Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Me, Myself and Bryce

The last time I wrote any fiction in first point of view it was way back a century ago. But I was writing a Christmas novella for Carina, and it just came to me that way. I have to say, it really made life easier. No disconnected body parts, no problems with pronoun referents. It wasn’t just syntax, though, it was fun to get in the head of someone as snarky as my hero Mel. My other hero, Bryce, had a different opinion, and he wanted me to share it with you. It’s your floor, Mr. CEO.

You know why she likes writing without my perspective? That way she gets to cast me as arrogant and controlling without me ever having a chance to tell you my side. All you get is Mel, and yeah, I love the guy, but he can have a seriously skewed way of looking at the world. I still don’t know what made him like that. Growing up here, the whole thing with his first boyfriend, his family, what? We all have shit to deal with. It doesn’t mean we get to be a shit.

See, this way, with the point of view, she makes it so I’m the one who’s got to lay it on the line, actually say something about my feelings since you already know what’s going on with Mel. Guess what? I don’t. I’m good, but I’m no mind reader. So yeah, I get to be the one with my balls hanging in the breeze while he makes up his mind.

Let me tell you this, from me, because if nothing else, you can count on me to tell you exactly the way it is. Mel is something special. I thought so the first time, but now I know it. I couldn’t get him out of my head these past two years. So he’s worth the risk. Worth laying it out there. But I swear to God, if he doesn’t make the same effort this time, I’m not sticking around for another knee to the balls. And he can have this whole damned valley to brood in for the rest of his life.

Jeez, Bryce, maybe I should have given you red hair. Bryce and Mel’s story will be available in December and so will Eli’s (from Bad Company.)

Meanwhile, I think all those people who’ve been asking for a little time with Joey and Aaron while I tell the story of one of the twins could be in luck. I’ll keep you posted.

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