Saturday, June 25, 2011

Project Update!

I haven't done an update in quite a while - it's been a crazy..oh...year or so.

Right now I'm working on the following projects:
* Music of the Heart (m/m erotic contemporary BV novel)
* Deepest Night (m/m erotic contemporary BV novella)
* In Service (m/m erotic steampunk sequel novel to Impressed)
* Desert Alchemy (m/f steampunk)

Just a few irons in the fire!

Bran's Visions is my celtic rock band (yah, I know. I can hear people whimper "not ANOTHER band" but trust me - they're interesting and can be sweet!) I've been working on Music of the Heart and had to cut a scene I really liked because it just didn't advance the story but then got a chance to rework it into a Yule story. Now to get it done asap - my editor doesn't need excuses to kill me :)

I'm still toiling away on Music of the Heart as well but right now In Service is a bit on a back burner. Too many projects and I don't get anything done!

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