -- and all the sweaty, hunky men -- that inspires me. How about you? Do you like sports? And even if you don't, do you still enjoy romances set in the sports world?


Anonymous said...

aussie rules football

Anonymous said...

I don’t play or watch any sports, but I love reading sporty romances. Yay physical skills, teamwork, competition, and play! And you know, there’s an overload of vampire, werewolf, murder mystery, steampunk, superhero romances. How about sports, eh?
I would enjoy reading any sport, from the really popular ones to the really obscure ones.

Keira Andrews said...

Ohhh, Aussie rules is a good one!

Yay physical skills, teamwork, competition, and play!

Indeed! Makes for a great framework to a romance. I enjoy reading about a range of sports, too. I'm bored by football and basketball as sports, but as settings for romances, bring it on! :)

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